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Dan’s Motorcycle Two StrokeAutoLubeOil Pumps

Кubric: Yamaha | 1 Jan 2015 | Comments Off na Dan’s Motorcycle Two StrokeAutoLubeOil Pumps
Dan’s Motorcycle Two Stroke “AutoLube” Oil Pumps

TWO STROKE AUTOLUBE In the old days, two stroke engines used a fuel mixture of gas and oil called Pre-Mix. This worked fine at high speeds but at low speeds there was too much oil. This caused problems like fouled spark plugs and plugged mufflers. The two stroke manufacturers came up with a great cure. Injection oil pumps. These pumps add just the right amount of oil for whatever RPM the engine is running. At an idle the pump mixes the oil with the gas from a 120 to 1 ratio on up to 20 to 1 ratio at 8000 or more RPM. These pumps worked great and really helped the oiling problems of two strokes. Two strokes now fouled their spark plugs less, didn’t carbon up their mufflers as much and ...

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Kako namestiti Harley Rocker ECM eHow

Кubric: Harley-Davidson | 1 Jan 2015 | Comments Off na Kako namestiti Harley Rocker ECM eHow
How to Install a Harley Rocker ECM eHow

Instructions Lift the rear of the Rocker seat and pull up and back. Remove the two exposed Allen bolts just behind the gas tank with an Allen wrench. Remove the seat. Loosen the four hex head bolts that secure the black, plastic, guard under the seat assembly with a socket wrench and hex socket. Remove the guard. Comments You May Also Like Harley-Davidson refers to the electrical control module (ECM) as being plugged into the electrical caddy. The location of the electrical caddy, however. The 1999 Infiniti G20´s Electronic Control Module (ECM) is an important computer that stores your vehicle´s trouble codes and alerts you of. Harley riders usually need to relocate their ...

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Ducati Monster 696 prodaja Superbike osebna spletna stran

Кubric: Ducati | 1 Jan 2015 | Comments Off na Ducati Monster 696 prodaja Superbike osebna spletna stran
Ducati Monster 696 superbike sales personal website

Ducati Monster 696 For most people, the image brought to mind by the name Ducati is probably a fully faired red sportbike like the classic 916 or the contemporary 1098. But the essence of Ducati, if you look at sales figures, is really the Monster. This model has sold over 200,000 units worldwide (representing about half of Ducati’s current production levels), and it brings home the money necessary for the development of Ducati’s more ambitious projects. But the Monster isn’t just some marketing guy’s flash of brilliance. The machine provides all-important Ducati flavor and style at a more affordable price, with various models spun off a central theme. And the bellwether of where Ducati ...

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