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Bajaj Discover

One of the Best Selling Commuters in India


Bajaj has launched the updated version of Discover 100 which is its largest selling bike in India. The bike has been renamed as Discover 100 4G. Let’s try to know about these changes in detail.

Design and Style

Before you start assuming about the physical changes in this bike, lets us be very clear this 4G avatar of this bike is an exact copy of the original Discover 100. There are no changes made to the styling of this commuter bike. It still features combined dual tone colors on it. The bike looks more mature than any of its rivals in terms of styling.

The face of this bike adds the macho appeal to this bike which is quite missing in the entry level bikes in India. It has a typical Discover headlight with twin pilot lamps which gets surrounded by a modern bikini fairing.

The sharply pointed tinted visor sits right on the top of this headlight. This bike follows the all black theme with black colored alloy wheels . engine, silencer and fenders. The clear lens flexible indicators are mounted on the front forks of this bike. Its 5-spoke alloy wheels and chrome shield on silencer adds premium touch to this bike. There are exciting graphics on the body parts of this bike including its name on its fuel tank.

The bike comes with an elongated seat which defines the actual length of this bike. Discover 4G is the first 100cc bike in India to feature a LED tail light. The multi-layered LED tail light complements the rear styling of this bike which also features a full size rear fender.

Instrument Console

Bajaj Odkrijte 100 4G sports twin circular dials in its instrument console. The left dial houses an analogue speedometer and odometer while its right dial features an analogue fuel gauge. Rest of the indicators is also placed in this instrument console.

Engine and Gearbox

This bike is still powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled 94.3cc engine . The single cylinder of this engine pumps out a power output of 7.5 KM pri 7500 vrt./min . The utmost torque production of this engine is of 7.85 nm which is available at 5000 vrt./min. The bike is equipped with an altered 4-speed manual gearbox. This is the biggest change in this bike as Bajaj has reduced the fifth gear from this bike and the 4G in its name also stands for four gears with all gears down shift pattern.

There is certain difference in the performance of this bike with its new four speed gearbox. The gear ratios are now taller and the bike feels much relaxed . There is enough time for each gear to get the maximum power out of this engine. It does 0-60km/hr in less than 7 seconds which makes it faster than its rivals.

We are still not satisfied by the refinement of this engine as the bike gets noisy after 80km/hr and there are also vibrations in this engine when you push this bike hard in small gears. Despite these flaws, the torque pulling of this engine is really impressive. The well matched gear ratios help you to avoid frequent gear shifting. It feels quite responsive in city traffic where you need instant throttle reaction.

Bajaj Discover

Da, you will miss the fifth gear specially while overtaking but soon you can adjust to the setting of this bike. If you completely open the throttle of this bike, it can reach to a top speed of 95km/hr. The high end performance of this bike is surely better than its competitors and the gear transitions are also smoother than before but there is still room left for improvement.

The bike may return you a fuel efficiency of around 62-68km/ltr in city conditions due to less gear shifts and ride control switch which helps you to drive this bike in fuel saving manner. The mileage of this bike is around 70-75km/ltr on long runs.

Bajaj Odkrijte 100 4G is an everyday bike for commuters and Bajaj has made sure that every commuter gets more comfort on this bike than any other 100cc bike. It has front set foot pegs which allow your feet to stay in a relaxing manner with your knees sticking around its fuel tank. The stretched seat is extremely well padded and there is enough space for two adults on this bike.

Its handle bar also offers you a good grip over this bike. The bike comes with a standard electric start which takes the stress away from you while starting this bike in city traffic frequently.

Discover 100 4G has under seat storage space and many safety features like pass button, front leg guard, rear saree guard and DC electrical system which maintains the beam of its headlight at night.

Bajaj Odkrijte 100 4G has telescopic forks at its front and nitrox gas filled shock absorbers at the back with a wheel travel of 110mm. Bajaj has fitted drum brakes on its both wheels; the front brake is of 130mm while its rear drum brake is of 110mm.

Discover 100 4G is better than most of its rivals in this department. With an extended wheelbase of 1305mm . it’s a very stable bike around corners. This also improves the handling of this bike in city traffic.

It has a ground clearance of 162mm which is quite helpful on our Indian roads. The bike offers best in class suspension and braking system which gives you very comfortable and confident rides.

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