2011 Victory Hammer 8-Ball – Used 2011 Hammer 8Ball at Motorcyclist Magazine

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Victory Hammer 8-Ball

2011 Hammer 8-Ball

2011 Victory Hammer 8-Ball


The 2011 Victory Hammer provides an upscale driving experience within the cruiser category. The bike was redesigned for the 2005 model year, although an additional trim option was added for 2010. Each of the options is notable for the long nose and the eye-catching V logo that is visible on the profile view. There are no changes for 2011. Although it does not come cheap, the Hammer is powerful, sleek, and up to the task of everyday use.

Pravzaprav, it is one of a select group of cruisers that provide the performance of a muscle bike. The 2011 Victory Hammer offers a full 97 konjskih moči, as well as 113 lb-ft of torque. The six-speed manual transmission offers drivers a sporty feel and the shifting is very responsive.

Prospective buyers have the choice between three different model options. There are now the Hammer, Hammer SI, and Hammer 8-Ball. The Hammer 8-Ball was added in 2010 and is really the only major change made to the Hammer line since 2005. Victory decided to add the Hammer 8-Ball as a way of offering a more inexpensive Hammer alternative.

While the Hammer 8-Ball retains the classic styling of the more expensive trims, it should be noted that it offers just five speeds, rather than the six that arrive on the Hammer and Hammer SI. To this end, those looking for a more sporty cruiser would be better advised to spring for one of the more expensive trims.

Victory Hammer 8-Ball
Victory Hammer 8-Ball

One of the negatives to the 2011 Victory Hammer is that all trims come in only one color. To be fair, the Solid Imperial Blue Metallic color is both classy and quite striking, but the lack of color options may deter some potential customers. Another possible drawback is the fact that the 2011 Victory Hammer has an extremely low seat.

While the height is sure to satisfy those who like to position themselves low to the ground, tall drivers are certain to have a very difficult time remaining comfortable, particularly on long road trips. Additionally, the seat height is not adjustable. še, the performance should offset some of the quirks inherent in the seating specifications.

Victory is also to be commended for including so many customizable options. The 2011 Victory Hammer can and should be viewed as reflecting the personality of its owner, and buyers should avail themselves to the many options available. Although there are not multiple color options, options such as the chrome handlebar clock, vrtljajev, and Ness custom mirrors enhance the instrumentation and visibility.

For those who live in cold weather climates, Victory offers heated grips as an option, as well. Those looking for added storage and seating features will also find plenty of available options, such as the saddlebag brackets, luggage rack, and bandit seat.

Victory Hammer 8-Ball
Victory Hammer 8-Ball

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