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Aprilia Mana 850

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Motorcycle caters to the shiftless

By David Booth. National Post August 27, 2010 12:00 AM Is it a scooter? Is it a motorcycle? Is it, in fact, the two-wheeled equivalent of the Country Squire station wagon? This last isn’t as.

G. Chambers Williams III: Scoot on past the gas station

Ready to dump that big, gas-guzzling car for your daily commute and try something really easy on fuel? How about a scooter? Sales of scooters have mushroomed since gasoline prices began spiking last year, dealers and manufacturers report. Scooters are differentiated from motorcycles primarily by the cut-through center section that allows for easier mounting and dismounting.


Scooting nimbly into the traffic

In this section � Bike News APRILIA MANA 850: The Mana is a good commuting alternative to a ‘realbike, reports Conor Twomey SCOOTERS ARE all well and good for city-based commuters, but for the thousands of people living in commuter towns, a scooter isn’t really a feasible way of getting about. I know a couple of riders who’ve had to give up their scooters and join the traffic.

Italian bikes lose some of their weirdness

By David Booth. National Post May 28, 2010 4:09 AM Moto Guzzis are unconventional. Unorthodox. even. Just plain weird sometimes.

They have V-twin engines, common enough in motorcycles, but unlike the rest of the sportbike and cruiser world, their motors are mounted transversely rather than longitudinally. The biggest of its V-twins displaces a whopping 1,151 cubic centimetres.

tofo: 2010 Moto Guzzis

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2013 Aprilia Mana 850 GTWalkaround – 2013 Quebec Motorcycle Show

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Aprilia Mana 850

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2009 Aprilia Mana – To shift or not to shift

In anthropological discourse, mana as a generalized concept is often understood as a precursor to formal religion. It has commonly been interpreted as the stuff of which magic is formed, as well as the substance of which souls are made.

Modern fantasy fiction, computer and role-playing games have adopted mana as a term for magic points. an expendable (and most often rechargeable) resource out of which magic users form their magical spells .

Mana is a word in Pacific indigenous languages and more recently a New Zealand English word. See Māori influence on New Zealand English .

The indigenous word reflects a non-Western view of reality, complicating translation. To quote the New Zealand Ministry of Justice:

Mana and tapu are concepts which have both been attributed single-worded definitions by contemporary writers. As concepts, especially Maori concepts they can not easily be translated in to a single English definition. Both mana and tapu take on a whole range of related meanings depending on their association and the context in which they are being used.

Aprilia Mana 850
Aprilia Mana 850
Aprilia Mana 850
Aprilia Mana 850

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