2013 Yamaha Road Star Silverado S – New 2013 RoadStar Silverado S at Motorcyclist

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Yamaha Road Star S

2013 RoadStar Silverado S

2013 Yamaha Road Star Silverado S


The Yamaha Road Star is a classic cruiser motorcycle that was first introduced in 1999. Powered by a big-bore, mhepo-haachandidi, heavyweight V-twin engine, the Road Star’s appeal lays in its combination of traditional American motorcycle characteristics with Yamaha’s state-of-the-art technology. Yamaha introduced the model in an effort to bolster its presence in the American V-twin cruiser market segment.

Taking its cues from classic American cruiser bikes, the Road Star delivers an impressive array of modern performance characteristics. Styling for the Road Star has traditionally been clean and simple on base models, with several more ornate higher-trim models introduced over the years. Over the past decade or so, available variations on the Yamaha Road Star have included the Yamaha Road Star Warrior, the Road Star Midnight, the Star S, and the Silverado.

The 2013 Yamaha Road Star S maintains the classic cruiser appeal the bike has come to be associated with, and is decked out in more chrome than previous models. It’s also got the same beefy air-cooled V-twin power plant that’s made the Road Star S a favorite amongst riders who want a powerful, comfortable machine for cruising down the highway.

The 2013 Yamaha Road Star S is a large cruiser that’s equipped with a 102-cubic-inch (1670CC) V-twin engine. Air-cooled, and equipped with pushrod OHV, the 48-degree V-twin generates ample amounts of torque that enables brisk acceleration and an overall cruising performance that’s superb. Engine parameters are monitored and a perfect mixture is calculated for nearly all temperatures and conditions, thanks to the Road Star S’s computer-controlled fuel-injection system.

The bike’s transmission shifts smoothly and helps maintain the Road Star’s outstanding performance when cruising at highway speeds. Maintenance requirements for the 2013 Yamaha Road Star S are as low as they have traditionally been for past model years, thanks to air cooling, hydraulic valve lifters, and a belt final drive.

Yamaha Road Star S

The 2013 Yamaha Road Star S comes equipped with an electric starting system that features a solenoid-activated auto-decompressor for starting that’s easy and dependable. The bike is outfitted with a two-into-one exhaust system that features staggered dual shotgun pipes that sound a hearty V-twin exhaust note. Ceramic-composite cylinder liners help facilitate excellent heat dissipation.

The 2013 Yamaha Road Star S is constructed on a long and low hardtail frame that’s been designed to maximize the potential for customization. The engine is solid-mounted and housed in a rigid-look, double-cradle frame that features a 32-degree rake. The bike’s long and low retro profile stems mainly from its extra-long 66.5-inch wheelbase.

This low stance also helps improve rider comfort, while telescopic 43mm front forks with stainless-steel covers and 5.5 inches of travel further enhance the bike’s style and absorb bumps at the same time. The 2013 Yamaha Road Star S comes with 16-inch cast wheels that are shod with tubeless tires that enhance its classic cruiser look and provide confident handling and excellent road-grip.

Yamaha’s Star family quality fit and finish along with the bike’s abundance of chrome and lustrous paint ensure that the 2013 Road Star S is stylish as well as powerful. The ultra-thin speedometer is mounted on the tank and boasts a stylish design that also provides for easy reading of the odometer. The Road Star also equipped with dual tripmeters, a clock and fuel gauge, low-fuel indicator light, high-beam indicators, turn signal indicators, and engine diagnostic lights.

Under the seat you’ll find a handy helmet holder. With power, performance, and classic cruiser looks, ari 2013 Yamaha Road Star S is an impressive machine that would seem ideal for riders who want to cruise in comfort and style.

Yamaha Road Star S
Yamaha Road Star S
Yamaha Road Star S
Yamaha Road Star S
Yamaha Road Star S

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