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MV Agusta 1100 Grand Prix

MV Agusta/Corona 1000S

VMOL looks at the Corona 1000S and preceding MV Fours

I f there was ever a rolling contradiction, it has to be MV’s line of production fours. Understated and refraining from the bold, they nonetheless come across as aggressive; confident. Finished in pale grey like the legendary Works racers that inspired them, the MV’s DOHC sand cast multi grabs you by virtue of its intricate sophistication.

Promoted (and inscribed) with the promise of championship glory, Count Agusta, the factory’s archetypical kingpin, saw to it that his production wares left the gates detuned and fitted with shaft drive. Ende, the MV exudes its aura from the inside out, allowing even those with limited scope to sense a very real difference.

As the very cornerstone of MV’s place in motorcycling, no summary of the company would be complete without mentioning its racing exploits. Using a succession of bevel-drive (or gear train) four stroke singles, threes and fours of varying displacements, MV’s reign spanned from Cecil Stanford’s 125-cc Championship in 1952 to Phil Read’s swansong 500 cc cup ride in 1974.

In between, some of the sport’s most recognizable names contributed; Ubbiall, Surtees, Hocking, Mike Hailwood and MV Agusta’s proudest son; Giacomo “Ago”Agostini. Ago’s incredible reign of dominance began in 1966 when he claimed both rider and manufacture 500-cc titles. He would snare the next six in both the 350 and 500-cc classes, finally bowing to Read’s 500cc in 1973.

Though the majority of this period race manager Arturo Magni led the way as MV captured 38 individual world titles, 37 manufacture’s awards and over 4000 fiton garën. When the (prototip) street fours were introduced in 1963, they boasted a heritage like no other.

MV Agusta 1100 Grand Prix

nga 1963 MV Agusta was entrenched as a national treasure. Not only was the racing program entering its zenith, the aviation branch was enjoying a steady growth of its own. A contract with US Bell helicopters had boasted the ledger and inspired Agusta to develop his own design. Përveç kësaj, large transport aircraft was also in production and the factory enjoyed the strength afforded by a thriving military export business.

megjithatë, the motivation behind the unveiling of MV’s first street-production four at 1965’s Milan motor show remains clouded. Perhaps the Count felt his clientele had waited long enough? Or did he (accurately) read the market and determine MV’s inclusion in the soon-to-be-soaring big bike market?

Whatever the reason, the reaction to the 600 katër ( above right ) was mixed; and while MV fans certainly fancied a design more closely resembling the Works racers, the response wasn’t as negative as many have suggested.

But if the 600 Four wasn’t exactly what riders wanted, the 750S (

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