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Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS

2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS

2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS – Innovative, i zhdërvjellët, sporty and comfortable. THANKS FOR THE BOX TECHNOLOGY inaccessible Shiver 750 GT is unrivaled in this segment and is ready to satisfy the most demanding motorcyclists.

This model offers a two-cylinder engine with high torque, ergonomics completely comfortable for two, excellent aerodynamic protection and superior chassis, which has become a reference: these are just some of the distinctive features offered by Aprilia Shiver GT 750, which provides dynamic characteristics and technological quality, reaching the top of its segment to meet the most demanding motorcyclists in the tradition of Aprilia.

Aprilia Shiver 750 GT increases the level of technology in this sector and is clearly distinguishable from their competitors. A second generation ride-by-wire system, three mapping systems directly controlled by the rider (sport, Turne dhe Rain), radial caliper brakes and ABS, a modular structure in relation to steel and tube side plates aluminum are new features of this bike middleweight “sport touringthat makes the Aprilia Shiver 750 GT and above a single bike.

The fairing gives the Shiver 750 GT for a chance to reveal the absolute versatility of the Shiver family. His biggest aerodynamic protection studied in wind tunnel experiments to provide adequate projectivity for roads, greatly expands the spectrum of the Shiver 750 GT which is defined as a “completebike for a truly complete experience on horseback. veç, the new top fairing offers comfortable glove boxes (a key), useful for storing small items, it also includes a 12V connection (used to charge mobile phones and the connection of a GPS device).

2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS model highlights

The main features of the new Aprilia Shiver 750 GT are :

A motor 90 degree V-twin with four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and liquid cooling;

Ride-by-wire technology for electronic throttle control with three mapping systems (sport, Turne dhe Rain);

The fuel injector fuel injection at the forefront;

Mixed gear / zinxhir;

A framework for high torsional strength of steel with modular aluminum plates;

Aluminum swingarm with reinforcement reinforcement and adjustable side impact;

43 mm inverted fork legs;

Brakes with radial calipers before;

The latest generation two channel ABS system

Before a bubble fairing with high

Boxes of gloves (one equipped with a lock) and a 12V outlet

DESIGN: FORM at the power

Aprilia Shiver GT is pure technology has proven to be determined by its strong lines, form and function combine to form a perfect bike. The Aprilia Shiver GT element technique is also a design element, giving the bike an aggressive look and elegant.

The characteristics of the glue tank short saddle make this even more compact motor. The pilot becomes part of the bike, fully equipped in a short bike, sport agile. The short tail is extremely small and has a dual exhaust with triangular silencers (creating a visual link with the Shiver).

This solution provides a more aggressive design, with excellent weight distribution.

The side shock absorber not just a distinctive aesthetic element but also helped design a rational system, compact and efficient escape. The upper fairing also provides a family link to bike naked version, megjithatë, does not change its character, determination and the results of more functions in the protection and capacity. Optimized in wind tunnel experiments, the Shiver GT offers the driver and passenger comfortable driving experience than a motorcycle with enhanced features.

Në fakt, the design offers more space for two glove compartments, one with a lock), which are fully equipped in the body of the bike, very useful for storing small items.

90 ° MOTOR V: Pure Technology

Aprilia Shiver GT 750 shares of the same specifications with the naked version: a modern two-cylinder 90 ° V Euro 3 motor, designed and developed entirely by Aprilia. This engine is the first in a series of useful, high walk-by-wire, and quickly distinguished by its dynamic characteristics. With an impressive 95 hp në rubinet, not just the most powerful twin-cylinder bike in its class, but also has a very generous torque curve in the bottom of the rev range, to bring the same level in terms of elasticity and exhort with higher capacities and multi-cylinder engines, the largest, offering a smooth power delivery and effortless for enhanced driving pleasure.

This is a generous double engine destined to become the benchmark for mid-sized bikes. The search for performance up to the segment led to the selection of advanced innovative technology solutions:

90 ° V architecture;

Ride-by-wire, three mapping systems (sport, Turne dhe Rain);

Diameter of race relationship, much oversquare;

Four valves per cylinder;

Double overhead cam timing system driven by a mixed chain / gear system;

Injection system with two electronic throttle bodies;

Pipettes with integrated stick coils;

Three-way catalytic converter and lambda probe;

Check hydraulic clutch.

This is an ideal engine for this type of bike, leaving powerful combination is perfect to meet the needs of the Aprilia Shiver 750 GT drivers: a pilot experience that is expected not only high performance but also wants driving experience easy and intuitive for a more torque which can reduce the need for gears, even at full load thanks to the elasticity of the motorcycle that is beyond the comparison.

Its three maps of the system also offers the ability to step between Sport, Turne dhe Rain, increasing the chances of the pilot and allow you to find the correct output power to meet different road conditions. This is where innovation comes into play, since only the Aprilia engineers could apply first: engine power and abundant torque V2 are filtered by the Ride by Wire system for optimal output for all types of riders and all conditions of the road.

With the Sport mapping, engine performance is thrilling sports performance of the Aprilia twin. Tour of the mapping system gives the pilot an output soft moments of relaxation during athletic performance is reserved for the pleasure of traveling, or when traveling with passengers and cargo. më në fund, me një 25% çift ​​rrotullues, the system facilitates mapping corridor when the rain starts in slippery roads, or when grip is poor.

The sophisticated chassis of the Shiver 750 GT is far above the competition. A modular structure (steel and aluminum plates) works perfectly with the plunger of 43 mm upside down fork and strong aluminum swingarm with reinforcement reinforcement. veç, the side of a single adjustable shock is another distinctive feature of the Aprilia Shiver 750 GT.

His position gives plenty of room to adjust the exhaust under the seat, which gives a very linear performance and a volume that ensures maximum engine performance. Everything is designed for a bike that is very compact and able to satisfy the experienced and inexperienced riders.

The architecture of the Shiver GT chassis bigger, easier to ride a bike among the competitors, combined with a superior braking system. The braking power of 320 mm discs with radial caliper is completed with an advanced two-channel ABS designed specifically for this model continental maximum driving safety.

Shasi: functionality and efficiency

Expert pilots and mechanics have always acknowledged that Aprilia has the best chassis. drithmë 750 GT test and shows how he was able Aprilia once again the design of a simple and intuitive, with an incredibly efficient performance. Essential options that are used to V90 engine architecture has led to the realization of a modular steel frame tubesheets very rational and efficient aluminum.

The compact length of the engine, together with the unique position of the damper side, you can create a very agile bike, not just an aesthetic habit, but a precise technical decision which frees up space for the exhaust system, which optimizes volume. The aluminum swingarm with reinforcement reinforcement was of a specific size to handle the irregular stress due to the lateral position of the shock.

43 mm inverted fork legs and shell molded mounting brackets with reference smoothness.Its 120 mm of travel allows the driver to easily cope with the city roads and mountain paths. The direction and bottom plate are cast aluminum. The lateral cushion is hinged directly on the swingarm According to the disposition and the cantilever spring preload and rebound can be adjusted, the rear wheel travel is 130 mm.

Aprilia Shiver 750 GT offers the latest state of the art technology to the braking system: calipers radiale, a solution that emphasizes the sporty design. The discs of 320 mm at the front are the same as those used in fog sportbikes. The 240 mm rear disc with single piston caliper mounted system provides support for the front brake.

 Systems using front and rear brakes braided metal tubes aero-derivative, which eliminate the unwanted noise emitted by the conventional tube, thus providing a greater accuracy of a braking system of the true maximum. A sophisticated two channel ABS system allows the Shiver 750 GT to further increase their level of view of active and passive safety to avoid congestion on roads in poor condition and improve braking performance.

2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABSInternational Specifications / detalet


Aprilia V90 Engine Type Four-stroke longitudinal 90 ° V-twin engine, liquid cooling system Double overhead camshaft with mixed team / zinxhir, katër valvola për cilindër. Tri-Map of trip-by-Wire

Unleaded fuel

Kalibër dhe goditje 92 mm x 56.4

zhvendosje Total 749.9 cc

Compression ratio of 11: 1

Max power at crankshaft 95 HP në 9000 i jap supërxhiro / më

The maximum torque on the shaft of 8.25 KGM në 7000 rpm

Induction and fuel system Integrated electronic engine management. Injection System with Ride by Wire and the selection of Tri-Map mapping

Digital ignition integrated electronic ignition with the fuel injection system.

elektrike Fillimi

shter 2 in the exhaust system 1 në 100% stainless steel with a three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor

gjenerator i korentit të alternuar 450 W at 6000 rpm

The wet-sump lubrication.


6-speed transmission ratio:

i parë 36/14 (2.57) 2 ° 32/17 (1.88) 3 ° 30/20 (1.5) 4 ° 28/22 (1.27) 5 ° 23/26 (1.13) 6 24/25 ( 1,04)

Clutch hydraulic multi-plate clutch

The primary unit of straight cut gears, transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.75)

Secondary chain drive. raporti transmetimit: 16/44


Detachable steel structure linked high resistant bolts and aluminum side plates. Removable rear subframe.

Inverted front suspension fork, 43 chandeliers. udhëtimit Wheel 120 mm.

The rear suspension swingarm aluminum alloy, reinforced with reinforcement of the oscillating arm.

Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable preload and rebound. 130 mm udhëtimit

frena: dual 320 mm në diametër. floating stainless steel disc. Radial calipers with four pistons.

The metal coating brake pipe.

i pasëm: 240 mm disc of stainless steel. Single piston. The metal coating brake pipe.

Two-channel Continental ABS system

Aluminum alloy wheels

front: 3.50 x 17 “Rear: 6.00 x 17

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