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Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i

Review Of Bajaj Pulsar 150

tetor 27, 2011

Pa dyshim, the Pulsar has been one of the biggest hits for Bajaj in the Indian market. The bike that comes in 150cc, 180cc and 220cc has all been favorites of the bike enthusiasts. The bike had been an early answer to the two other contestants in the same category – the Suzuki GS150R and the Honda CBF Stunner.

The bike is a great stunning visual to watch. The fuel tank plays a big role in the visual appeal of the bike and so do the black alloy wheels. The exhaust pipe is covered with a stainless steel cover.

It not only adds beauty to the bike’s overall appearance, but also provides security from the casual burns occurring from the exhaust pipe.

The bike in the commuter segment does well when it comes to speeds. It can be driven at the highest speed of 113 kmph. megjithatë, you can feel a little shaky around the three figure mark.

The fuel consumption of the bike in the city region is 51 kmpl – not too bad. But it increases dramatically by 11 km on the highway. 62 kmpl is certainly worth going for.

The fuel tank capacity is 15 litra.

The air cooled single cylinder Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes with a displacement of 149.01cc. The DTS-i technology makes the bike more fuel efficient as has always been the case with all the Bajaj bikes with this technology in place. The maximum power the bike can generate is 15 Bhp at 8500 rpm while the highest torque it can reach up to is 12.5 Nm 6500 rpm.

Among other features of the bike are its dimensions. The length, width and height of the Pulsar are 2035 mm, 750 mm dhe 1155 mm respektivisht. The overall weight of the bike is 143 kg. For a bike of this capacity and size, that is quite understandable.

The ground clearance of the bike is 165 mm. while the wheelbase is 1320 mm. The wheel size of the Pulsar is 90/90 x 17″ – 100/90 × 17” mm.

pulsar 150 is available in plasma blue, midnight black and cocktail wine red. The 17” black alloy wheels are fine for the looks. megjithatë, the drawback is that the tyres are not tubeless. So that is one factor that could have been worked on by the company.

The 35W halogen headlamp is bright enough to give you enough viewing light at night.

megjithatë, the security features of the bike have been dealt with on expected lines. The telescopic fork works for the front suspension while the triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable with 105 mm travel nitrox shock absorber makes up for the extremely promising shock absorber for the rear.

As far as the braking system is concerned, the front wheel has the disc brake, which is the 240 mm disk. The rear wheel however, comes only with a drum brake, which is the 130 mm drum. Among more features, the fuel gauge and the speedometer come in digital format.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Tech Specs

Bajaj Pulsar 150 çmim

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