BMW F650 Funduro, Manual Repair Strada 1994-2000 Clymer M309

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BMW F650

BMW F650 Funduro, Strada Repair Service Manual 1994-2000

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The BMW F650 Funduro, Strada Repair and Service Manual 1994-2000 by Clymer covers motorcycle models indicated, duke përfshirë:

BMW F650 Funduro, 1994-1996, Britani e Madhe

BMW F650ST, 1997, U.S.

BMW F650 rrugë, 1997-1999, Britani e Madhe

BMW F650, 1997-2000, U.S. and UK

BMW F650 Strada SE, 2000 Britani e Madhe

Book Fragment: 1994-2000 BMW F650 Funduro, Strada Repair and Service Manual


An understanding of the function of each of the carburetor components and their relation to one another is a valuable aid for pinpointing a source of carburetor trouble.

The carburetor’s purpose is to supply an atomize fuel and mix it in correct proportions with air that is drawn in through the air intake. At the primary throttle opening (idle), a small amount of fuel is siphoned through the pilot jet by the incoming air.

As the throttle is opened further, the air stream begins to siphon fuel through the main jet and needle jet. The tapered needle increases the effective flow capacity of the needle jet as it is lifted, in that it occupies progressively less of the area of the jet.

At full throttle, the carburetor venturi is fully open and the needle lifts far enough to permit the main jet to flow at flow capacity.

The choke circuit is a starting enrichment valve system in which the control lever on the handlebar left side handlebar grip opens an enrichment valve, rather than closing a butterfly in the venturi area as on some carburetors.

In the open position, the slow jet discharges a stream of fuel into the carburetor venturi to enrich the mixture when the engine is cold.

The accelerator pump circuit reduces engine hesitation by injecting a fine spray of fuel into the carburetor intake passage during sudden acceleration.


Remove the seat as described in Chapter Fifteen.

Remove the fuel tank as described in this chapter.

Remove the battery as described in Chapter Three.

Remove the battery box as described in Chapter Nine.

Remove the air filter box as described in this chapter.

At the handlebar, perform the following:

Slide the rubber boot (A, figurë 1) off the cable adjuster.

Loosen the adjuster locknut (B, figurë 1) and turn the adjuster (C) to obtain maximum cable slack.

Loosen the hose clamp screw (figurë 2) on each carburetor at the intake stub pipe on the cylinder head.

BMW F650


Quick Reference Data

Informacion i pergjithshem


vajosje, Maintenance and Tune-up


Clutch and Transmission

Fuel and Exhaust Systems

Sistemi i ndezjes

Front Suspension and Steering

Pezullimi rear


Body and Frame

Wiring Diagrams

Subject: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 BMW F650 Funduro, Strada service, mirëmbajtje, repair. ISBN-10: 0892878029 | ISBN-13: 9780892878024 | Clymer M309

BMW F650
BMW F650
BMW F650

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