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Honda NTV 600

Shqyrtimi i Honda NTV 600 Revere

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janar 29, 2014

I purchased this bike as a second bike. I already had the SLR 650 that I love, but on those occasions it needs attention it leaves me with no 2-wheeld transport. I’ve always liked the NTV range of bikes because they are known for their reliability and ease of maintenance.

Initially I was looking at the much newer Deauville but the few dealers with second hand machines would not deal on the price. Searching through the biketrader I spotted this bike for £1300.

I went to look at it in the shop and it immediately struck me as a genuine bike. It had a large screen fitted, was clean but not polished, had been dropped but no serious damage and did not look like it had been bodged by some cowboy such as myself. A deal was struck and a few days later I rode my purchase home.

Përshtypjet e para ishin të mira. Acceleration is acceptable below 6000rpm then becomes quite brisk above, running out of steam 1000rpm short of the 9500rpm redline. Handling is not fast but very solid after riding the twitchy SLR for so long.

Comfort remains to be seen but the riding position is very sporty for a bike designed for hard-working long-distance couriers and other mile eaters.

Let’s start with comfort. Before I tell you about this I ask you to bear in mind I had a motorcycle accident 3 years ago which left me with a stiff left knee and hip. I am 5 këmbët 9 inç i gjatë, which is considered about average for my country. The riding position has the knees quite bent and a fair lean forward across the long large tank is required.

At town speed this makes getting my feet on and off the pegs a chore and my wrists can ache. The lean forward comes into its own at motorway speeds, but then my backside goes numb.

This is not a comfy long distance bike, for myself. I suspect it might be me and not the bike as countless couriers travelling millions of miles cannot be wrong. I talked about this to another biker once and he agreed, the seat is too low and the pegs too high and the bars too far away.

It may suit a smaller rider. He suggested placing a cushion on the seat, I have tried this and it is a great improvement. I am now trying to work out how to lift the seat 1 inch without making the bike look silly.

If you plan to use the bike for long trips, try to get a long ride in before you buy to see if the ergonomics suit you.

trajtim. This is spot on for me. I don’t ride like a racer but I do press on and the bike is solid, stable and reassuring through the bends. I use Bridgestone BT45 tyres that provide good grip in both wet and dry, and should last a long time.

I’ve used these tyres before on other bikes and did not like them, but they are perfectly suited to the NTV. The whole chassis inspires confidence.

Power. This comes in at 50 something bhp, not a great deal in modern motorcycling, but more than the SLR I normally ride. It is quick enough for myself, will beat general traffic and surprises the sport bikes by keeping up with them.

The power is smooth but really comes in above 6000rpm. It will also run down to 1800rpm, any lower than that and the shaft starts to rattle. It’s and easy power and flexible.

mirëmbajtje. bosht makinë, what more can I say. Use it, forget it, change a tiny bit of oil whenever you remember that it’s there then forget it again. As for the rest it’s difficult to describe really, not had to do anything to it! Removing the back wheel takes 2 minutes due to the single sided swingarm.

Changing the oil and filter is a doddle as everything is easy to reach. Cleaning is easy. Even adjusting the shock is done with ease.

Honda NTV 600

There is a preload adjusting knob behind one of the panels and the damping adjuster screw is no problem. It’s so easy. I know from previous ownership of an NT400 Bros that any carburettor work will be a nightmare, changing the plugs will be fiddly and getting to rocker covers is challenging. por hej, it’s not a problem as they never need this kind of work.

shpresoj. I’ll keep on changing the oil every 3 në 4 thousand miles.

Loading the bike is easy, as you can see above. It takes load like a lorry and I always worry about not having enough space, with this bike I always have spare space. The bike takes it in its stride. With this lot on the suspension was a bit soft but it took 1 minute to stiffen the shock by clicking the knob.

Except at slow speeds I did not even notice a difference with the load.

Costs. If ridden hard this bike returns 45mpg. The best I have managed is 59mpg but I had to ride like an old lady. Normally fuel runs at 50 to 53mpg being used for commuting. Most people tell me this is good or at least acceptable, but I don’t like spending money.

I am looking for 150mpg, haven’t found it yet. Tyres should last 8000 miles rear, god only knows how many at the front. BT45’s are cheaper than super sport tyres. Parts will be standard Honda prices, expensive. There is quite a good aftermarket choice due to the bike being popular with the couriers.

No chain to replace.

Can I recommend this bike? po. Everyday use is a pleasure and it should last forever, mine is already 14 years old with 35,000 miles and I’ve seen these with over 100,00 milje, looking tired but still running strong. If you plan long distance riding then either try one first or be prepared to alter the riding position somehow.

If you are looking for speed then look elsewhere or look at the NTV650 Bros and all the American tuning companies. Many of the tuning add-ons will fit the Revere too. It’s not a sports bike but can be made to move and handle really well.

About the author: Just another guy trying tog et his voice heard on the internet.

Honda NTV 600
Honda NTV 600

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