KTM 350 SX-F Information Product How To Save Money dhe të bëjë atë Yourself!

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KTM 350 SX-F

A këtë video të ju ndihmojë?

punkenduro: @ptakoviny1 to bad, i did. ktm still wont win the mx champtionship.

fabtech443960: I want one!!

MrMonkeyHD: Honda pisses over ktm

motoman9477: With KTM,you can no longer compare there bikes to anything else. They are the best bikes on the market. I gave up on the Asia bikes four years ago. Put A little vitamin C in my diet.

I have A KTM 250 SX (2 goditje)And with the mods I have on it. It is far and away better then the other 4 strokes offered..You can just imagine how good the 450 SX-f must be. let alone the 350 SX-f. periudhë

GuerrilleroSlick: Fukin great now put efi on all ur enduro models. PLEASE. Cant wait till they make the 450xc-w with EFI.

blomgren182: This bike will win some shotouts! If you put a rider like Reed, Stewart, Dungey on this bike, they for sure kick ass! unbelivable quality these days by ktm!

nelly739: @Rambl147 What was that again? Ha Ha Ha! Who’s the negative one?

CITYFORLIFEDAN1991: @blomgren182 its got cairoli on it winning the MX1. dungey has just gone to ktm hasnt he. not sure. any ways wonder if he will be on a 350

hippyjones4l: old mate said that theres no 350’s on the market. ( wrong suzuki has the dr and the drz cus i have one aswell as my sx haha

CITYFORLIFEDAN1991: @xXAcrayXx 49 at the wheel. the jap 450s average 52 at the wheel so its only 3 më pak. ive rode the 350 and it is so much useable which makes up for the lack of 3 hp

Mathijzzie14: the only minus is the weird lookings of the bike, the plates are not that nice.

USCisgay: they should come back out wih the ktm 380sx

Tyler Garcia: lol whoopdy doos

rookieperformance: the whoopdy doos haha, f**ken love this bike!

nelly739: Wow! KTM put linkage on the rear of a motocross bike! It’s a revelation! prit. The Japanese bikes have had linkage for years.

The only thing that KTMs excel at, compared to the Japanese brands, is woods/enduro racing. Përveç se, they have always failed to impress me. The 350 does seem like a great platform to fit in between 250s and 450s though. Sort of like the 200 2-goditje.

A nice compromise of less weight/rotating mass, while still having decent power.

awsome3451: i dont understand. why make a smaller motor if its just gonna weigh 5 pounds less than a 450, dhe 15 pounds more than the 250! WTF are these people stupid?

shrtstff1710: @AceOfSpadesPRO01 yeah my friend owns one. but it takes a lot of keep up and u have to stay on top of cleaning it and tightening bolts and everything

spruland: i took one for a test ride on tuesday, and i loved it, i just put a deposit on one

moxido1965: EXCELENTEEEEEEE. I want one. Best Regards from Argentina

Allen Vega: it looks wicked :]

ptakoviny1: @punkenduro you can’t compare endure with full blown motocross bike

rptr660rdr: @kodakZX1 yes i think he did

xXAcrayXx: how much hp has it got.

hardbiker88: NO. its look like a honda:( the design on the 08-10 was perfect, now it will look like a crf:( but all the new features its great:)

krzysiol18: i would like to konow is it more similat like 450 ose 250 4t?

hunguu: @nonsence956 The 450class

Rambl147: Next they need aluminium frames for even lighter bikes. All the bikes should come with bash guards, you know how dear they are to buy? I have a KTM 250 SX-F 2010 and the stock pipe isnt very impressive.

My mate has a CRF 250f 2007 and his stock duel pipes give out more power.

dash11111111: 250 two small. 450 two big. 350 is perfect i guess

Erik Perea: hope they make an enduro version

Flegiasxz: we are waiting for enduro version 😉

Cybertronic211: got one xD

brokein2: @dash11111111 Do you mean too?

KTM 350 SX-F

CITYFORLIFEDAN1991: @MrMonkeyHD MX1 and MX2. Ktms are at the top in both. hondas are doing crap. get it right way around 😉

lilfastjared: Does anybody know how much the 350 will cost in $AUD ?

fox13z400: Plz add the black rims and possible change the plastic coloring as well. besides that, it looks perfect =)

Will notme: Whoopdy doos lol anyway does the 125 150 have does three things

wiithepeople2: Coming from a guy who has this katoom, it’s well done.

nonsence956: what class would you ride this on

danniingi: @dash11111111 lol it’s too not two. two is a number

punkenduro: bike will be bad ass, but the big bore klx (351cc) came first. aftermarket, and you diffrent bikes, but im a kawi lover.

Samuel Reed: Im a Honda lover and rider, periudhë. But this bike will create a whole new segment of mx/sx bikes. It wont all happen over the next year but I think eventually all makes will have a 350f in the arsenal.

350 is the perfect size for lots of people, myself included!

vileCR999: The perfect solution for a problem that never existed. =P

Jamesy YzTwoStrokeMx: If you dont hav the money to buy 1 then dont ride it. coz trust me. you’ll want one. I rode 1 yesterday at a ktm testing day. and was sooo good, Best bike ive ever ridden. Loved everything about it. Deffinatly ride one. you wont stop thinking about it untill you own 1

lilfastjared: Is it true that u can do powercurves for the efi on your laptop at home? Do you have to buy any extras? Gjithashtu, does the efi automatically adjust to a new exhaust? i.e i am able to just put my fmf pipe on dont touch a thing?

Last thing i am only 160 cm tall is this bike going to be taller than a yamaha 250yz-f by how much?

Robitussin Ethanol: @MrMonkeyHD your just sayin that cause you own a honda

woodypriscilla: done deal, getting one!

stinker717: man i want one so bad.


Stacey Ecoboost: Listen 1:38. he say 250 lol

Darkstar DTB: @krzysiol18 The engine comes from the 250 and weighs only 2,2kg more so I’d say it is more similar to a tougher 250 than a slower 450..

KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F
KTM 350 SX-F

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