Suzuki GT380 Specifications eHow

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Suzuki GT 125

Suzuki GT380 Specifications


The Suzuki GT 380 was powered by an air-cooled, inline, three cylinder, two stroke engine. The engine had a displacement of 371 cc, ose 22.64 inç kub. The bore and stroke measured 2.1 by 2.1 inches while the compression ratio was 6.7 në 1. This configuration produced 38 kuaj-fuqi në 7,500 rpm, dhe një çift rrotullues maksimal prej 27.49 foot-pounds at 6,500 rpm.


The Suzuki GT 380 was equipped with a 15 L, or 3.96-gallon fuel tank. With a fuel economy of 32 në 46 milje per gallon, it produced a full-tank range of 127 në 182 milje.

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Suzuki GT 125

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Suzuki GT 125

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