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1995 Suzuki VS 800 Intruder Troubleshooting, Repair, Maintenance & Tune…

8 Jun 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on 1995 Suzuki VS 800 Intruder Troubleshooting, Repair, Maintenance & Tune…
Suzuki M 800

My 1995 Suzuki VS800 Intruder wont start. When i hit the electric start switch absolutely nothing happens, (not even the clicks from the starer) however the battery is perfectly fine, When you turn the key all the lights work and operate normally. I’m assuming the problem lies with the starter seeing how the battery is functioning the carb has fuel and also there isn’t the typical cranking sound or clicking sound from the starter.

However any further info or opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

so, i have a brand new battery, and i replaced the starter relay which is located at the other end of the positive (red) wire coming from the battery. when i turn the key on, lights and everything comes on. when i try starting it, all i’m getting is lots of clicking which seems to be coming from the relay (which i just replaced), or the igniter box. I am affraid that i’m not getting any power even down to my starter to crank it. what should i be looking for?

G’day.I can help you with this.The clicking noise is the starter relay(solinoid)activating.This means it is likely the starter motor is at fault.Two more tests to prove it.Next,using a jumper cable,connect one end to battery posative, touch starter motor posative terminal(by-passing solinoid).Did starter motor turn?It’s likely it didn’t.If it didn’t you would suspect one of two things.One is a faulty starter motor-To test remove-bench test NOTE do this test with starter motor in a vice or on floor with foot on starter holding it down)-connect battery negative to body of starter motor-Battery posative touch to starter motor posative-Does it spin?(sometimes they will but with no torque).If it dosn’t spin,sounds rough or seems weak then the starter motor has worn out brushes or is burnt out.Replace brushes or starter motor to repair. IF the starter motor bench tests fine- then the cause is a seized starter clutch or engine.To test if engine is seized up(unlikely)turn over with a wrench on the end of the crank(Engine LHS).

Only running on rear cylinder.


Your bike needs three thing to run.

Spark Compression Fuel

The first thing to check is the spark on the front cylinder. You should remove the front spark plug and then put it back in the plug wire. Make sure that the spark plug is grounded by placing the threaded portion on the cylinder head fins. Now you can crank the engine over and watch for spark.

If it does not spark you have an ignition problem, replace the plug with a new one and try again.

The next step is to check the compression. You will need a compression tester with the proper adaptor to thread into the spark plug hole. Remove the rear spark plug wire. Once the compression tester is installed crank the motor over with the throttle all the way open. Your compression should read at least 150 psi.

If the compression is very low you need to have the motor dissasembled for inspection.

The last and most common problem is the carburator. If the bike has been sitting the carburator can become gummed up and prevent fuel from getting to the cylinder. The only fix for this is to remove the carburator and clean or rebuild as needed.

This is very detailed work and should be performed by a qualified technician.

Suzuki M 800
Suzuki M 800

Thanks and I hope that this helps.


I have a 1996 suzuki Intruder 800. The clutch has to be bled frequently. It often sits for long periods of time, several weeks. Is this indicative of a leaking slave cylinder? How can I diagnose this?


It sounds to me like you have air getting into the clutch system. Check to make sure all your fasteners are tight and that there is not a bad gasket in the reservoir or slave cylinder.

When bleeding the clutch system, make sure to put a loop in the drain tube above the bleeder valve to prevent air from getting back into the clutch system.

By the way, if your slave cylinder were leaking, you would notice the leak. Take a white paper towel and run along bottom of the slave cylinder area. If it’s leaking bad enough to empty the hydraulic fluid (DOT 4) from the clutch reservoir, then it would get air into the clutch system.

Hope this helps. If you find this information useful, please vote on this post. Thank You.

Suzuki M 800
Suzuki M 800
Suzuki M 800
Suzuki M 800
Suzuki M 800
Suzuki M 800

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