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Suzuki X-90

Well, first of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my review on this wonderful little car. Secondly to all of the people who have read my other reviews IM sorry I haven’t been writing for along time but I have been very busy with school and work so I just haven’t had time. Now on to the review! My reason for buying this car was because I have always loved small cars which is not very common for guys. I just like small cute cars.

Before I considered this car I was trying to import from Europe an MCC Smart which is only 6 and a half feet long! Well, anyway when that fell through due to NHTSA and EPA regulations I went on the search of another small car. Now my next loved car was the awesome BMW M3 but at $50,000 I wasn’t quite ready for that bill and I sure wasn’t going to get a Geo Metro cause I wanted a stylish small car that no one else had.

So one day I was on the net looking up Suzuki vehicles at the time I was looking at a Grand Vitara and I ran across the X-90! I instantly fell in love. Well, it took me about 6 months to find one that met my standards.

I wanted Silver, 5spd transmission, 4wd, and under 20,000 miles. Now finding a car made in 1997 with less that 20,000 miles was indeed a chore to say the least! But after many hours of surfing the web I found one in Newark.

So the next day I flew right up there and bought it! I purchased it from Performance Motor Cars in Newark. My initial thought was Oh no not a used car dealership.

This will be nothing but pressure But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The sales people at the dealership were more than helpful they were very negotiable on the price and no pressure at all I highly recommend their dealership! Well, once I had paid for it and everything off I went with my beautiful new Suzuki X-90!

* Mechanical Overview

First of all I would like to talk about the engine. The 1997 X-90 features a 1.6 Liter, Single Overhead Cam, 16 Valve Engine that develops 95 Horsepower @ 5600 RPM and 98 LB-FT of torque @ 4000rpm. Now these figures may seem low in comparison to the high powered engines found in larger SUV’s however when you consider you only have to move seven and a half feet of car that only weighs 2500 pounds this is a lot of power.

Now IM not saying its a drag car but you will have more than enough power to get around town. I’ll be honest I have raced a few Civics and Integras around town and beat them! Its all because the car is so light in comparison to other SUV’s. Now for more on the engine.

The engine has electronic multiport fuel injection and an electronic ignition system. The car also features a 5spd manual overdrive transmission or a 4-spd Automatic transmission w/lockup torque converter. This car also has power-assisted recalculating ball steering, power front disc/rear drum brakes, front MacPherson Struts, Coil Springs and a stabilizer bar, rear rigid axle with lower trailing arm and wishbone suspension with coil springs..How does this equate into the over all ride?

Well, keep on reading and you will find out. Last but not least is the body design which is Body with chassis frame like all of Suzuki’s SUV’s.

* Specifications

For those of you interested in the specifications here they are if you aren’t just skip this section.

Turning Diameter, curb to curb: 32.2 feet

Fuel tank capacity: 11.1 U.S. Gallons

Curb weight: 2,346 lbs. (2WD 5spd. manual)

Curb weight: 2,390 lbs. (2WD 4-spd. automatic)

Curb weight: 2,500 lbs. (4WD 5spd. manual)

Curb weight: 2,542 lbs. (4WD 4-spd. automatic

Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,734 lbs. (2WD)

Gross vehicle weight rating: 2,954 lbs. (4WD)

Towing capacity: 1,000 lbs.

EPA estimated fuel economy (5spd manual):

City mpg 25 Highway mpg 28

EPA estimated fuel economy (4-spd automatic):

City mpg 23 Highway mpg 27

Estimated highway range (5spd manual): 310 miles

* Interior

Well, before I bought the car I had never been in one and I was thinking with myself being 6’2 I am never gonna fit. I thought I would be crunched up really badly like in the Economy seats on most aircraft! But when I sat in it and actually got a feel for the car I was amazed!

The designers at Suzuki did a wonderful job on the interior design. If I slide my seat all the way back I cant even reach the pedals! That’s how much room there is in terms of leg room!

I actually have to drive with the seats moved up more in my X-90 that I do in my Mercedes Benz 280. As far as headroom goes its equally as impressive. I have approximately 4-6 inches of head room despite my height.

This car provides more than enough room for anyone. As far as elbow room goes there is an abundance of it found in the X-90. Not once have I had to fight over arm room or not had room to shift or anything because of a passenger.

Now onto the interior styling and ergonomics. As far as ergonomics go everything is perfect. The steering wheel is in the perfect place and all immediate controls are very easily reachable. Other controls such as A/C and Stereo controls are also easily reached.

The interior design looks good. No sharp angles or any odd shapes, just a good looking interior with no flaws. The interior is spacious and comfortable for short runs to the store or long trips like I did back from Newark to Asheville, North Carolina.

Overall Suzuki did a great job on the inside of the car!

* Exterior

Now my favorite part of the X-90. I’ll be honest the exterior styling is way out! But that’s why I like it. I was surprised that this car actually made it into production and didn’t just remain a concept car.

The exterior is well rounded no sharp angles like the new Mustang or quirky curves like a Hyundai Tiburon (nothing against those) its just a new stylish design that not many people have seen before. The small factory spoiler adds a sporty touch as does the front airdam. The tail lights are well integrated into the cars shape and feature clear turn lenses (import tuner rage). Also the mirrors are tear drop shaped and accent the cars curves such as the headlights very well.

The ground clearance is very good considering the type of car this is. I would say its in the area of 5-7 inches! That’s a lot for this type of car!

And my favorite part of the styling is the T-Top design. Both sides of the top are removable and easily fit behind the seats or in the trunk and will provide you with open air driving fun.

* City Driving

This car is a blast to drive in urban areas due to two major factors. First of all its size and secondly its fuel economy. Its size is great for finding small spaces. You know what I mean. That spot you saw that was just a little to small for your car?

THAT ONE! This car fits in the smallest spaces. In Europe it is legal to park it NOSE TO CURB and it actually fits! Its great to be able to park no matter where you are and not have to drive around for half an hour looking for a parking spot.

Suzuki C 90

As for fuel economy I would say I average about 25-30 MPG City driving because IM light footed in urban areas. I basically fill my car up once a week and that’s that. I usually get about 320-350 miles per tank from my X-90.Even when IM in a hurry and lead footed I usually get at least 20 mpg if not more. Another point is that this car is very good over potholes and imperfections in the road.

Despite its short length you really don’t feel much of them. IM not saying it rides like a BMW but you don’t feel it nearly as much as in a Honda Civic.

* Highway Driving

This little jewel really shines on the highway. It is limited to 90mph which seems low but how often do you really go that fast? Now IM not sure why it is limited to that speed because in 5th gear at 90 mph it is only running about 3000rpm and it redlines at almost 7000. Anyway as far as expansion joints,potholes,rumble strips and other imperfections this car runs with the best. You don’t feel very much on highway due to its short wheelbase.

Now I know a lot of you fellow car experts beg to differ. However in response the reason you don’t feel much even though it is short is because the suspension is not totally stiff it is somewhat soft so it absorbs most of the bump. Handling on the highway can get addictive.

Ever signal to get over and the person you want to get infront of speeds up? or ever see a whole in traffic you could ALMOST fit into if you had a few more feet? Well, with this car you can do it! Just zip right in there no problem at all. You can easily see all around you because the nose and rear are very short.

This car also isn’t like a Metro as that above 70 it cant corner. This little toy can handle at any speed I have had mine up to 90 in a 85 zone 🙂 and it didn’t feel unstable or anything like that it just purred right along. As far as wind problems.

I have crossed multiple bridges with wind warnings and such and I’ve never felt any difficulty with wind in this car it doesn’t swerve or anything like that it is perfectly predictable.

* 4X4 Driving

I haven’t had a whole lot of experience in 4wd but the day I flew up to buy it it snowed 8 inches in Newark. Needless to say I wasn’t happy cause driving my new car in snow where people could run into it I was very worried..Well as I pulled out of the dealership I popped it into 4wd. The indicator came on and I was off.

At first I was cautious because it was so small I was worried about traction but as I started getting more confident I could almost drive like it was dry! The 4wd on here is incredible. The whole way back from Newark I only slid once and that was crossing a bridge at 65 mph in about an inch of snow. The bridge had iced over and I was on the throttle and it revved up a little bit but I never lost control. I purposely went into parking lots to try to get it to slide but in 4wd it just wont slide!

It sticks like glue! I love the 4wd IM glad I was picky and looked for one with it.

* Who Should Buy

I think the idea buyer would be a college student looking for a reliable, inexpensive and fun car to drive or someone looking for a unique runabout car to have in addition to another vehicle. This could be the car you actually take into town and not have to struggle for parking and with its fuel economy you wouldn’t have to fill it up once a day. Another good buyer would be a person looking to be different as I was.

I always get stopped at redlights and store from people saying What is that or That’s such a cute car its really fun!

* Overall Satisfaction

Overall I have to say this is my favorite car. I have driven lots and I mean LOTS of cars. Everything ranging from a Geo Metro to a Porsche 911 GT2 ( in germany) and I like this one. IM not saying I don’t like Porsche because they make wonderful cars but I find my X-90 more practical, useful, lovable and a lot more unique than a Porsche.

How many Porches can carry a months groceries in 6 inches of snow and still have no dents or damage afterwards. ) Anyway I would highly recommend this little car to anybody that can find one. They are very limited in production numbers but they are out there. As a matter of fact there is one for sale on EBAY right now so if you are interested take a look!

As Always thanks for reading my review and I hope you will read my others and future ones. Thanks from DYQ685

Amount Paid (US$): 8,500

Condition: Used

Model Year: 1997

Model and Options: 4×4

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