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2008 Suzuki B-King – Motorcycle Review How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

1 Jun 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on 2008 Suzuki B-King – Motorcycle Review How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Suzuki B-King

Did this video help you?

Ryan T: Looks like the forks would bottom out really easy.

grafight: @andy42x he meant the brakes

FightForTruth: Spend more money, enjoy a better looking and better built bike, btw those bitch kings are damn ugly V MAX rules

koglowa: probably. NOT!

thevmaxman: I think he was talking about the breaks. lol

NAKAKATAKOTAKO: he meant the brakes needs more power.

luisronaldofigo: i love the burger king 😀

hagalazronin: every time i see the back of the b-king im waiting for flames coming out of the exhaust like on a fighting jet.

osacrosacr2: i own a b king and i awsome. great brakes, change to yoshi exhaust. removed the ugly stock mirrors and now alot better looking, sweet exhaust note. tons of power it doesnt need more power at all but guts to pull the trhotle all the way. by the way i used red line oil and i noticed more power thru all gears i been using mutul but i will stick with red line. cheers.

halofour01: I got my B-King about a week ago, and it is just AWESOME. (The looks grow on you when you spend a little time with it) This bike is smooth, comfortable, easy to handle at slow speed, and can be thrown around almost as easily as my FZR600. If you need more power than this thing has you should probably either race professionally or seek psychiatric help. I can’t think of anything I’d rather have at any price.

saud ishak: which 1 better?suzuki bking or ducati streetfighter s?

thevmaxman: I ran mine on the dyno 100% stock and it turned 163.5 to the wheel. thats not 2 bad

dbauernf: Too heavy for what? Do you want a 120kg 180hp+ motorcycle? Power is a highlight because it’s the most powerful naked bike at the moment, and you’d be asking for more too if you tried ZX10R, ZX14, Hayabusa etc.

breakdrum: Had my heart set on B King, then can the 09 Vmax. B King is a great bike but I think the Vmax has got it by a hair. My Vmax just got delivered and a friend of mine rides a B king so we’ll see.

My buddy thinks my Vmax will kill him off the line. Ride safe

Gareth James: its really nice but why does it need more power if its got the busa engine

Suddhatma: I got news from Uk website that 2011 is gonna be the last year of Official Bking production. Someone please tell me, that the info is wrong. I am yet to buy 1. (

koglowa: . no it’s just uncomortable.

Christopher Fehrenbacher: That is an ugly naked bike! I love naked bikes but damn that thing is way too wide. I’d rather have an S4RS Testastretta. Even for the money it’s a better buy. You’ll never use all the power in the B-King, not to mention the suspension looked a little plush to me. you almost bottomed out the forks in those corners.

I know it can be tuned, but damn. It’s a great idea with a lot of flaws. It’s just my opinion, but I really am not impressed by this bike. I ride a Ducati, now that’s a bike!

gvanhattem: Pretty sure he was talking about the brakes since he kept going on about them after he said that. This thing does NOT need any more power! lol

Kram Menkre: Did the mother freaker say that the B-king could use a little more power. 111 I think he is retarded. 185bhp is quite enough.

He probably had the B setting on the machine during the test, so the engine didn’t produce all the power.

RTiger18: Cause the bike isnt all that powerful.Thats one thing that gets on my nerves.They never tell the truth about the bike.Its best to read about it.

thevmaxman: they already have a plug and play to over ride the factory speed kill. And it pretty cheap

Tokay Gecko: really thats cool im not trying to say that there terrible you know, there not my favorite, but in my opinion i do like the naked look compard to the full fairing on this bike, but its too damb bigfor what id like.

UltraSWG: @jenniferalls He was talking about the brakes. He is saying the breaks could us little more power, as in stopping power, but they don’t fade.

adamsv1000: Hey Mike some people like heavy women, there is where to grab if you know what i am saying.

bevsboot: Right I have over ВЈ20000 available to buy a suitable sports cruiser, had suz 1000, yam fzr1000 and Honda cbr1000. Is there a really fast bike that has the abilty to also carry passenger and tent luggage etc. sort of a Fazer but with guts ?

darnhard: stop looking in the mirror. I have one of these they handle like a small bike and are faster than a busa to 200kph

CoolHumpCat: Lets compare: VMax, King of cruiser class for 25 yrs. as tested by professionals that actually ride them over and over and have more knowledge than you. BKing, rated #2 by professionals that actually ride them over and over and have more knowledge than you. You, amateur to skilled rider that does not test bikes like the pros do. You, think you are pro but are not.

You, think the differences between the BKing and VMax make the BKing the ‘King of Cruisers’. You, are still dreaming, wake up

DenoCro: 18 000 € for this. kk gg

streetglide626: like my r1 better, than any other

holbay07: hell i got one.

jigibao: i have b-king and love the possibilities it have..good bike to drive alround.will drive him 3jears and then buy new one again. b-king forewer.

Suzuki B-King

carl2017: Shingnosis, If you think that without a fairing you’ll only do 100 max you’re obviously a fair weather biker.

ConfusedSponge: bking is better as in performance! you can’t compare them at all because bking is a naked bike and vmax is a cruiser! but vmax will kill any type of harley! this i know!

Angel Bazhlekov: Japanese should learn a thing or two from Italians when it comes to aesthetic in naked bikes design. This one is just an ugly transformer type bike.

TheRJMortimer: 0:01 i thought he going to start rapping lol :O)

dwrdtoler2000: How can this bike need more power. Why did he say that?

sahzookey: looks cool cept for the big ass thing on the sides of the tank. id probably rather have a z1000 tho

sithlordvyd: strange looking thing

Wilmer Valencia: God, this bike looks like a transformer :B ♥

Travis Kincaid: the exhaust are huge!

deepnylon: The new VMaxes are going to be cool, but you can get out the door with a new B-King for about $7,000 less than the VMax.

DarthHater100: It would be nice in red!

yyassr30 yyassr30: mkiop

confusedsay: Then their both too high!

gpotteiger: When you can leave a black stripe from the end of one corner til the braking zone of the next one it is then and only then that you have enough power.

shingnosis: Idiotic bike – without faring you’ll be riding 100mph max anyway, and then the bike is just overpowered and heavy. A Triumph Speed Triple is two times the fun and most likely faster through the twists.

legtree: If you think you need a fairing to go over 100 mph your smoking crack. I can crank over 100 in second gear. you need to watch more videos of fast bikes.

darkfreddy753: @Nukpt the b-king haves te same power as the hayabusa it can even acceleratie a little better, because it haves more torque. and the only thing thats technical changed is something with the exhaust

punkerboi1: Stopping Power, He said the Bike has a Hyabusa Engine in it (fastest street legal production bike ever[1340cc]). But it doesn’t have Quite enough Stopping power due to the 600lb+ bike!


2008 Suzuki B-King – Motorcycle Review 4.7 out of 5

Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King

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