Build a 200 HP Suzuki Hayabusa Super Streetbike

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Suzuki AN 200


For over a century, across the world have and died by the number 200. a rider has put it all on the line in hopes of the fabled figure, be it in miles per or horsepower.

The connection with ever-elusive integer can be traced to its octane-induced roots at the Bonneville Flats, a barren flatland played home to a yearly top event for over 100 years. ago the feat of breaking the double mark and entering the 200 MPH Club folks from all walks of to try their hand at entering exclusive fraternity.

Although 200 is as majestic as it once was, in years the magical number has beyond outright top speed and the almighty mark to hit in the quarter the standing mile and on the dyno. applicable, it’s the figure one achieve in order to command respect.

During random hour banter after one night we found ourselves on the of chasing the mythical unicorn we 200except this time we going to try and hit the mark on the dyno. we could easily spin it forced induction, nitrous or a built motor, but where’s the in that? We decided a proper would be scoring 200 HP in one day using basic bolt-ons.

A tall indeed, but that never us before.

Taking the old adage there’s no replacement for displacement, we that a large displacement like a Hayabusa was the perfect for the job since it’s immensely up from the factory and stands to from a little uncorking.

21.68 Horsepower Gained In One Day

all the hype about the latest it’s no wonder many have lost sight of the king of speedthe Suzuki In case you forgot, when the big was introduced it helped push to the next level with ETs, near 200 MPH top speed unrestricted) and blinding acceleration so it redefined the term fast.

But all the recent banter about the this and ZX-10R that, we it was about time we shine the back on the number one stunnah.

with slippery bodywork, a and stable chassis and propelled by a 1340cc motor, the Suzuki is the recipe for high-speed success.

dyno numbers for the ’Busa much higher than the it’s the gobs of torque makes it the real king on the Overlay the dyno graphs on top of its competition and you’ll see it has a 20+ LB-FT This is the kind of torque shortens freeway onramps and first and second gears more than tire

The Build

Before making any we needed to establish a baseline. the smoke cleared we were with 173.52 HP and 103.28 at the tireboth impressive, but there was room for improvement.

Like all motors, our 1340cc is essentially an air pump, and relieving on both the inlet and outlet are a good bet to make more On the dyno the stock bike was quiet thanks to the bulbous of stock mufflers, and that was number oneditching the stock system.

In place of the heavy pipes we opted for an M4 stainless full system with a muffler. This piped shaved 33-pounds over the exhaust system and boosted by 11 HP and 6 LB-FT at the rear wheel. not often you can bolt on that of power and reduce weight so but the M4 pipe exceeded our expectations and pushed midrange grunt up 10+ HP and 10 LB-FT.

If you’re limited to one mod this season, start

With the exhaust uncorked our order of business was to relieve the side of the ’Busa, and that in the form of Montgomery Motorsports’ fiber airbox. This container was so large it took finagling to get it in place. But once it was good for another 2 HP and 2 LB-FT at the with equally stout in the midrange.

While the box performed on the dyno, had our Hayabusa been with a big- displacement the airbox would have an even bigger help. it one of those mods that benefit you now, but really pay when you dive into the since a pumped-up motor massive amounts of air.

Along with the power the carbon box also shaved over the stock airbox. We note that our early airbox did not have an air filter and is suited to race applications. we hear Montgomery has an air filter in the works.

In keeping with our go big or go attitude we decided to pull racer trick out of our sleeves, and ace in the hole was some Alisyn Than Zero Weight Oil Brock’s Performance. This stuff has a viscosity of less zilch, and on the dyno it was good for 1 HP at The dump-and-pour gains were to say the least, but bear in mind is race oil.

While OK to leave it in your streetbike for a at the track, for ultimate longterm heavier oil is recommended. But on the dyno our liquid certainly speaks for and if you’re after every ounce of power during track outings, this is the deal.

With the bird freely and spinning on some oil our next weapon of choice was a few of MR12 race gas from VP This rocket fuel is stuff and without any tuning us another 5 HP and 1.5 LB-FT at the tire. But a wideband oxygen sensor we saw the air/fuel ratio (AFR) from a safe 13.5:1 to a leaner 15.5:1.

MR12 is a highly oxygenated blend that burns so it creates more oxygen the combustion chamber and allows fuel to be added, thus more power. Much the effect nitrous has on combustion, gas has more potential energy. additive-heavy pump gas that cut burning efficiency, the VP blend is combusted.

Since the MR12 another 5 HP but leaned the bike to an level we decided a DynoJet Commander V (PCV) was in order. The PCV us to tweak the AFR on the dyno for another 5 HP and 5 at the tirepretty impressive results, to say the

When the number crunching was our bolt-on ’Busa laid a jaw-dropping 195.20 HP and a tire-annihilating LB-FT at the wheel. Total for the day worth of bolt-ons were HP and 13.28 LB-FT with a weight savings from the and airbox.

How’s it ride?

Suzuki AN 200

deadlines squashed all hopes of blasts across the desert, the

street miles we managed to into our schedules was full of burnouts and hilarious second power wheelies. Now a twist of the sends the front tire and the speedo smashing into the digits.

Forget a stock or even a modded literbike; tasting nearly 200 HP and almost 120 at the tire and you’ll never back. This is the kind of that will land you in the with a quickness, but choose moments wisely and you’ll be ear-to-ear inside your with every blip of the

All you need to reap the rewards of gas is a fueling computer and a custom Come race day, upload your race-gas map the computer (or flip the switch if you a bar-mounted multi map switch), up with some MR12 and go some …. When you get reload your pump-gas map (or your map switch back to gas) and you’re free to to work.

Sure it’ll a few more bucks up front to get a computer and multiple maps, but the upfront costs are set the 10+ HP of the race gas can be hidden weapon. And the icing on top is the aroma of spent race

The Facts:

-Not every of race gas is the right mix for your so consult a specialist on what’s for your bike.

-Never race gas from a metal while standing on carpet or Static electricity is your and it can start a fire around volatile substances.

-Don’t race gas in your tank for than a few daysit can gum up and even your fuel system.

your race gas in a sealed containerit helps preserve it longer and if kept in a cool like an air-conditioned garage, race fuels can last six months.


OK, so we came up short of the 200 but only by a few ponies. However, at point we’ve nearly our potential without diving the motor or spending big money on or forced induction. Had we been to tweak the ignition timing we have found a few more but we’d still be just shy of 200 HP.

forward we’re talking big and serious commitment, but stay at it and you can a monster. If the all-motor route is thing, a bit more compression, a cylinder head and larger would surely push you over 200 HP, and when paired a big bore kit you’d probably be in the of 230 HP on race gas. And if a power is your cup of tea, it’s a matter of a little boost or to easily push you into the ssb

Buyer’s Box

M4 stainless steel system with titanium can

Suzuki AN 200
Suzuki AN 200
Suzuki AN 200
Suzuki AN 200
Suzuki AN 200


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