Carscoop 2011-2012: Frankfurt Review: 2008 Mazda6

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Frankfurt Review: Mazda6

To answer your question; yes, the all-new actually looks as good in as it does in the press pictures leaked into the web a week We assume your next will be about the interior. its spacious, well built, it has a looking instrument panel but we exactly thrilled about its design which isn’t of a departure from the current Also we would have to see larger quantities of soft-touch in the cabin but ok, you can’t have it -Continued: Click Read below

Design apart, the new highlights include its slightly dimensions (65 mm longer, 15 mm wider, 5 mm with a 50 mm longer wheelbase), a new petrol engine with 170 PS and 1.8 and 2.0L petrol engines improved fuel efficiency and CO 2 along with a 2.0 turbodiesel PS). Moreover, despite slightly larger than its thanks to thorough weight measures, Mazda announces a weight reduction of up to 35 kg or 77 lbs.

And how the US market? Well, according to own words, “there will be a new Mazda6, designed and engineered for N. America. More information be provided during Summer


Zoom-Zoom — the All-New Mazda6

We are pleased to introduce the evolved second- generation Mazda6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As manager of the first-generation Mazda6, the embodiment of the Zoom-Zoom initiative, I myself to the development of a “global that would define how unique character should It was a challenge to create a car that stand out even on Germany ’s which are the ultimate test for in terms of beauty, enjoyment, and comfort.

To achieve this, we at comprehensive innovation covering packaging, platform and powertrain. with this determination, the Mazda6 significantly raised the bar for car design and boosted Mazda’s brand image.

In March we announced “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom,“ a aimed at engineering cars an enhanced harmony between pleasure and paying more to safety and the environment – an essential in the evolution of Zoom-Zoom.

The all-new inherits the first-generation model’s and excellence and, through consideration of our customers’ feedback and has become even more The new model shows dramatic in distinctive design, exceptional and responsive handling and performance – the essential elements of Mazda’s

I believe that Mazda’s to build cars that inviting to drive, are fun to drive, and you want to drive them while also advancing and safety performance is perfectly in the new Mazda6. Look for a great more from our advanced

Seita Kanai

Director, Managing Executive Officer in of Research and Development

1. Summary

at the Frankfurt Motor Show

World premiere: All-New – Zoom-Zoom Evolution

Taking stage at the Mazda stand at year’s Frankfurt show is the premiere of the all-new Mazda6, is the company’s second new-generation car to be from the ground up. As it did when it was launched in 2002, the all-new is poised to set a new standard in its class. It is refined, more …, premium with exquisite – and represents an evolution of Zoom-Zoom.

The Key Values of the Zoom-Zoom Evolution

Zoom-Zoom evolution is the concept the all- new Mazda6. Along enhanced environmental and safety the car has a more emphatic Mazda in its design, dynamic performance, and craftsmanship. Mazda adopted the key values to embody the development

Key Value One – Emotional and Sporty

An engaging styling and dynamic creates a sense of delight and – a Japanese word that strong emotional ties as those found between – when the owner looks at or the Mazda6. Its captivating, sporty connects with the driver It is also 65 mm longer, 15 mm wider, 5 mm with a 50 mm longer wheelbase and hatchback) for more room on the and one of the widest boot openings in the that makes the new Mazda6 a to use on a daily basis.

Key Value Two – Exclusive Experience

craftsmanship enhances the emotional between the customer and the car, to the delight of ownership. Exquisite and quality craftsmanship makes and passengers feel good. On the body gaps are greatly for a look of solid quality and on the higher quality materials are for a greatly improved premium

And of course the Mazda6 is supremely with space and features for confidence.

Key Value Three – Package

The balance of good and versatile packaging brings to daily driving. Superb between engaging, sporty and a comfortable space. Simple, to use, well-thought out driver and storage space.

This an evolution of Mazda’s Karakuri seat system for the hatchback and Besides delivering one- seat-drop function from a in the boot panel, the system now an all-new boot tonneau for the estate that automatically up when the rear liftgate is

Driving Dynamics

The development for the Mazda6’s dynamics was ”driving that creates oneness the car and driver. ” This was realized by an appealing, sporty performance plus handling and brake that respond accurately to the intentions. This was achieved by a of new features including a new, mounting system for the high- double wishbone front the use of electric power assisted for a more rigid steering with less transmission of from the road, lowering of the coefficient of drag (Cd) to (down from 0.30) for the and hatchback, and to Cd 0.28 (down 0.32) for the estate, and by reducing weight despite the new Mazda6’s dimensions. The solid sense of created by the confident, predictable is central to the Zoom-Zoom evolution embodied in new Mazda6.

Enhanced Line-Up

A new 2.5-litre petrol has been developed from the 2.3-litre unit. The MZR 2.5 has a bigger and a longer …, plus intake and exhaust ports together improve low and mid-range by 10 percent. Power is 170 PS.

Also are the existing 1.8 and 2.0-litre petrol and the MZR-CD 2.0 turbo diesel, over from the previous


Improving running, and stopping achieves stress- driving performance that the driver predictable control of the so every Mazda6 driver be in a safe frame of mind. Mazda’s state-of-the-art active systems – including large brakes, ABS, dynamic control (DSC), electronic control (TCS) and brake (standard in Europe) – and a passive package with Mazda’s and strong Triple-H body and six airbags (standard in Europe), are further features to help the avoid an accident or protect its if an accident is unavoidable. These Adaptive Front Lighting (AFS), parking sensor, an field of vision, Mazda’s active head restraints. brake and clutch pedals and pedestrian protection measures.

2. Premiere: All-New Mazda6

Brings Greater Satisfaction

Evolution” – this expression the commitment by every development member to show the world a evolved Zoom-Zoom from the generation Mazda6.

With expression we delivered an all-new which fully embodies the of Mazda’s product development

While deepening the kizuna or connection” with the development I came to appreciate this with the Mazda6 itself. implies strong emotional I firmly believe that with the enhanced new technology and of high levels of performance, it is as important to realize a strong between the car and the driver coming the sense of reliance, comfort and with the car.

I would to present a kizuna experience the all-new Mazda6. I believe car can continue to lead the CD segment an experience that only can provide.

Ryuichi Umeshita

New Programme Manager


• More refined, more more premium with quality

• Designed to make the feel at one with the car with intuitive responses and new levels of and ride

• New 2.5-litre petrol delivers exceptional response generous torque

Mazda signalled its rebirth in 2002 with the first a sleek, stylish and highly car, which embodied the Zoom-Zoom spirit of driving Since then, it has been one of Motor Europe’s best-selling with a total of over units registered (through May

More than a quarter of all have found owners in during this period, at under 120,000 units, by the UK with around 72,700 Russia with about units and Italy with 27,700 units. With 38 percent share each, the and estate are Europe ’s most Mazda6 body styles approximately 38 percent of all Europeans the 2.0-litre diesel engine as Mazda6 choice.

Mazda6 has to be a pillar of reliability, and now, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, five and over 100 industry awards Mazda unveils a new, refined, more premium Set to become the new benchmark in its class, the new will be available in three types: sedan, hatchback and

The Three Key Values of the Zoom-Zoom Concept

Zoom-Zoom evolution is the behind the new Mazda6. Along enhanced environmental and safety the car has a more emphatic Mazda in its design, dynamic performance, and craftsmanship. Mazda adopted the key values to embody the development

Emotional and Sporty

• Captivating, styling connects with the emotionally

• The driving feel oneness between the car and driver


• Exquisite and high craftmannship makes drivers and feel good.

• The Mazda6 is comfortable, with space and for relaxed confi dence.


• Suberb balance engaging, sporty styling and a space.

• Simple, easy to well-thought out driver interfaces and space.

Key Value One: AND SPORTY

Engaging styling and performance creates a sense of and kizuna (strong emotional when the owner looks at or the new Mazda6.


Chief Youichi Sato describes the theme for the new Mazda6 as “Bold and The design is an evolved Zoom-Zoom which cleverly combines two contradicting ideas of strength and grace through an expression of aesthetics. While inheriting the design that was key to the signature look of the previous model, the new is yet a stronger statement of driving

Its designers also worked on a of playfulness and dignity to create a new of “cool,” aimed at moving the to the top of its class. Youichi Sato “it is vitally important that the new confidently embodies a Japanese identity. And it must still fresh in 10 years’ time.”

Exterior Styling Based on Aesthetics

The design theme and Exquisite” is embodied in the new Mazda6’s styling that is sure to heads. “Japanese aesthetics new Mazda6 its unique visual says Sato. “Rather being derived from sculpted forms, it stands from its rivals by straightforwardly the Japanese aesthetic sense to a new and advanced character.”

The exterior has a character, expressed by the interplay of flowing curves and prominent from the front end through the and through the taut curves lend richness and strength to the view. The door panels between the sharp top and bottom lines convey an expression of from simplicity. Then the exquisiteness of detail evident in the tsukurikomi (inbuilt quality).

these elements of beauty an advanced, emotion-pleasing character could only be found in a

As before, there are three styles: hatchback, sedan and The five-door hatchback symbolizes the new sporty and sophisticated nature a flowing, coupé-style silhouette and a six cabin design. The sedan down its three-box form its tautly- arched cabin and high tail, giving it a look clearly related to of the hatchback.

The estate version three-dimensional curves that volume and tension to the side and view to achieve a level of design, rare in an estate.

Design – Driving Enjoyment, Feeling, High Quality

The and sophisticated interior design expresses the “Bold and Exquisite” theme. For the sporty aspect, the created a snug, cockpit-like environment with a relaxed position, clear instruments and controls to support it. The design of the and door trim builds an contrast between gracefulness and and mechanical dignity to yield a where the driver and passengers in pleasure, comfort and calmness, by the way the facia top curves away the occupants and seems to float the structure beneath.

Richly curved surfaces depth by casting controlled to convey a sense of dignity and quality feel. New textured sophisticated materials and controlled add to the air of craftsmanship, along with the accuracy with which the fit together.

Driving Dynamics

The theme for the Mazda6’s dynamics was performance that creates between the car and driver. ” This was by driving dynamics, steering, and brake performance that accurately to the driver’s intentions. the further enhanced high- ride and quietness provide a of security in accordance with the of oneness between the car and the driver. solid sense of security by the confident, predictable handling is to the Zoom-Zoom evolution concept in the new Mazda6.

Enhanced Engine

A new 2.5-litre petrol engine has developed from the previous unit. The MZR 2.5 has a bigger bore and a …, plus freer-flowing and exhaust ports which improve torque in the frequently range by approximately 10 percent. assures a more linear feel, nimbler driving and precise response.

Power is 170 PS. available are the enhanced 1.8 and 2.0-litre engines and the MZR-CD 2.0 turbo carried over from the Mazda6.

Advanced Six-Speed Transmission

The six-speed manual offers an especially precise operation with built-in stops for the extremes of the gear movements. Also, with the weight, a light and smooth feel was pursued. The synchronisers 5th and 6th gears are enlarged to lower the force required during driving by 15 percent compared to the version.

Responsive, Confidence-Inspiring System

Whether driving in the or on the motorway, the suspension system a responsive and reassuring drive. The mounted double-wishbone front is mounted on a subframe now attached to the at six points instead of four. for a refined steering stability. dramatically reduces road and improves ride comfort it allows the use of more compliant bushes.

In the multi-link rear the front pivot of the trailing is now placed higher to reduce under braking, and the dampers are more upright to improve the acting on them and thus responsiveness. These modifications both handling stability and comfort.

Electric Power for Sportiness and Enhanced Environmental

In order to achieve optimal assist at various speeds, as comfortable handling at low speed and and rigid handling at high the former hydraulic power is replaced with an electric Also, to give a more steering feel. special was paid to reduce the inertia Similar to the Mazda RX-8 the is mounted on the steering rack and has evolved with a brushless

Also, the fuel economy is by approximately two percent compared to the hydraulic power steering.

Progressive, Responsive Brake

The new Mazda6 is fitted with front brake discs and a master cylinder to enhance the level, and brake feel is by various brake tuning The result is a brake system a very rigid and linear controllable brake performance conforms to the driver’s intentions. The distance from 100 km/h is 39 m on dry among the best in the segment in-house measurement)

Lightweight with Greater Rigidity

achieving high body Mazda engineers worked on weight to further improve performance and fuel economy. at key points and the widespread use of high-tensile and high-tensile steel brought increase in torsional stiffness. up by 30 for the hatchback, 25 percent for the estate and 14 for the sedan.

Despite this, the shell’s weight is greatly to class leading levels due to the percentage by weight of high-tensile and steel sheet and an optimal created by using CAE technology.

Aerodynamics Among the Segment‘s

Attractive styling and aerodynamic go hand-in- hand with the From the early stages of Mazda engineers utilized testing to the fullest in order to their initial designs, and carefully fine-tuned them prototypes and the wind tunnel. In the they achieved a remarkable coefficient (Cd) of 0.27 for the and sedan versions and 0.28 for the

New horseshoe-shaped air deflectors ahead of the wheels ensure adequate cooling despite the low Cd. Fore-and-aft balance is also optimised, the car stable and firmly grounded at speed.


Exquisite craftsmanship the emotional connection between the and the car, adding to the delight of

Customers will form a bond with the new Mazda6 for reasons. These include a sense of quality, ride and quietness, as well as top-level and safety performance. Adding to is the refined, high- quality that is part of the craftsman’s of hospitality, creating a comfortable and equipment levels which driver confidence.

Delight of Through Detailed Craftsmanship

(inbuilt quality)” is one of the three of Mazda’s distinctive craftsmanship. In with this, the feeling of is greatly enhanced for all textures and the are upholstered with optional for some grades) high-grade

The second, “functional beauty” for Mazda craftsmanship is served by measures as optimizing the driving by setting the steering wheel at 21 degrees, a more upright than on the previous model, to the driver greater comfort and a sense of unity with the

And to promote the third pillar, delight,” an advanced welcome turns on the panel lights in of precedence, from lower to suggesting to the driver that the car is up and getting ready to go. A heartbeat around the centre display is an example of the interface between the car and the along with Action in which the selected switch up when activated and then down.

New Technology Keeps the in Touch

Mazda’s new CF-Net functional network) features a of switches on the steering wheel. provide integrated control of audio, air conditioning, driving and other systems through smooth operation and a centralised at the top of the instrument panel to minimise of the driver’s line of sight.

The and passenger benefit from air temperature controls. and the optional depending on grade) advanced entry system includes an start-stop button on top of the instrument An eight- speaker BOSE® sound system. and a Bluetooth® mobile-phone interface. are optional depending on grade).

Quiet Yet Engine Note, Dramatically Road Noise

Another experience” development target was quietness. While reducing the noise of the engine, the engineers emphasised certain frequencies to a sporty engine note on the backdrop. The new 2.5-litre engine a dual-mass damper and a flexible and also focused on weight of pistons and connecting rods.

this, it was possible to reduce noise as well, achieving of the lowest vibration level in the class.

To reduce road while promoting handling engineers reinforced body to suppress vibration transmitted the road to the car body as well as radiated from panels. results in some of the lowest noise measurements in the class on all surfaces whether smooth or The diesel models destined for have also undergone work on NVH (noise, vibration and resulting in reduced knock and engine noises to achieve low noise levels.


The balance of design and versatile packaging delight to daily driving

and Practical

The new Mazda6 inherits all the of the previous model’s packaging, raising practicality to a new level creatively-designed equipment unique to Various innovations blend emotion-pleasing styling with a interior and practical luggage

Sporty Proportions Wrap a Interior

Mazda’s designers to achieve a cabin with proportions, while making the roomier than in the previous The line from front to roof remains smooth but the section is shifted rearward to any feeling of oppressiveness that occupants might feel. The is slightly wider so keeping the spacing between the driver and seats as before, creates shoulder room.

Knee room for the rear is increased by 13 mm for a spacious rear These modifications add up to a sporty-looking that belies the generous within.

Driving Position For Comfortable Control

Besides a more upright steering the gear lever is moved towards the driver compared the previous model. The driver’s armrest has an adjustable front-back mechanism. which allows to rest their elbow while changing gears.

Tonneau Cover and a Large Compartment

By researching the actual of the luggage space, the area frequently used by customers class- leading width for the new The rear seatbacks fold with a simple, single (Mazda’s acclaimed Karakuri seat fold system) up a flat luggage floor. The estate‘s tonneau cover automatically upwards as the tailgate is opened. the need to handle the cover time cargo is loaded or

Exceptional Safety and Enfironmental

Exceptional Safety

Improving turning and stopping achieves driving performance that the driver predictable control of the so every Mazda6 driver remain in a safe frame of Besides Mazda’s state-of-the-art safety systems – including disc brakes, ABS, electronic traction control and assist (standard in Europe) – and a safety package with stiff and strong Triple- H shell and six airbags (standard in there are further features to the Mazda6 avoid an accident or its occupants if an accident is unavoidable. include:

• Adaptive Front System (AFS) . auxiliary shine across a corner as the car is thus illuminating the actual of travel.

• Parking Sensor . ultrasonic sensors in total, in the front and four in the rear sense the distance to obstacles the corners of the car and deliver a series of beeps to help the driver.

• field of vision . the expansive gives the driver an unobstructed of high traffic signals, optimising the shape of the rear and the use of flatter rear headrests a clearer rear view to parking manoeuvres.

• High-rigidity Advanced Impact energy and Absorption System body . exceptional crash-safety performance by front members to the perimeter for improved crash energy efficiency, by greatly reinforcing the and through the use of larger cross-section and rear side members in steel.

• Mazda’s first headrest . in a rear-end collision, the seat headrest is instantaneously forward, immediately supporting the of the occupant while lightening the of the impact.

• Crushable brake and pedals . the pedals are prevented moving rearward into the in a frontal collision, reducing to the driver’s legs.


In addition to the aerodynamics enhancement and of rolling resistance, other such as the electric power and LED stop lamp contribute to the efficiency. Also, though larger than its predecessor, by thorough weight reduction vehicle weight reduction of up to 35 has been achieved, depending on and model.

In addition to the overall weight reduction, by fine- the engine control aspects, the petrol engine’s fuel and CO 2 level has been improved by 11 percent. while the new MZR 2.5-litre engine achieves over six better fuel economy and CO 2 than the current 2.3-litre it replaces. The new Mazda6 engine has the converter located immediately of the exhaust manifold to assure a performance feel while exhaust gas purification.

The 2.0-litre engine has also been With its common-rail fuel system, optimisation of EGR volume, pilot combustion and other the engine achieves a cleaner with lower particulate and minimal NOx.

As well as fun to drive and delightful to travel in, the must excel in safety and measures to deliver maximum with its customers. Mazda up its responsibilities here as “Sustainable embodied in the new Mazda6. This is an effort in the evolution of Zoom-Zoom.


The new Mazda6 be launched in Europe in November year.

North America

will be a dedicated new Mazda6 for the American market, designed and specifically for North America. information will be provided Summer 2008, closer to the of the North American model.

at a Glance

• Second of the new-generation representing an evolution of Zoom-Zoom the all-new Mazda2

• 3 body sedan, hatchback and estate

• 65 mm 15 mm wider, 5 mm taller, with a 50 mm wheelbase (sedan and hatchback) the first-generation Mazda6

• Exquisite body gaps greatly and higher quality materials for a greatly improved premium

• Mazda’s Karakuri rear system (hatchback and estate): seat-drop function from a in the boot panel and an all-new tonneau cover for the estate automatically moves up when the liftgate is opened

• Sporty feel enhanced by new six- mounting system for the high-mount wishbone front suspension and power assisted steering

• coefficient of drag (Cd) to 0.27 (down from for the sedan and hatchback, and to Cd 0.28 from 0.32) for the estate

• New petrol engine (170 Also available are 1.8 and 2.0-litre engines and the MZR-CD 2.0 turbodiesel PS)

• 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre petrol fuel efficiency and CO 2 levels by approximately 10 percent

• Active large disc brakes, DSC, electronic traction and brake assist (standard in )

• Stopping distance from 100 is 39 m on dry ground among the best in the (Mazda in-house measurement)

• safety: Mazda’s stiff and Triple-H body shell and up to six (depending on market)

• New safety includes Adaptive Front System (AFS), parking an extensive field of vision, first active headrest, brake and clutch pedals and pedestrian protection measures

• (Cross Functional Network): of switches on the steering wheel provide integrated control of audio, air conditioning, driving and other systems. Centralised at the top of the instrument panel to minimise of the driver’s line of sight

• air temperature controls, and optional depending on grade) advanced entry system with start-stop button

• A BOSE® sound system with speakers and a Bluetooth® hands-free interface, are optional (standard on grade)

• Driver’s seat with adjustable front-back mechanism

All-New Mazda6 Specifications (for Europe )

type —- Sedan —Estate

Door —-4 —5

Seating capacity —5 —5

Overall without

license plate —mm —4,735 —4,735

*** with 17”/18”

—-1.8L MT MT —2.0L AT —2.5L MT —2.0L DE MT

—-5 MT —6 MT —5 AT MT —6 MT


Front —Double —Double —Double

—-Wishbone —Wishbone —Wishbone —Wishbone

Rear —-Multi-link —Multi-link —Multi-link —Multi-link


Front —-Ventilated —Ventilated —Ventilated —Ventilated

—discs —discs —discs

Rear —-Solid discs discs —Solid discs discs —Solid discs —-195/65R16 —195/65R16 —195/65R16 —195/65R16 —-205/60R16—205/60R16 —205/60R16 —205/60R16 —-215/50R17 —215/50R17 —-215/50R17 —-225/45R18 —225/45R18 —-225/45R18

Wheels —-16”Steel —16”Steel —16”Steel —16”Steel

—16”Alloy —16”Alloy —18”Alloy

—-17”Alloy —17”Alloy —17”Alloy

—-18”Alloy —18”Alloy —18”Alloy

Hatchback —-198 —212 —220 —201

Estate —208 —198 —217

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