Comparative motor bikes Suzuki GSR 750 vs Honda CB600F Hornet, match 2…

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Suzuki VS 600

Comparative motor bikes Suzuki GSR 750 vs Honda CB600F Hornet, match 2: The hornet stings again!

What could be better than the arrival of the news Suzuki GSR 750 to evaluate the potential of the Honda cb600f Hornet coldly renewed? Can the roadster mid size Honda compete in performances with a Suzuki 750 GSR very right “exit of the mould”? And in are terms of approval, which the arguments of each one?

Which does she propose the best quality ratio/price/feelings…?

Honda CB600F Hornet vs Suzuki GSR 750: The comparative one

Years during, Honda Hornet 600 looked like reference, as well by its esthetics as by its explosive character. But the competitors were done more, right before the arrival of the first generation of Kawasaki Z 750 . insufflating a new dynamics thanks to its cubic capacity higher, suggested than a comparable tariff. Today, the 600 are supplanted by a wave of 675.750, even 800 Cm3 come from Japan, but also from old Europe.

Against winds and tides, Honda remains faithful to the 600 Cm3. Its Hornet did not cease gaining in quality over the years, to arrive at its paroxysm for 2011 with a re-examined esthetics all in smoothness. What remains approval of the last – and nevertheless more succeeded – sporting roadsters 600 Cm3 of the market face a Suzuki GSR 750 good born and already homogeneous? Let us see that without delaying…

Hornet imposes its completion

There does not need to turn 15 minutes around the pot to note the variation of perceived quality separating our two motor bikes. There is not photo, like one says: Honda Hornet offers materials of an irreproachable quality and a completion of another level that of Suzuki GSR 750. Small example randomly: on Honda, the hoses “are combed” by collars, then masked by a small plastic scoop, of which the colour Marie with wonder with the motor casings.

On the GSR, the collars are absent leaving apparent this electric tumble.

Even report for the elements of part cycles: to the rectangular arm oscillating out of steel, rather basic, of Suzuki, Honda a beautiful aluminum element opposes. Then, of agreement: a good amount of customers make fun of this kind of details, that really does not weigh in the balance at the time of the choice, but Honda CB600F Hornet is all the same more developing with the stop. Then, that it is on the road?

Suzuki GSR 750, the approval of the couple

Faithful to Honda philosophy, the Honda CB600F is a motor bike accessible to the greatest number. Its ergonomics does not pose any problem: that one measures 1.70 m or 1.85 m, one feels there at ease, without particular embarrassment. Base is lower than that the Suzuki GSR 750 and the support on the wrists less marked. Suzuki distils an environment a hair more sporting, with the feeling more “to return in the motor bike”. But let us be clear: both propose a natural position.

One rather quickly feels the profit of couple offered by the 150 additional Cm3 of the GSR, especially with very low mode. Downtown and under the rain, for example, one evolves of 2500 tr/min with 4500 tr/min, while rolling up on the couple.

Sometimes, one saves oneself to retrogress on this beach of mode by just using the couple to be extracted from the flood of circulation. Hornet, in spite of an engine among the most filled of the category of the 600 Cm3, cannot begin again also low with as much force. This report in dynamics was at the very least expected, but this couple in withdrawal results sometimes in the desire for starting again with the clutch or obliges quite simply with more playing of the box.

That falls well: the selection of Honda is excellent, much more precise and soft that of the Suzuki GSR 750, correct without more.

Hornet, always a ball of nerves

Suzuki had bluffed us by his catch in hand, worthy of one 600 Cm3: confrontation with Hornet is enough to check it. “Honestly”, these two motor bikes are rather obvious to take along. The orders fall naturally under the hand and one quickly takes a malicious pleasure to test the handiness of the two machines in urban cycle. Honda reveals some assets like a shorter turning radius there, but its new instrument panel is shown particularly not very readable whereas Suzuki informs in a wink of the committed report (absent on Hornet) or speed reached.

The first starting with a stop in open country: Hornet is not let any count and leaves in waterspout… Very quickly, one notices his nervousness, his speed to be gone up in the turns, his energy which is multiplied by ten with the rise of the needle of the account-turn. Even if it is filled than the first years – which were shown frankly hollow – then explosive, Hornet preserves still today a pretty character of 600 Cm3, with a very expressive lengthening-piece always. Admittedly, Suzuki GSR 750 rams the pawn side to him performances that it is in acceleration as in recoveries, but after his confrontation with Kawasaki Z 750, one did not expect Hornet with similar festival.

In a word, Honda does better than to fight. There is only in certain cases of figure which the GSR shows its mechanical supremacy: in the pins of a layout of hill climb, where it arises with more energy or at the time as of recoveries in the neighborhoods as of 5000 tr/min, or it more frankly starts again. That enables him to mark points in approval, because it is pile in a very current beach of mode.

Moreover, the GSR breathes with full box with air with each revival, and that adds to the feelings. But Honda did not say its last word.

The brakes, it is for the cowards!

Indeed, Hornet, over the years and of the evolutions, repurchased a control. Rather nervous during its launching, with its wheel before 16 inches, it became more homogeneous with the introduction of the reversed fork, then the total recasting of the model in 2007. Today, she really enjoys the one of the best parts cycles roadster, all rolled confused.

On motorway, its directional stability is impeccable, on road, its agility remarkable. It is one of the roadsters among most precise when it is a question of changing angle. With Hornet, one always places his tire before or one wants: it is enough to pose its glance and the motor bike follows.

Suzuki VS 600
Suzuki VS 600

They are nevertheless in top form to roll to the instinct on district distributors.

The Suzuki GSR 750 also very well. Always very healthy, precise of nose gear when one seeks to raise the rhythm, it less better digests however the mass transfers than Honda, plunges hardly less quickly to the cord (still that…), but especially slows down less better. Of agreement, our Hornet of loan was a version C-ABS.

This system proves once again its approval and its performance. The decelerations are always powerful and sure. ABS makes profitable the work of the pneumatic tires to start tardily (even in the back, whereas it is not the case on a good amount of roadsters midranges equipped with the anti-locking option). Honda proves here its experiment as regards braking and Hornet collects the fruits of them.

If you choose standard Hornet, safety will be in on this side, but the power and proportioning will be always with go.

The GSR slows down sufficiently well to feel safe, but proportioning is less good, with a less gradual power. It is damage without being dramatic for as much. Concerning the suspensions, Hornet informs with more precision of the state of the roadway.

Attention however: since 2009, Honda strengthened Hornet, while bringing additional adjustments of suspensions to him. It is true that one reaches one then crowned compromised between comfort and firmness necessary for a sporting use, but one would not have too much to make some because certain streets paved appear more comfortable on board Suzuki GSR. On long course, the fondant sufficient of the saddles cannot decide between them… but it is 10 times better than on Kawasaki Z750 !

Assessment: Always in the blow, Hornet

Certain beginners, the driving license out of pocket for a few months only, have continued their training on roadsters of rolled average, which present already a weight ratio/power mussing. One could not advise prudence too much to them, so much Hornet and the GSR can “climb with the trees”. Indeed, the variation of 150 Cm3 does not mean however that Honda is a motor bike of beginner and Suzuki a machine for the most confirmed.

Both are almost also easy to take over.

In terms of performances engine, the Suzuki GSR 750 is essential, almost logically. Hornet 600 still presents the hollow to low modes clean with its cubic capacity, but it has many strong points: a quality of manufacturing and presentation without fault – or almost – a good driving approval and performances in the blow and a part cycles with the top of any suspicion… Taking into account its tariff placed (6 490 € in standard version, 7,090 € with ABS), it can only carry it in our table of notes. Sold 7,799 €, Suzuki GSR 750 inclines itself on some points, but those which want more than one 600 Cm3 to roll the every day or to have fun in strolls will undoubtedly be shown sensitive to its homogeneity…

Honda CB600F Hornet

Suzuki GSR 750

Suzuki VS 600
Suzuki VS 600

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