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Suzuki C 800

Maruti Suzuki Cars in

Maruti Suzuki Company is a of Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan. The Maruti Suzuki India has been dominating the car for over two and a half decades. Maruti Suzuki Company has two units located in Gurgaon and South of New Delhi, India.

annual capacity of both the units of the company is over 1.2 (1,200,000). The Maruti Suzuki in India offers a wide of cars available in different

The company is planning to expand its capacity from 1.2 million to million by 2013. The Maruti company profile offers 15 and over 150 variants. During the year of 2009-2010, Maruti Company in India became the car manufacturer and seller by rolling out car in that year.

The employee of this company is over employees (March 2011). In the 2010-2011, Maruti Suzuki in India sold over million vehicles including 1, units of exports. With achievement, by the end of March 2011, the owned a share of 44.9 per in the Indian car market.

Maruti Company in India is listed Bombay Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange.

The Maruti Company in India offers a range of car models, each is designed according to the segment it belongs to. The various car models are 800, People Movers, and Eeco, International Brands Alto-K10, A-star, WagonR, Ritz and Estilo, Off-Roader SUV Grand Vitara, Sedans Swift DZire and Kizashi.

In 2010, Maruti Suzuki an initiative to produce environmental cars and hence introduced fitted CNG option in five of its in the vehicle segments. These Eeco, Alto, Estilo, R and Sx4. To compete with the of low budget cars, the Maruti Company in India is proposing to a car, which will the needs of the middle class

The Maruti Suzuki Company has its business in more than 120 Few of the main markets include America, Africa, South Asia and Oceana. In the year the company achieved its highest target at 147,575 units, due to a growth rate of 111 per cent

Maruti Suzuki History

in the month of February in the year Maruti Udyog Limited its manufacturing operations in 1983. a through market research, the car rolled out on 14 th December 1983. car was launched under the flagship of Udyog Limited which was renamed Maruti Suzuki Limited. The headquarters of the company is in New Delhi.

The Indian Government initially 18.28 per cent of the Maruti Company and 54.2 per cent was by Suzuki of Japan. In the month of in year 2003, the BJP led government a public issue of 25 per cent of the Udyog Limited . On 10 May 2007, the of India sold the complete of Maruti Udyog Limited to Corporations. By doing this, the of India no longer has a stake in Udyog Limited.

Suzuki its business operations in the year as Suzuki Loom Works. in the year 1920 it was renamed as Motor Corporation. The Headquarter of Motor Corporation is located at in Japan. Suzuki has expanded its across various locations in continents.

The ‘power free’ bikes of Suzuki earned a response from the customers the World War II. Due to the success of Suzuki’s motorised bike, it launched a motorcycle ‘Colleda’. After the two successes, the company launched its lightweight car ‘Suzulight’ that the start of Japan’s revolution of the industry.

Today, Suzuki is in offering a wide assortment of automobiles, outboard motors and products such as generators and wheelchairs.

Maruti Suzuki

Michio Suzuki was the founder of Loom Works, which was Suzuki Motor Corporation in the 1920. Suzuki Loom was situated in a small seacoast of Hamamatsu, 120 miles from Japan. Michio Suzuki as a carpenter and at the age of 22, he designed a pedal-driven loom.

Michio Suzuki the first cyclemotor in the year which was fitted with piston-ported two-… engines. The of the motorcycles soon dominated the of the company and earned a great

Sanjay Gandhi founded in the month of February in the year but it started its manufacturing operations in Sanjay Gandhi was an Indian and the younger son of Prime Minister Gandhi. He was expected to succeed his Indira Gandhi, as the head of National Congress. However, due to his … in a plane crash, his Rajiv Gandhi took

Sanjay Gandhi never college but worked as an apprentice in Royce, England. He was very in cars, in particular sports car and had a pilot’s license.

Maruti Company in India

Maruti company in India is a subsidiary of Motor Corporation. Being the in manufacturing passenger cars and vehicles in India, the company is for acquiring nearly 50 per cent of the industry sales. During the 2009-2010, the Maruti Suzuki in India sold over vehicles. This comprises of vehicles in the domestic market and vehicles in the foreign markets.

In total, the Maruti Suzuki in India produced and sold eight million cars. In the 2009-2010, the company had an income of 198 million. The Maruti Suzuki information states that the has a financially enriched balance with surplus and reserves of Rs. billion and the debt equity of 0.07 as on 31st March,

Maruti Suzuki Company is a firm, which is listed on the Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange

Maruti Suzuki company in has two producing unit based at and Manesar, south of New Delhi, The combined production capacity of the units is somewhere around one cars per annum. In the year the company acquired 700 acres of in Rohtak, Haryana, India for up an excellent test course for and development.

The Maruti Suzuki Profile ensures complete satisfaction with ‘one-stop-shop’ providing different services as Automobile Finance, Automobile Maruti Genuine Parts and Extended Warranty and Maruti pre-owned cars. Maruti Company in India has established 358 car outlets in 210 cities.

Maruti Manufacturing Facilities

Maruti company in India began its in the year 1983 with the of Maruti 800. With the of Maruti 800, Maruti Company brought about a in the Indian car market. Even one in every two cars is a product of . Maruti Suzuki Company in has moved to a much larger and manufacturing capacity from it initially started. The company has two units in Gurgaon and Manesar, of New Delhi, India.

Manufacturing of Maruti Suzuki Company in is capable of manufacturing one million over a period of one year. units of Maruti Suzuki are evidence of quality, manufacturing and efficiency. The Production System is by its parent company Suzuki corporation’s concept of ‘Lean

Maruti Suzuki company in has excelled in manufacturing new products for customer delights. The four important pillars of the company are Quality, Safety and Productivity ensure manufacturing excellence.

The unit of Maruti Suzuki which is located in Gurgaon, is with three units, a manufacturing capacity of 9.5 lac units per As per the report given by the chairman of Suzuki company, RC Bhargava, are planning to reduce some in the Gurgaon unit. Since the is very old and congested, the output is to cut down to 6 from 6.5 lac units per

In 2010-2011, the Maruti Suzuki ‘s Gurgaon unit around 9.5 lac units that has a total installed capacity of 8.5 lac units. The Gurgaon unit is across 300 acres of land and the car developed here are Swift, Omni, WagonR, Ritz, Eeco and Gypsy. Maruti company is planning to manufacture at its Gurgaon plant.

The excess of the vehicles will be shifted to from Gurgaon. This of Maruti Suzuki Company was in the month of February in the year Maruti Suzuki Company is to develop two new upcoming plants in which will have a production capacity of 2.5 lac units per

The existing capacity of production in plant rolled out about 3.5 lac in the year 2010-2011. Maruti Company will be opening its unit this year, in September- October and the third will start functioning in

Vehicles Models

Maruti company in India recently some new models. These are Kizashi 2011, SX4 diesel WagonR K series 2010 and K10 2010. Maruti Suzuki 2011 is offered in two variants MT and Both the variants are available in Aero and Sport Suspension, and FWD for pickup and easy pull of the

Kizashi MT consist of a 393cc 4-valves DOHC Petrol The power of the engine is178PSat and a maximum torque of 2 30Nmat This car comes with a 6 manual transmission. The other of this car is Kizashi CVT which consists of a2393cc 4-cylinder DOHC Petrol engine.

engine also executes a of 178PS at 6500rpm and a torque of at 4000rpm. However, Kizashi CVT an automatic transmission with a shift.

Earlier this the company in India launched a version of SX4. This car is in three variants namely SX4 ZDi, SX4 ZDi (with leather and SX4 ZDi. Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZDI consists of 1248cc, DdiS engine, which executes torque of 200 Nm at 1750 rpm and a power of 90 bhp at rpm.

This car is considered fuel-efficient as it provides a mileage of kilometres per litre.

Maruti company in India launched its new of Wagon R series in the year This model of Maruti also comes with variants namely VXi, LXi and LX. All variants are equipped with a three-cylinder K-series engine.

The engine of Wagon R K series can the power of 68 PS at 6200 rpm. It can a maximum torque of 90 Nm at 3900 K series engine of Wagon R an average of 19 km per liter.

The most feature about this car is its arrangement that enables the to accommodate two to three passengers at the end.

Alto K10 was launched in the in the year 2010. Alto K10 has two LXi and Vxi and is offered with the K10 B engine produces 68 bhp at 6200 rpm and a maximum of 90Nm at 3500 rpm. Due to the power of the engine, it is able to the speed of 100 km within 13.3

This engine provides a of 20.2 km per liter. This new has more space than the Alto 800. It has improved backside designs, tachometer, boot and fuel lid controller.

Suzuki company in India some of its car models such as 1000 (1990-1994), Maruti Zen Maruti Esteem (1994-2008), Baleno (1999-2007). Further, Zen Estilo (2006-2009), Maruti (2001-2010), Maruti Grand XL7 (2003-2007 ) were also . Some of these variants been re-launched after a research and studying the demands of the

In the current year, the company to launch two new variants of the existing car A new model Swift has already launched in the month of August year. This variant was in the European market and the production has in their Hungarian plant.

The new is somewhat wider and longer the previous one and it gets some design characteristics of Suzuki However, the other model Dzire will probably be in the early months of 2012. of the new variant will be the same but the and the width of the car has increased.

MAruti Sales and Service Network

The Suzuki company in India has a sales network of approximately 802 in 555 cities and towns. Maruti Company provides service to its customers at 2740 workshops in 1335 cities and towns. The focus of the company is to expand its and service network across the nation.

The Maruti Suzuki had 933 sales outlets as on 31 March and the number increased to 968 on 30 June which records the increase of 35 across the country. Maruti Company covered 666 cities its sales network in March, increased to 697 cities in June an increase of 31 cities. The Maruti Company also recorded an of 60 service stations from to 3006 in June 2011.

Cities covered by Service of Maruti Suzuki Company 1395 in March 2011 and to 1409 in June 2011. marks an increase of 14 cities the service network of the company. The Suzuki Company has also successfully running 164 Driving in March 2011, which to 172 schools in June 2011.

Suzuki Sales Performance

Suzuki company in India a total of 75,300 vehicles in the of July in 2011. This includes a sum of 8796 units of However in July 2010, the Suzuki company had sold a sum of 1, vehicles, which proved to be a feat for the company. Due to the following of the Maruti Suzuki Company . the sales of the company suffered:

process for Swift Dzire was from Manesar to Gurgaon. Due to planned changes, the production of the was temporarily affected. Therefore, the units were 5,471, than the production in the month of in 2010.

The production of old Swift was in the month of July in the year New model of swift was launched on the 17 th of 2011. While the Maruti company dispatched 11,828 in July 2010, the delivery in the of July 2011 was only 348

With these two planned of the Maruti Suzuki company, the in the month of July in the year dropped by around 17000 as compared to July 2010.

Suzuki Used Car Market

The Suzuki Company in India has its family by opening an official car store ‘True Value’. It with the resale of used ensuring that these are available for customers who require cars. Maruti True is the nations’ largest certified of used car network. True has 358 outlets in 210 cities and is still

The Maruti True Value all car related services under one through professionally trained It has a transparent and fair evaluation that helps in determining the of each used car accordingly. Value offers its customers of payment in either cash or The customer also has the option of the used car with either a Value used car or a brand new model.

The cars purchased from stores come with a warranty and three free

Maruti Suzuki Future

The Maruti Suzuki Company reports that it is planning to its manufacturing capacity to 1.75 from 1.2 million by the year The chairman of the Maruti Suzuki RC Bhargava stated that the in the Gurgaon plant is to be reduced the plant is very old and congested. output will be reduced to 6 lac from 6.5 lac units per annum.

Two new units will be developed in plant and will have a manufacturing capacity of 2.5 lac units per The second unit in the Manesar will be opened by September-October, of year. However, the third will start functioning 2012-2013.

The Maruti Suzuki in India will be offering two new in the Indian Car Market between and 2013. A new model of Maruti Swift was launched in August On the other hand, Maruti Swift Dzire will be in the earlier part of 2012.

The Suzuki Swift was initially in the European market and the production of variant has begun in their plant. New variant of Swift is wider and longer than the model. Besides, Maruti Swift Dzire has the same configuration but the length and width of the car has

Maruti Suzuki Triva

The Suzuki Company has changed its according to the positioning of the product and the has also changed. In the earlier the names of the two companies were on top of other. However, the new logo the names of the two companies side by The font used is the same; but the have become brighter more life to the logo.

The of the earlier version read On Us’ but has now been changed to Of Life’ in the new logo. New logo of the seems to be more attractive the previous one. In the year Maruti Suzuki Company India’s first affordable car 800 , which was a 796cc hatchback.

Suzuki C 800
Suzuki C 800
Suzuki C 800
Suzuki C 800
Suzuki C 800
Suzuki C 800


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