Motorcycle Repair: Suzuki Intruder VL1500 Starting Problem, vl1500, automatic…

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Suzuki VL 1500

Motorcycle Repair / Suzuki VL1500 Starting Problem

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jim d wrote at 21:00:47

not an answer but i ride 5 others, all of us owning a VL1500 and all of us the same problems, will not all the time when hot.

wrote at 2006-10-10 18:52:00

I own a VL 1500. The problem you all describe has to do the automatic decompression levers out of adjustment. this is a scheduled for these models.

I have had done recently and has cured it for the part. Still will do it but have not been left I found that cycling the key on and off 3 to 4 will usually allow you to up.

This has nothing to do with a battery or starter.

newly at 2007-10-22 12:17:43

decomp needs checking

Big Ed wrote at 11:59:58

When you hit the start it also actuates a decompression that moves a single connected to both cylinders. happens is the cable gets and doesn’t allow some of the to bleed off, overloading the You’ll have to take the off the bike to get access.

Then take the slack out of the cable to the and check it by hitting the start and make sure the valve to full closed when

Cosmic_Driftwood wrote at 2009-05-22

The VL1500 has compression relief on each cylinder. These two are connected via a cable which is to an electric solenoid. When you the starter this solenoid is which actuates the cable and both of the compression relief so that the little starter can crank this large engine.

Over a period of the cable that connects the two valves together stretches out enough so that the valve on the cylinder does not open so the engine will not crank if the happens to have been off just as the rear cylinder was on the ….

To verify that is your problem do this the time this problem up: With the transmission in gear, and you in the switch key off, and the clutch get the bike moving backwards and disengage the clutch. The intent is to get the crankshaft to turn and get the rear out of its compression …. It may take a of attempts.

Don’t try this if standing on gravel — it be embarrassing.

If this works it’s a good bet that you a slack cable problem. not hard to fix and it involves taking the out of the cables so that when the armature starts its upward that the connecting cables moving both decompression at the same time. Just be to not end up with compression relief that do not fully close.

It cost me a perfectly good and a lot of looking on the Internet to figure one out. My local Suzuki didn’t have a clue.

wrote at 2009-11-23 22:12:43

shopping for a new starter and battery and the adjustment of the compression release The big Suzuki has a tiny starter so they offset that by valves that bleed off when the bike starts. The is under the covers between the

It’s a common over when the bike cranks

Bob wrote at 2010-04-30 14:57:06

I the same same problem my 2000 1500 intruder. that happens I find if I put it in gear and rock the bike it to empty the cylinders and the bike starts right up.Its a little embarrassing.

Tom wrote at 14:14:25

I had same problem,and was to try adjusting the compression cable.was not hard to do.starts every now.

Joeshere wrote at 21:15:16

I have had this problem on and off for 2 I had the bike to the dealer twice and don’t think it is the decompression They think that the isn’t putting out as higher are up during riding. It was an outrageous of money for them to replace the so I am looking for other ideas

I had the decompression cables adjusted and I the battery three times and have trouble. I think I check the valves again and the battery to the starter clean and all of the connectors in the loop. Any other please write in!

Scooby at 2011-03-20 23:27:11

My is when I a key on I hear the sound like on the left side of gas tank so I try to but not crank at all. I think the is fuel pump but I am not really any one know some thing that problem please me some idea. spend too on that bike still not me a crank. Thanks

Suzuki VL 1500
Suzuki VL 1500

Joeshere at 2011-03-22 17:41:20

The noise the key is turned on is the fuel pump is make noise. Mine is a 98 and has that ever since day The failure to start on my bike was after rocking in gear.

I guess I need to try and adjust valves again. Suzuki have put a metal lever solid item in instead of the it is too unpredictable. When the bike start you do think the battery is but after the rocking it cranked a new battery multiple time again.

I hope not to get stranded any time soon.

Mark wrote at 2011-05-25 02:27:58

I a 2007 1500 C90T ,it is locking after engine is up. I will Adjust the cable’s my seance all my Local Suzuki don’t want to fool it seance I did not buy it from them dealer told me to take it to Cold water Mi ,where I it 500 miles away. sad when a Dealership won;t cover a Warranty ,Mark Roach French lick Indiana

wrote at 2011-05-31 19:48:47

I the jumper wire fix from the wire from the rectifier/regulator and it like it corrected the starting Taking a wire and splicing it the black/white wire of the regulator and to a frame ground is all it took. I the bolt holding the seat the regulator.

My voltage at idle is 13V and in higher RPM’s around to 14V. Before the jumper it under 13V to around 12.6 and was the battery. It has been around a and the bike has started every

Joeshere wrote at 2011-05-31

Testing the stator and regulator are key to be all is well with the charging I could not see replacing it with out a testing. The stator has a 3 connector behind the regulator cover can be tested with a regular between all 3 prongs you should .1 to 1 ohm across all ways you can place the

You can start the bike and at idle I 25 to 30V AC as I increased the RPM I had it up to around 85VAC and should be between any combination of the 3 This told me the stator was (The dealer wanted to it for over $350.00)Unplugging the rectifier are 5 pins to test on that 3 on one side 2 on the other.

If your has a diode setting you from one of the 2 on one side of the plug to all 3 on the other you an equal reading same the other pion on the side only 2 pins. If all are equal the is probably OK. (I also filed all of the on the battery to bare metal and the ground wire at the starter and to bare metal to be sure all were good.) If you have the manual all of these tests are in it. (I also did not cut the black/white wire on the just skinned off about an of the insulation and soldered the jumper to it to not have a cut / splice in the system.) The from the regulator to ground fix charging which results in problems.

CDK6710 wrote at 2011-08-10

It’s the decompression sylinoid did the same thing replaced the problem solved

Wvdave at 2011-08-18 16:38:26

I have a Intruder 1500. I replaced a and then my mechanic adjusted the and it seemed to fix. He suggested the motor just before off for gas, etc to help clean out to help start it.

Suzuki VL 1500


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