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Suzuki Colleda CO


1980 Sportster Specs

Harley-Davidson, a Milwaukee-based has been producing its Sportster of motorcycles continuously since giving it the honor of being the continuously-produced vehicle in the United When it was first introduced, it was as a modern power plant, an engine that displaced 55 inches and had a compression ratio of 7.5 to Consumers purchased 1,983 in 1957.

In 1980, the manufacturer 14,767 Sportsters.

1977 650 Specs

Yamaha produced the from 1968 to 1985. The was a classic motorcycle. It featured an with piston displacement of

The 1977 Yamaha XS 650 went 0 to 100 kph in 6.1 seconds and accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8

Honda produced the XR 500 between and 1985. The bike is a single-cylinder, off-road motorbike. As its name it belongs to the class of 500 cc motorcycles, a piston displacement of 498.00 cc, or cubic inches.

The bike can a speed of up to 140 km/h, or 87 mph.

K1200 RS was initially developed in to remedy the faults of an earlier-model BMW the K-bike, which was good for but was slow and heavy. These were rectified with the RS, eliminated the K-bike’s buzzing introduced BMW’s first transmission and boasts drastically horsepower over that by the K-bike. The K1200 RS retains, the K-bike’s aptitude for touring.

and belt drive systems a motorcycle’s wheels to its engine. do have their efficiencies and and the ultimate decision as to which one is is based on the user and his individual

Suzuki introduced the sports Katana 600 at the 1987 Paris Show. Outside of North the Katana 600 was known at the GSX600F. The model year Katana 600 a sleek design and was known for its and comfort.

From 1990 1997 the Suzuki sold 40,000 units of the Katana 600 in the alone, making it one of the top three sport tourers for that period.

A semi-automatic transmission bike is a good halfway between a fully automatic and a fully manual transmission. You get the from shifting gears but you don’t have to worry the timing and other advanced that you need to drive a bike with a clutch. bikes are different from in that the shifting is done by not by hand.

If you can get your head this, you should be able to shift within a day of practice.

ruins that beauty of gleaming motorcycle like rust stains on your Not only is rust hard on the but it’s also hard on any with which it comes contact. Remove rust as as possible, so it doesn’t spread and permanent damage.

Before you run out to those toxic and expensive rust removers, try using a cleaning solution. This removal method is safe and

Husqvarna is a Swedish company has been making motorcycles 1903. In 2007 BMW bought from MV Agusta. Husqvarna the supermoto SM450 in 2003.

For the model year, Husqvarna a number of changes to the SM450, it lighter and easier to handle by redesigning the frame.

Although BMW producing motorcycle engines for companies as early as 1921, BMW manufacture its own bikes until still, that’s an impressively history. BMW’s motorcycles are by Motorrad, a separate division of The 2001 BMW R1200 RT is in the touring it’s meant for long-distance and comfortably seats two riders.

a motorcycle or repairing one often for installing the exhaust. Typical exhaust systems consist of pipes that attach to the and a muffler that connects to the pipe. Newer systems a catalytic converter as part of the

Anyone with a basic of mechanical attachments can install a exhaust system with little difficulty. Most model bikes have nuts and bolts that are to attach the system to the engine and frame.

The 2000 VL500 LC is a wide and low motorbike manufactured by Motor Corporation. This was produced between 1998 and but belonged to a range of motorbikes Intruders. The first Intruder hit the in 1986 but was discontinued in the U.S. in being replaced with the series.

The Intruder name is used in Europe.

The 1997 VZ 800 Marauder is a cruiser motorcycle by Suzuki. The 1997 started the series, which was produced 2006. The 1997 Suzuki VZ 800 had an aggressive look and was also powerful.

It accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 6

The 1985 Audi 4000S is a executive car produced by Audi, a manufacturer. The car was sold in Europe as 80. The vehicle belonged to the Audi series sold in the U.S. 1980 and 1987.

The car is powered by a cc, or 109.0-cubic inch engine.

KTM is a company that released its bike in 1951, giving it 50 years of experience before it the KTM EXC 300 in 2007. KTM developed this motorcycle for course and trail Users rated the bike at out of 100 on rankings website

The 2000 Chevy Malibu is a car produced by Chevrolet, a subsidiary of Motors. The car comes with a V6 engine, or a V-shaped engine six cylinders mounted on the engine’s in two banks of three cylinders. The Malibu started production in

Rivaled by very few motorcycles, the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 is one of the powerful sport bikes in This motorcycle is not for the faint of however, because its sheer and power make it extremely to handle. As the Suzuki Hayabusa’s suggest, it may not be the motorcycle of choice someone has multiple years of riding 600 and 1000 cubic (cc) sport bikes.

The Honda XR 650 R belongs to the XR series of motorcycle produced by Honda. It can be as a dirt bike. The 650 in the bike’s refers to the displacement of the bike’s measured in cc.

The motorcycle came in red

When Michio Suzuki his company in 1909, it was with the of manufacturing industrial looms for the silk industry. However, Soichiro Honda, motorcycles had an The first motorcycle created by the was the Colleda COX in 1955. It was the first of which ushered the company’s into the Japanese Big Four of companies which included Kawasaki and Yamaha.

The Suzuki is example why the Suzuki company to create motorcycles that to most riders.

One simple option for motorcycles is to switch out the handlebar grips for new or customized Even if you liked the original over time the grips can and start to look distressed. the old grips can be somewhat tricky the factory usually glues on tightly so that they do not off on their own.

You can remove grips with one simple that makes the process easier.

Aluminum heads the weight of your motorcycle The properties that make lightweight create a problem for cut into the material. Cross-threading fasteners occurs frequently in any material.

The threads of a spark are harder than the female in the aluminum spark plug Installing a spark plug off causes the spark plug to cut the female threads. Providing threads in an aluminum head the chances of cross-threading.

The 2001 is a sport motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki equipped the bike features such as forged twin radiators and a clutch is larger than its previous of bikes. The 2001 TL1000R has the capability of a track-ready racer and the to drive on the roads.

A top manufacturer of street-legal and off-road motorcycles, released the KX 125 motocross dirt from 1974 to 2005. In the bike featured a powerful but design and was rated at 77.2 out of 100 on the website

The cause of bluing is usually a lean engine, exhaust that has overheated, or simply a cheaper exhaust pipe. Removing the is relatively easy, however the of the bluing should be investigated and first. Repeated applications of the described below will the bluing, but will also remove the chrome from the

In 1981, Japan-based Yamaha Company released three in the 125 class. These were the RD the DT 125 and the YZ 125. All three motorcycle have sporty designs and displacements of 125 cubic centimeters

However, each 1981 125 also has its own set of specifications.

The Suzuki is a line of cruiser motorcycles was manufactured from 1996 2004, when it was replaced the Suzuki Boulevard line. The 800 represents the entry-level model. Due to the relatively large engine however, it is still best to those with previous on motorcycles.

Soichiro Honda the Honda Technical Research in 1946 and began manufacturing motorcycle engines. Honda producing the Nighthawk 750 in 1982 to the 1970 CB750, according to The first Nighthawk motorcycles around $3,000, and when finally discontinued production in they sold for $5,800.

The Sportster is a range of motorcycles have been manufactured 1957 and continue to be produced as of Due to its engine displacement, the 883 Sportster the entry-level model of the Sportster The 2011 range consists of one the Sportster SuperLow.

The Suzuki SV 650 is a of street motorcycles produced 1999 until 2010. The S featured a sportier chassis included higher foot and lower handlebars and was produced 2000 until 2006. The technical specifications did not change its years of production.

The 2005 Shadow Aero is a cruiser motorcycle with a variety of options. The wires that each turn signal to the toggle switch where the positive and negative wires The two wires inside the turn are positive and negative.

The positive is the black one with a white running down the center and the wire is white or solid

The 2010 line of Honda Wing touring motorcycles the 35th year of production for the bike. The 1975 Gold lacked the familiar fairing. its introduction at the Cologne motorcycle Honda has continued to modify the Wing, making it Honda’s and earning it inclusion on Cycle magazine’s Top 10 Bikes list 17

For the 2010 model year offers four distinct Wing package options.

commonly known as a generator, the of an engine is an integral component keeps the battery of the engine It also regulates the current to the components, such as the ignition and systems. If an alternator begins to the motorcycle’s headlight will dim or the will fail.

The only is to replace the alternator, wiring in a new one to your bike on the road.

The Honda Shadow VT 600, known as the VLX 600, is a cruise produced by the Honda Motor According to, the motorbike strong yet smooth V-twin serving as a bike for long The motorcycle appears in Bob Roberts and movies.

The Honda Motor is mostly known for its Civic and sedan models in the United but Honda has also been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles 1959. If you are interested in motorcycles, the time to learn more the 2004 Honda Shadow 750 motorcycle.

The Honda XR100 and are known as great bikes for Honda produced these from 1981 to 2007. models were known as the and after a suspension change in the name of the series became the

These dirt bikes are for trails, hills and sand.

produced the CB 1000 motorcycle 1992 to 1997. However, was selling the bike as late as The motorcycle was particularly popular in and Europe. The CB 1000 took its from the CBR 1000. The engine of the CB however, saw a loss of 15 horsepower milder cams, if compared to the CBR engine.

The bike belonged to the of … touring motorcycles.

Suzuki is mostly known for its of Ninja sport motorcycles are widely popular among and amateur races alike, has also manufactured several dirt and off-road motorcycle If you are interested in dirt and off-road you should consider the 2003 DRZ 110.

The competitive nature of racing can take a toll on an oil supply, quickly depleting the fluid within a few sessions. Oil should be performed before riding session, as well as every race to prevent oil which can cause serious to your YFZ450’s motor. You can the entire procedure in minutes and do not extensive mechanical skills.

and cold weather can pose an threat to the already dangerous of riding a motorcycle. While the obstacles and other vehicles can put an end to a ride, another threat within your helmet: While its not typically a problem on weather days, helmet have a tendency to haze or fog in weather as your breath condensation against the inside of the

A few things can be done to alleviate the some being more of a fix than others.

A motorcycle is a gear that works in with a bike’s chain to for changes in torque, speed, and Sprockets have metal that determine gear which in turn determines performance.

When young engineers developed the Kawasaki in the early 1990s, they designing a bike that get back to basics. The ergonomic and design of the motorcycle, powered by an four-cylinder engine, proved a and the bike was manufactured and sold the 1990s.

The Honda VF 750, known as Magna, is a classic motorcycle produced by Honda 1982 and 2005. The 1982 VF 750 C was the motorcycle of this series. mounted a sporty engine to a cruiser, producing what one of the first power cruisers in the market.

The GT 380 was produced by Suzuki 1972 and 1978. The motorcycle to the class of two-… classic The engine of the Suzuki GT 380 delivered a and reliable performance, though the power of some of its rivals, for the Kawasaki triples.

In 1972 the cost $925.

Studding motorcycle’s saddlebags is a simple that has a big visual impact. If you install the studs properly, they can lessen the integrity of the and put the items inside the saddlebag in You can also install the studs resulting in an unattractive saddlebag.

As as you take your time studding the saddlebags and use caution, you find it to be a simple task you can in just a few minutes.

Originated in the Suzuki 1200 Bandit was in Japan. This bike was until it was discontinued in 2006 in the States. It wasn’t until it was in 2000, with a new frame, and headlight assembly, that the was made available in its country of

Over the lifetime of this two styles of the 1200 Bandit produced, the 1200 and the 1200S.

If looking to make your a little faster, then the weight of the bodywork would be helpful. Replacing the stock with a fairing designed for rather than street, use is a way of maintaining or improving your aerodynamics while reducing the of the bodywork and lowering the center of Good race bodywork also give you enough to tuck behind for maximum on the straights and also be build of a enough material that it increase the weight of the bike by

Most people think of when the name Honda up in conversation. However, Honda manufactures motorcycles, performance boats, jets and scooters including the 2007 Honda The 2007 Helix came in red black accents and had a suggested price of $5,349, according to the 2006 Honda News.

designs, manufactures and distributes a range of motorcycles. Street include Touring, Sport Crossovers, Cruisers and Choppers. motorcycle has a vehicle identification which provides manufacturing about the motorcycle.

It is possible to use the identification number to find out the of a specific motorcycle.

The Bavarian Works R1150GS Adventure is a sport motorcycle. A dual bike is designed for use on paved and roads. This makes the an ideal bike for those who occasionally venture off paved

In continuous production since Honda’s Gold Wing is a large touring motorcycle emphasizes reliability over The bike’s reception created a aftermarket that now exists for Wing accessories and customization. It was at Honda’s Marysville, Ohio beginning in 1980, but in 2009 Wing production shifted to a new in Kumamoto, Japan.

Problems an exhaust can rob your bike of and power, as well as allow hot out into a potentially dangerous Before you start the repair you decide whether you want it or use a quick fix to hold until you can get to a shop.

After extended and use, the performance of many can start to go downhill. But there are ways to improve your performance and get it running like new again. Many of these are extremely simple and cost-effective. your motorcycle running is not only important for the health of the but for your safety.

Not being to quickly accelerate while can prevent you from escaping situations.

Motorcycle exhausts are with several important Among them are the exhaust muffler and catalytic converter. As exhaust systems become sophisticated, greater design are taken to make them and less harmful to our environment.

a motorcycle helmet can save life but to some it’s an accessory. Fortunately, there are a of ways to custom build own helmet to reflect your style. Design your helmet by adding artwork, state colors, tattoos and

In 1990, Honda introduced two in its perennial Shadow line: a 600 and a big-bore 1100. Both are feet-forward, cruiser-style bikes. The is all about cruising and comfort, not and speed, though these feature the reliability and relatively low that Honda is known

Yamaha’s Riva 125 scooter has a successful run since its introduction in receiving only a few revisions 2001, its final year in Hailed as a practical, yet fun way to get around, the 125 requires a deviously complicated to remove the rear wheel for a tire change. Although it beyond the reach of most owners, a fair degree of aptitude is required.

This job require a minimum of one hour to

Crash bars, or engine are a common protective accessory on many of today’s cruisers and motorcycles. While they can a motorcycle’s aesthetics, their purpose is to protect the motor and should the motorcycle crash or Most crash bars are for a specific motorcycle, often directly to the frame and motor

Installation is fairly straightforward for motorcycles, but expect the entire to take a minimum of 30 minutes to

The 441 Victor was a motorcycle manufactured by BSA was produced in the early 1960s the early 1970s. The bike was to be an enduro motorcycle, meaning it had and street capabilities. The street was based upon the professional model ridden by Jeff on which he won back-to-back racing in the mid-1960s.

The Honda Valkyrie has been in production since and it began distribution in the United in 1997, according to The was officially known as the F6C Valkyrie and it is by many motorcycle enthusiasts to be one of the powerful motorcycles on the market. In Honda United Kingdom the F6C from their range and in Honda United States the design of the F6C Valkyrie to become the Rune motorcycle.

The last of production for the F6C Valkyrie was 2003.

YZF600R is a versatile machine, as a solid foundation to learn the needed to ride a sport while being reliable for use as a daily commuter. Extending its further is its single-piece seat, both rider and passenger into one assembly. This simplifies the removal process, it easier for new riders to access YZF600R’s battery and fuses for maintenance.

A Power Commander is an important in fine-tuning your Suzuki sport bike’s fuel-injection for peak performance. Traditionally, a is set up on a Dynometer — which the motorcycle’s horsepower, torque and air to ratio — to provide a fuel curve that is into the Power Commander a software interface. While will achieve the best doing so may be beyond most budgets.

Alternatively, a Power offers a manual programming using the trio of buttons on its providing a moderate performance with a few tuning sessions.

working on any type of machinery, it is that you have the right in order to do the job correctly. Automobiles and require constant care and in order to keep them in condition and operating as they One manufacturer of motorcycles is Harley-Davidson and brand has a huge following.

motorcycles need repair as often as any other moving on the road. When it comes to either maintain or replace the on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you be sure to use the clutch tools are available.

The Vulcan 750 introduced line of motorcycles in 1984. It was first V-Twin American cruiser. The Kawasaki Vulcan debuted in 1996 with a transmission and had what was considered at the as the biggest engine in a mass motorcycle.

Since its introduction the 1500 Classic has been one of best-selling cruisers.

The GL 650 is a motorcycle by Honda Motor Corporation. it was only manufactured in 1983, it up one part of the Silverwing series. range ran from the inception of the GL 500 in

While the GL 650 bike was the last of the at the time, the Silverwing name was back in 2001.

Suzuki Colleda CO

First in 1988 after years of and 700cc to 800cc Shadows, as as a big twin with at least Honda’s Shadow 600C VLX was a motorcycle whose instant caused Honda to offer a variant starting in 1993. The 600 VLX was large enough for highway and small enough for diminutive or riders. Stylish, reliable and the 600 VLX became the best-selling imported of the 1990s.

The 1984 Kawasaki ZG Voyager is a touring motorcycle by the Kawasaki Motors Corporation, a maker of motorcycles known for high-performance bikes. The model designs from Kawasaki motorbikes. As a result, the 1984 ZG 1300 Voyager was one of the fastest of its class, having an impressive top of 145 mph.

The bike competed the Honda Gold Wing, a touring motorcycle.

A sidecar is a way to convert your motorcycle to on slippery roads, carry luggage or even hold it up at a Unfortunately only a few manufacturers days actually produce a combination. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to convert any motorcycle to a rig with a few easily obtainable

The first Yamaha dirt manufactured was the DT1 made in 1968. All bikes from 1968 to can be identified with a 15-digit number. In 1981 the National Traffic and Safety commission a standardized 15-digit vehicle number for all motor vehicles required specific information in locations.

This VIN can be used to the model year. The serial or VIN number can be located on the head, or title of the dirt bike.

Motor Co. was founded in 1948. The initially began by strictly motorcycles. Honda began its Shadow line of motorcycles in and they are still produced They are built in the fashion of a motorcycle, and their engine range from 125 to 1,800 centimeters.

The 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit was a cruiser styled like a hot rod.

many people love the Harley-Davidson Road King, find it a perfect canvas for artistic vision. Before off to spend your money on and accessories, do your design in front of the computer. Harley-Davidson’s tool is not only fun, it you the opportunity to explore all the options to modify your existing King, or build a brand new

In 1983, Honda entered the custom cruiser market the introduction of its Shadow line of The 1983 model line a 750 cc displacement Shadow, which in continued to sport the signature of the cruiser class, such as handlebars, low-riding seat and a tank. Prospective buyers in could purchase three of the Honda Shadow 750, the C2 Shadow, the Shadow Spirit or the ACE Deluxe.

The VT1100C3 is a cruiser developed by Honda that was commonly known as the Shadow This bike hit the market in but was discontinued after only two The Aero however only up one cruiser from a large

The Shadow range began in with the VT500C and was last in 2007 as the Shadow Sabre.

The R6—or YZF-R6, to give it its name—is a sports bike by Yamaha. The bike is based on racing designs from World Superbike and World racing, and is aimed at the mid-size sports market. The 2006 has a distinctive high-raised rear and front fairings, swooping from the front wheel.

hard water stains may the beauty of the appearance of your it is the long-term damage that the real problem. Metal and left behind after evaporates can cause damage to the surface of your motorcycle if it is not as soon as possible. Before you your bike to a professional for an stain removal treatment, try a do-it-yourself cleaning method is chemical-free and is environmentally friendly.

The on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle do not require in the way of overall maintenance, except for inspection of the pads for wear to when they need to be Pad replacement intervals will on several factors, including the of riding and how hard the brakes are When changing Harley-Davidson pads, for safety the pads for the front and rear brakes be replaced at the same time.

a motorcycle helmet decreases chance of … in a motorcycle by 37 percent, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration.

The DR-Z 400 is an on- off-road motorcycle is still in production as of 2010. The SM was manufactured until 2009. The SM stands for Supermoto, a street variant that adds wheels and improved brakes and

The bike’s high level of coupled with its mid-sized displacement makes it ideal for as well as casual hobbyists.

The CR 500 E is a motorbike produced in 2002 by Motor Company, a Japanese founded in 1948 that in motorcycle manufacturing. This model was the last made in a that dates back to when the CR 500 R hit the market.

The CR 125R is a dirt motorcycle from The 1998 model year the basis for models that it, with only minor made between years. The bikes featured a newer new exhaust system and upgraded in comparison the models that it.

The motorcycle has a specification set appropriate for models, as it’s not quite an bike but not a high-end bike

The Honda NT 650 Hawk GT is a motorcycle was manufactured and distributed from to 1991. A standard bike, the GT did not feature fairings or windscreens. The however, had plenty of unique and specifications.

The jets on the 1998 CR125 dirt bike are the pins on the carburetor that the flow of air and gas. Eight are installed on the carburetor. The stock on this carburetor allow the to run rich, which fouls the plugs if the engine does not at or in the power band.

Lowering the of the jets will allow the to run thin.

The Harley-Davidson Road is made for touring. Unlike Harleys, the Road Glide has a fairing and not the bat wing handlebar. Cruiser magazine found one complaint with the Road the seat, which seems than the Road King’s and out too quickly on all-day rides. Dalgleish of American Rider agrees, saying that he the seating a little narrow.

replacement seats are available for the Glide.

The Kawasaki ZX10 is a bike with a large Generally, it is quite fast. some riders may desire a more power, and with speed.

There are many upgrades for the ZX10 to increase its and speed. Many of these are cost effective and easy to Upgrading your bike can be a way to customize and make the motorcycle more like your

When you are going on a trip and to take your motorcycle you, tying it down the bed of a truck is a great way to transport it. secures the motorcycle in place and prevent it from being Tying down the motorcycle so it sits firmly in the bed of the truck is and takes just a few minutes to

The 2006 Ultra Classic Glide is a motorcycle manufactured by With a base manufacturer’s retail price of $19,795 at the Ultra Classic Electra is a touring bike designed for or long-distance rides. The motorcycle has a of characteristics and specifications that it unique to other bikes.

The Magnum 425 cc was an all terrain vehicle developed by Polaris Industries in The company is based in Medina, and manufactures vehicles from to golf carts. Polaris U.S.-based production plants most of their products are American made.

The first hit the market in 1995.

First in 1974 with the XL 100K0, the XL 100 series was a pioneer in the field of entry level enduro/off-road bikes. Updated and released as the XL in 1975, it then became the until the XL100S went production in 1979. The series was in 1985 but is still widely on the secondhand market.

The 2003 Honda Goldwing is a touring motorcycle known for its efficiency, sport-like handling and degree of comfort. Some of the key that contribute to the bike’s performance and longevity are its flexible frame, powerful low-mounted and leading-edge fuel injection

The Yamaha Corp. is famous for sports and recreational vehicles, motorcycles. Yamaha originally out as a piano manufacturing company, and its with metal alloys led to creating motorized vehicles.

first introduced the GPz1000RX bike in 1985 for the 1986 year. This bike, in North America as the Ninja used the largest-displacement engine Kawasaki had installed in the Ninja at that time. Like models in the GPZ sport lineup, the featured a full fairing.

are numerous options for customizing a One of the most common enhancements is the exhaust system. The reasons for the exhaust include performance, and appearance. New systems can cost up to or more, but typically average $500. There are many to choose an exhaust system for Harley-Davidson, and for the price you’ll it’s wise to do extensive before purchasing your new

There are several ways to about the different types of systems on the market.

The XVS650 Classic is Yamaha’s mid-sized in its lineup of V-Star cruiser-touring The street bike features Harley-Davidson type styling lots of chrome trimmings.

The Honda CT110 motorcycle is a used most frequently in the States and Australia. Deemed the bike in Australia for its widespread use as a bike, the Honda CT110 is a motorcycle designed for reliability and soundness. The CT series of motorcycles Honda are also commonly on trails and for stunt riding.

The GSX 650F is a sport touring that was manufactured from when it replaced the Suzuki until it was discontinued in the 2009 year. The motorcycle’s midsized displacement made it ideal for who desired a relatively fast but lacked the experience needed for the racing bikes.

One of Honda’s motocross motorcycles, the CR125R 1997 with new features put it ahead of previous versions. motocross bike model match up roughly to the size of the with the CR125R having a 125 cc The CR125R came in Honda’s red and racing colors.

When you buy a new or KTM motorcycle, some times the is not fully charged, and over the battery will lose To fix this problem, all you need to do is the battery fully. The battery on a KTM is located behind the rear panel on the opposite side of the

When you get behind the bike, the is in clear view. All you will is a standard KTM battery charger and three hours to fully the battery.

The brake pedal on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is made of rubber and is connected to the pedal in ways. The cover protects the and gives it a good look. the cover will help you your Harley a customized that will fit your

You will need little in of tools, and you can remove the brake cover just about

It’s important to change the oil in Shovelhead on a regular basis. For oil, the suggested interval is miles. If you use synthetic oil, you can as much as 5,000 miles oil changes.

When changing the oil in motorcycle, be sure to change the oil as well. Shovelheads use a spin-on/off oil

Enjoyed by many, motorcycles are vehicles that offer an alternative to cars. With different types and styles including touring, street and bikes, motorcycles have to attract all different kinds of When considering buying a an important feature to investigate is gas It’s common for motorcycles to get mileage than many

A comparison of gas mileage among different motorcycles — with other specs can help you make an educated, purchase.

Soichiro Honda his company in 1937 with a on creating piston rings. focus switched to motorcycles in the and the motorcycles produced in the various from racing to cruiser, to racing, sold well and successful. The CR series was first in the 1970s as a kit bike.

This bike was extremely popular, and versions were released in model years. The 2005 CRF 450 is an of why the CR series of Honda motorcycles to please in 2010.

Suzuki Colleda CO
Suzuki Colleda CO
Suzuki Colleda CO


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