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Suzuki DL 650

Bridge done, the semi is behind in an opportune pass; the SV 650 engine responds promptly, and smoothly.  On the technical side, has been added to the starter increasing flywheel inertia and for a smoother feel to the powerplant the V-Strom 650′s sportier Peak power is down hp from the SV650 according to but there’s more power it counts, the midrange between and 6700 RPM.

  The power is down with predictable but the engine spins up faster bigger twins.  In a more ride be prepared to be repeatedly the 10,000 RMP redline.

In the straights, a WRX driver does his worst and me aware that this is a In the back of my mind I’m vaguely that this is a “budget but that doesn’t really to matter much as the corner begins.  The WRX is a faint glimmer in the and nearly vibration-free, mirrors.  As most traillies it’s a steering affair that me pushing on the wide, high-mounted

  Taking the bike to the edge of the I try hanging off a bit.  The act helps some of the bike’s flex and wallow, but really feels like an act of showmanship for the wildlife in the I slide back into the and settle for shifting my shoulder and pressing peg and bar.

  Idly, I wonder where the end and slippage begins, when I’m not feeling the same confidence-inspiring of sport rubber.

Bumps, potholes, ridges, ripples and all of other road anomalies and that trip up pure are eaten up by the soft and compliant giving you a wider range of lines and greater confidence on roads.  There is no jarring, sportbike harshness here, and in a that has seen the ongoing of its infrastructure, and consequently its favorite bike roads, this is a perk.

  The forks are damper-rod and only have adjustment for In back the shock offers preload, handy for hitting the and taking a pillion, and harder to screw-adjusted rebound damping.  hard braking the suspension itself to be a bit budget, and takes a bit of a

Other than that bit of the brakes themselves feel matched to the bike and don’t the chassis or tires, but by no means under hard “Was Bambi?” braking conditions.  The 310mm rotors with piston calipers up front adequate feel.  In the back a 260mm rotor with piston keeps things under control.

In the parking lot of the Princeton Chevron I filling the 22-litre (including tank.  The pairing of this capacity and a 650 engine that gasoline like a precious and Vintage Chardonnay, means you can get bang for the buck at the pumps.  after a WFO throttle thrashing of the DL 650 we 390 kms out of a tank without running the entirety of the reserve.

   So, instead of the V-Strom, I took a moment to its looks under the filling florescent glow.

The V-Strom 650 categorization and pooh-poohs convention; one angle it looks ruggedly from another ungainly and from a third just goofy, from another an assemblage of pieces from bikes, and from the back… from the back it’s lopsided, with the right exhaust looking aesthetically and impaired.  In the end it’s best to accept that as a design bike fell out of the ugly hitting all the branches in the process.

  the designers, feeling it wasn’t distinctive enough, then it down the ugly stairwell for measure.  If the characters from Inc. were to ride a the Suzuki V-Strom would be It’s all function, but the form is – except at times the function is into question.

The windscreen, for example, completely any kind of design principles – adjustable through a 5 cm range of ineffective positions.  This keep you occupied during all time you’re not filling the as it takes the removal of 10 screws and the use of a and an allen key to change its stance.

  the low, gale-force front-on air …, to highest position is there a person repeatedly the back of my helmet with a day old buffeting there is no joy.  In the end we defeat and the screen was left in its position as this produced the airflow – we recommend earplugs.

than this one gaff, the 650 is an amazingly comfortable bike to Legroom is ample (thought folks will probably the 1000), the fairing provides weather and mud protection, the wide are a comfortable reach, and the saddle is for long days.  It’s wide, offers one of the best points from which to see the and is curiously narrower towards the

  This configuration proves a should you choose to do anything requires standing up on the pegs.

The line is that the V-Strom 650 is not a sport, but an adventure-sport, Suzuki’s materials place it firmly on the and leave it there.  But it’s popularity amongst the adventure-touring The good news is that in the hands of a complete neophyte bike is more than of taking fire roads at a clip, even handling fairly rough terrain.

While handing the bike Suzuki Western Canada Vic Johnston suggested, “Ride it We’re not sure that along fire roads and fields of wildflowers were he had in mind – so we made sure to all the posies out of the undercarriage.  Still, the DL 650 confident enough over trails, and only really too street in loose sand and gravel.

Suzuki DL 650

Rousting such leaves one with two feelings.  The feeling is one full of the adventure of the V-Strom – images of simply it all” and taking off for parts come on unbidden.  The second is a of imminent financial peril as you tally how much damage the moderately unprotected underbelly, or up the fairings will cost. the draw to the dirt is almost

  Once there though, the twitchy onset makes terrain a bit of a handful, and we found the gear of the slick-shifting box a bit on the tall for any really rough work.

Back on the roads, highways are easy and relaxing to maintain, in sixth is a pleasant lope – that the V-Strom 650′s becomes strained and throbs.  in and out of traffic becomes something far enjoyable than mere survival as you pilot from a view.  Freeway stoppages, let’s just say there are with a little bending of

  Shoulder gravel and debris are a threat and the relatively narrow makes lane splitting an even when not in California.

On the the V-Strom 650 doesn’t come up while competing with pylons but it does feel a bit when riding with the big In a stomp with some big the VTR 1000, the Ducati 998, and the TL-R 1000, the meaty 650 seriously needed to be caned, and the gearbox subjected to some lever dancing.

  Keeping up in crowd can be done, but the DL 650 doesn’t the stomp required to it in style – is not the Wee-Strom’s element.  Though one of our was shocked at how well it did, “I saw the in the rearview and thought it was the TL-R the headlights, then I did a double-take, it was the – high praise from a of seasoned and suitably disreputable riders.

So the V-Strom DL 650 isn’t likely to you thinking Paris-Dakar anytime but in a way for us mere mortals this is much better.   It’s the weekender’s tool, you can take it out for a thrashing, on your way out to do a bit of camping or out at the cabin. As a bonus the V-Strom take on the fire roads and up a whole new world of riding

  Better, yet it does it all with the of pine and mud hanging in the air…  and else, inhale deeply, did you that?  It’s the subtle of fresh adventure.


Test Bike By  Suzuki Canada

Suzuki DL 650
Suzuki DL 650


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