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Suzuki B-King

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Suzuki B-King TRE (4th gear resistance?)

I know the GSXR and Hayabusa use 5th and 6th gear resistor values for the TRE, but the B-King uses the 4th gear map. 4th gear on the GSXR and Hayabusa is a 2.7k ohm resistor, but it appears to be different for the B-King.

Re: Suzuki B-King TRE (4th gear resistance?)

phuz, Read the shop manual code page. Do not keep repeating all that fallacy when the shop manual says it plain as day. Computer bikes are generic fuel injected bikes. They run in the analog. You will set the code for that sensor no matter what.

Use whatever resistor and ground that GPS wire. You will set a safe running code.

Basically, you are changing the ping to ground not to the ECU. This is called, Fail-Safe by Suz, or Backup by Kawi. I do not know the other brands, ‘technical lingo’ they use, but it means the exact same generic thing.

5th gear or a 4th gear or whatever gear except the gear used in the factory shop manuals abstract is what is being used. What is stated in the shop manual to my understanding, is that the lower the voltage signal, the richer the, ‘fuel cut.’ If you think about it, why would you want a leaner fuel signal in a higher range; if the book explains that it uses the most amount of fuel in the safe mode. Make sense? Don’t you think a fool like me would double ton it past 200MPH if I usurp the governor?

I sure would. And, I sure would use the most fuel to be safe to fly that fast to get there too.

Your resistance value happens as if that resistor acted as a short to the bare frame. It will not cause enough heat to melt the fuse. Say you have 2.7k or the 6.8k ohm is not the voltage value the ECU reads. It pings the same ping to the GPS all the time. It is no longer in that analog signal.

If that signal does not compute as you move out of any gear, it registers that new signal. That new signal is a non-compute to the ECU. It throws the code to that strange and new analog signal, (no longer analog).

Use any resistor or ground one wire strand from that wire off the GPS. Here is your handcuff at any attempt to that signal you think, in my opinion, you cannot control, (any gear value).

Here are your 3 wire variables that will set that code and that code only. Meaning, that ‘digital’ signal. That is the D in DFI, (digital fuel injection). The ECU will set a code on any 3 wire sensor.

The 3 variables shut the door on any ohm resistance used. A TRE being used and whatever that product uses for an ohm resistance is just as good as one of your 2.7k or 6.8k’s.The 3 wire variables in the absolute are:

1. If a connector is not connected together, the ECU will set a code. Reconnect the male and female plugs together.

2. If a wire is out of the sensor connector and the connectors are plugged together, find that wire out of it’s socket housing.

3. If a wire is ground to the frame and/or engine, a code will occur. Find the phantom wire resistance against the frame or where it is grounding part of the bike that would cause a draw or a different ping to the closed loop of the sensor family. Repair that wire as per FSM resistance values.

If they do not meet specifications; replace/repair unit.

I believe I can chase that retard part if you give me the inside workings of the ECU. The bike walks in steps. There is a next step. I need a masters in computer science to build an ECU or I’d explain that retard fallacy a lot better than the code.

The ECU defaults to 6th gear in the generic way the bike functions in the FI world..

Read the shop manual to understand how simple this bike really is. Up to as much as I have figured out reading the shop manual, it make more sense that that 4th and 5th gears are a big fluffy fallacy. I’d like to know more, but my tank is empty now.

The rest are factory secrets only the factory fuel injection teams can explain away.

Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King

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