Suzuki Bandit 250 Two Up How To Make & Do Everything!

29 May 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Suzuki Bandit 250 Two Up How To Make & Do Everything!

Suzuki Bandit 250 Two Up

What do you think about this video?

ramil caramay: thanks, i’ve watched bandit 400 israel1 and it makes me so excited to have and ride it.

gsxr400: not many if i rode hard i could rinse a tank of about 14 litres in 120km

RaW1412: Hi, I’m looking for a Suzuki bandit 250s Service Manual. Does anyone have one? or know where I can download? please send me a link. 😉

thundertigershark: 50 hp. are you shure. if so thatts very good im looking into getting one. but in answer to my question before .How much will it affect the performance on 1 of them if i have a passenger weight roughlt about 10 stone

GleeDestructionFace: Bandit 250 is the best 250. check my Bandit out, also a 250 /watch?v=Se4sPWWqN6g

djdejan72: that is one sweeeet sounding 250!!

m0t0fr3ak: waw amazing sound and acceleration for 250. really nice

pcgamer86: my mates got one prity cool little bikes japanisne imports not as good as my 650 bandit lol

gsxr400: if its definatly a slingshot you got thats good. enjoy it!

gsxr400: hell no VV/vc are horrible, Both my bandits are Normal, Now I Dont Want Any Comments From VV owners Saying crap, want to find out come race me peeps

gsxr400: @thundertigershark quick, you can hit 45mph in first gear

matzecc: How many mpg? Or l/100 km? (Or whatever)

ramil caramay: gsxr, can you help me with this? what’s the top speed of your 250 and 400? cause i’m confused which one i’m gonna buy. and what’s the difference between them?

gsxr400: this bike cannot be compared to a ybr =O ybr have maybe 13 HP this is packing around 50hp and it has an inline 4 engine

gsxr400: yes im sure. Im not gonna lie about it, passenger doesent effect it tbh on flats maybe up a hill.

gsxr400: f reg so an 89, but im not sure of its true year being an import. NEW VIDS COMING SOON CARBS DONE!

makakas99: 16 valve?

nikc1234: Was this bike ever made for sale in UK or are they all imports?

bigkitten: Yarps! Good stuff!

PILSLL: sounds a bit like my GSXR 400

gsxr400: @makakas99 lol yes, not many other engine setups scream like that

gsxr400: @wheresmyspanner somthign to do with carbs i belive, also this revs higher then a normal 250

gsxr400: well personally i never had any of my bikes restricted, but there are three ways i know of, they change the carb settings or they change the gear ratios or on ecus they can chip it other then that ask your mechanic 😛

slipknot515666: whats a vc engine.


kidlatkamote: slingshot is better than VC, VC cylinder head is more complicated than slingshot. Slingshot 400 is fulltime 59HP, VC max power is on 7,000rpm

jigs dublin: thanks for this video, i felt like i was riding it lol

Dave Robson: @gsxr400 Ah right, awesome! Can’t wait to get mine restored and on the road ^_^ Cheers

gsxr400: top speed im not to sure atm, but im judging it wont go much faster then 110mph, i had 105 out of it with my girl on the back on the motorway, but atm its not running perfect it needs new main jet tubes and needles so it somtimes boggie

RaW1412: I replaced my bandit 250 CDI to a Honda Hornet 250 CDI, it really works. and also changed the throttle.

H8_RICE: JOISUSSSS. that thing howls. sounds good for a toofiddy. Aha and at the start freak sounds like me every morning trying to get to work, stuck on the intersection. not much to punch on that thing but!

thundertigershark: 0-60 on it roughly plz. cheers.

thundertigershark: heyy i asked u a few questions about the bandit and id like to tell u i just bought 1. J reg 250 slingshot. i paid 550 quid with about 26,000 miles on the clock .

britishbiker: a 250 bandit? man thats rare, i got a 250 honda hornet and they only come up for sale like every 6 months or something, good bike tho on a restricted license.

DnctLion: sounds like a yamaha r6 wtf.

GPRPatters: nope the exhausts are 1 pieces. you could get a can for a 600 and chop the exhaust or get a custom set of downpipes

ramil caramay: gsxr, are this bandit is a vc engine?

gsxr400: 250/400 like this, vfr, zxr, cbr, gsxr, gpz, gsf. all imports buddy.

GPRPatters: any one know where i can get a race can micron, blueflame, scorpion etc for a 250 bandit?

streetoutlaws: how old you gotta be to drive a 250cc?

motanelustelistu: What is whit that zig-zag lines. does them signal a pedestrian crossing or what? And i knew before but forgot. what that Red L stands for and when u use it ?

thundertigershark: Thankyou. mechanic i know is selling one for 550 quid. i may buy. happy riding.

gsxr400: All I Gotta Say If You Got Your Eyes On A bandit 250 there hard to find, Especially my one which is the slingshot version

thundertigershark: can u feel the weight much on them bikes with an exrtra person on cos i know my ybr 125 feels very gutless with someone on the back

GPRPatters: there was a limited amount of a couple of those bikes officially imported into the UK such as the VFR though because of the high price tag were a flump

m0t0fr3ak: whats the top speed?

gsxr400: the bandit 650 is a bandit that has sold its soul! no character and fuel injection its nothing like the oldies

gsxr400: 400 is faster obviously and top speed of either is dependant on what has been done to it and what version of bandit you have such as v, slingshot etc. my bandit 250 slingshot the fastest i ever got out of her was just over 105mph which amazed me because i was two up, i never got it any faster tho. the 400 im not sure on but its got full yoshimura race system so im guessing 130mph+ ill do a video when i get it back on the road. other than that its preference


Dave Robson: @gsxr400 I’ve just bought a bandit 250 slingshot. Is there a difference between bandits and slingshots? Could you clear it up for me. S


Suzuki Bandit 250 Two Up 4.8 out of 5

Suzuki GN 250 E
Suzuki GN 250 E
Suzuki GN 250 E
Suzuki GN 250 E
Suzuki GN 250 E

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