Suzuki Boulevard tires shops and motorcycle repairs, Portland, Oregon

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Suzuki Boulevard 400

Suzuki Boulevard C90-T tires

And Portland area motorcycle shop reviews

September 13, 2012

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Suzy needed new shoes again so I thought I’d document tire sizes and so on as well

as my [mis]adventures trying to find a competent, reasonably priced motorcycle shop

If you want white wall tires, your choices are somewhat limited.

Suzy is a 2006 Suzuki C90-T with alloy wheels running tubeless tires

Dunlop K555 170/80-15 wide white wall (WWW).

OEM is a Bridgestone Exedra G702-J 180/70-15 WWW

Dunlop D404 150/80-16 WWW on the front

OEM is a Bridgestone Exedra G703-J 150/80-16 WWW

Metzeler 150/80H16 WWW ME880 marathon high mileage cruiser tire MPN 1415200

TIRE INFLATION: (Check Mfg’s specs) – F: 38-40 psi; R: 40-42 psi

I’m sure there are other tires available but the ones listed above are very popular

for this model. I’d recommend installing RIDE-ON which is a balancing fluid as

well as a puncture hole sealant.

Suzy, July, 2010 wearing her brand new Dunlop sneakers. We’re off for a long

weekend ride out to the John Day Fossil Beds in Eastern Oregon. She’s a happy girl.

IF YOU DO YOUR OWN WORK: If you’re set up to change your own tires, GMan

Inductries (Renton, Washington) sells Dunlops for this bike for under $400 a set.

Gary, the owner, LOVES Boulevards. you can probably do a little better on price

shopping around but Gary is a good guy and businesses like his deserve to be supported.

If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area and are looking for a motorcycle repair

shop, your available options are grim. The two shops I used for many, many years

(Obsession Motorcycle Service and Fast Forward Customs) have long since gone out of

business. Portland is *BADLY* in need of a competent, reasonably priced, customer

oriented motorcycle repair shop.

After e-mailing me their quotes, not a single Dealership or motorcycle shop. not

one, followed up to see if I was interested in doing business there. This, more

If you own a motorcycle repair shop and would like us to review it, please

drop me a note. Also happy to hear customer reviews (good or bad) as well as

owner rebuttals to anything that’s posted here. We are not interested in slamming

local businesses. we try to be accurate and fair with the information we

post which includes offering Owners the opportunity to respond to bad reviews.


Hillsboro Motosports: Wanted $1,175 to install a set of Bridgestones. Their prices

have always been in the stratosphere. They knocked themselves out of consideration

at the gate. Only true idiots patronize this place.

Hillsboro Motosports is a dealership. one of the few Honda/Suzuki dealerships

still in business in the Portland area.

Northwest Motorcycle Works: Seems like a competent shop but the owner quoted a price

that was $200 higher than Beaverton Honda and most of the other places I checked.

He pretty much priced himself out of consideration.


Lampheres Beaverton Honda Yamaha Suzuki:

The bottom line here is that these guys, all the way up to and including Bob

Lamphere jr who now runs the joint, could care less about your business. I’m

not talking out of school here. they are all very clear by their actions

that they don’t value or want your business unless you are willing to just

fork over your dough and keep your mouth shut. I gave Jerry Lenz, the General

Manager at BHY numerous opportunities to earn my business as these sales

sleezes like to say. he totally failed to act on any of it. Bob Lamphere jr.

gave me a non-commital, unresponsive I’ll look into it when I wrote to him

and was never heard from again. Buy BOB if you like but IMHO, you’ll NOT be

treated like a valued customer. Details follow.

These guys have always been problematic to deal with. This time, they were only

willing to install the OEM Bridgestones and quoted $465 to replace the set. There

would be a week or more wait while they ordered the tires and you had to pay for the

tires in advance.

This nonsense was almost a complete deja vu of my tire replacement experience with

them two years ago. I finally had to complain to the General Manager to get decent

treatment from their parts and service people. I wound up getting a pretty good price

($413) on a set of Dunlops that they got in almost immediately and installed right away.

the policy of having to pay for tires in advance disappeared. I love rules that only

exist for customers who are too stupid to complain about them.

This time (2012), escalating the issue to the General Manager turned out to be

unproductive. If Bob Lamphere ever wonders why his sales and service revenue numbers

continue to deline, he might think about making some management changes over at BHY.

After a several week delay (time that I used to gather other quotes) I *FINALLY* got

a firm price from the BHY General Manager that was $45 higher than the three other low

bids I received. Of the three, SDS Performance seems to be the best shop of the lot.

Will swing by to check out their operation tomorrow.

Beaverton Honda Yamaha was not at all interested in meeting their competitor’s price

even though refusing to do so could very well cause me to take all my business elsewhere

forever. Very short sighted business philosophy, IMHO. If you’re considering buying

at BHY, you may want to consider that fostering customer loyalty is most definitely NOT

a priority there. I will most likley be replacing this Suzuki in a year or two. When

I do, checking out prices and so on at Bob Lamphere Beaverton Honda Yamaha will NOT

be part of the exercise.

10/25/13 UPDATE: Had planned to have my 30,000 mile maintenance done at Columbia

River Honda. They wanted $360 (I got a reduced price because the motor oil and rear

gear oil did not need to be replaced. However, it was such a hassle to schedule

a shop visit over there that just for the fun of it, I contacted Beaverton Honda

for a quote. Seems that they have yet another new Service Manager and this one

actually knows what he’s doing. $300 for the whole thing, including a set of iridium

spark plugs. Quoted me 3 hours. wound up taking 6, although they honored their

$300 quote. I’m happy with the work they did. The bike runs very well and is

once again nice and clean. Which goes to show that due diligence demands getting

multiple quotes even if you think a particular company is the one you want doing the


EDR Performance: The owner of this shop seems like a good guy and EDR appears to be

a competent shop. However, they only do sport bikes and are not set up to do

tire changes on cruisers like my Boulevard. As an aside, the owner is related to the

family that owns DS Cycle in Aloha and has worked there in the past.

Cycle Metrics: This guy is unbelieveable. and I mean that in the most negative

sense possible. He is an off-the-scale, my way or the highway control freak. Saying

that he is not at all customer oriented would be a gross understatement. But beyond

that, my one and only experience with him indicates that he is not a very good

mechanic either. He will bloviate on his MANY opinions which I suppose is fine

except that he turns out to be wrong more often than he is correct. I had my break-in

service done there and I have to say that he was a pill to deal with. Within a day

or so after the service, my rear end started pouring out some sort of graphite material.

I’m not saying that this was due to anything he did. but it’s a curious coincidence.

I came by to ask him about it and he said that’s normal. Don’t worry about it.

After a couple of days more, it just kept getting worse so I brought it to the dealer

who wouldn’t even let me ride it home, saying it was totally unsafe. They replaced

the rear gear assembly ($1,200, covered by the warranty). needless to say, I won’t

be going back to Cycle Metrics.

DS Cycle: They are on SW Shaw, right off of TV Highway. They are right on the

Beaverton/Aloha line. Quoted $445 to replace with either another set of Dunlops or

Metelers. $225 for just the rear (installed and out the door price). This is a family

owned business that’s been around for 40 years or so. Over the years they have

I suppose if you have been in business for that long, you are going to generate

at least a few unhappy customers no matter how hard you try. Still, so many really

bad reviews is a serious red flag. I’ll let you know how I make out.

UPDATE: 8/27/12, called to order the tires and schedule an appointment. A new jackass

DS Cycle has two very helpful, very friendly, very customer oriented employees..

and one who is a total jackass. He will tell you to your face that he doesn’t care

about your business and that you can get lost for all he cares. This jagoff obviously

adds ZERO value to DS Cycle. I suspect that he is the root cause for the numerous

Suzuki Boulevard 400

extremely negative reviews you’ll find on the Internet regarding DS Cycle.


Cycle Tune PDX: Chris, the owner, is a condescending, combative character who

does not seem to be a very competent mechanic or businessman. There are quite a

few negative reviews about him and his shop on the Internet. In my case, he rudely

showed that he was not interested in my business (and visa versa). He very matter-of-factly

proclaimed that the Metzeler ME880 that was my first choice would not fit my motorcycle.

Apparently, Chris is unable to read vendor specs and fitment guides. I am currently

running the exact same size Dunlop on this motorcycle right now! Moron. I suspect

this guy won’t be in business much longer.

Procaliber: These guys have been in Vancouver for quite a while. They recently took

Motorcycle Tire Wheel: Quoted $434 to replace with another set of Dunlops.

$390 for a set of OE Bridgestones. Had some reason why Metzelers could not be

SDS Performance: The price they quoted was competitive compared to the ones I got from

DS, Motorcycle Tire Wheel and others. My concern with these guys is that they

only work on sport bikes, per Sage who I believe is the owner. I’m sure they

Sargent’s Motorsports: These guys were unwilling to give me a quote over e-mail

so they immediately knocked themselves out of consideration. Looking over their web

site they come off as being a little too slick and sleezy for me anyway.


Cardenas Motorsports: This place has quite a few glowing reviews so I was very

hopeful that I had finally found a new favorite shop I could patronize. Mike,

the owner, got right back to me claiming that he had *GREAT* prices on tires.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positive side of the experience ended. Cardernas’

great prices are a few bucks more than you could get the same tires pretty much

anywhere on the Internet. Their shop rate is a little on the high side and they

hedge their rates with charges for extras such as a tire disposal fee. I was

NOT able to get an out-the-door-with-a-smile price quote or even a not to exceed

price quote. This may be a great motorcycle shop but I guess I will never find out..

Mike Cardenas gives the distinct impression, intentionally or not, that my business

just isn’t important to him. Must be nice to have so many customers already that

you can chase off new prospects.



Columbia River Honda Suzuki: Said they were unable to find a tire that would fit

this bike except for the OEM Bridgestone. Quoted $434 to replace the front and rear.

This was a fairly reasonable and competitive quote and $20 lower than the quote

from Beaverton Honda (BHY) which is located closer to my home. The OEM Bridgestones

are OK. they just are not a very high end tire.

UPDATE: After getting a price of $445 from DS and then having that quote verified

a few days later, when Julie called THE VERY NEXT DAY, some crabby guy there refused to

honor their pricing. So. back to the drawing board. Julie called Columbia River

Honda Suzuki and miracle of miracles. they found the part number for the Metzelers.

$445 for a set, installed. Since I would MUCH rather have the work done at a Suzuki

Dealership, Columbia River Honda Suzuki won the business that Beaverton Honda did

not want. Any company that would lose a sale and lose a customer over $25 in

*ADDITIONAL* profit just doesn’t get it in my opinion. Bend Over Bob’s loss

is St Helens’ gain..

9/13/12: Had the new Metzelers installed at Columbia River Honda Suzuki. They

honored their pricing and did the work quickly, efficiently and competently.

The Mechanic who did the work was a young guy but has an impressive resume including

working a number of years at Forest Grove Honda which is an A rated Dealership.

This is a nice, friendly place with employees who actually seem to enjoy working

there (versus all of the unhappy long faces you’ll see at Bend Over Bobs). It’s

definitely worth the drive to take your business to a Dealership that actually

values their customers. I’d rate my satisfaction with this visit as: VERY SATISFIED!

10/25/13: Suzy has a little over 30,000 miles on it. Hasn’t seen scheduled maintenance

for a very long time (except for lubrication which I do religiously, myself). Figured


Absolute Power Sports: These guys are right off the beginning of the Crown Zellerbach

Trail. There is an auto body shop next door to them (could be the same outfit).

Their shop rate for a tire change is higher than the norm ($60 per axle). The rate

Suzuki Boulevard 400
Suzuki Boulevard 400
Suzuki Boulevard 400

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