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Get Your Motor Runnin’…

a nod to Steppenwolf.

Ok, it’s than a little laughable to try me and a “biker” song into the thought.  I ride a motorcycle, but no “biker” would even sit me in the same bleacher section at a Thorogood concert.  My idea of teenage was when I bought (geez, I even steal the stupid thing) a book and hid it in the Sunday paper my Dad had me to buy.

  I hid it so Pop wouldn’t know I another comic book my allowance money.  Yeah, I was a wild child, alright.

I was a teen, I had friends with but not me.  I didn’t work at that paid enough for me to one, and my cruel parents to see the necessity of a teenager having a Never mind that I was an and reckless teenager.  That has to do with it, and I clearly needed

  Maybe I could have the holding-my-breath-until-I-turned-blue trick, but I’m kind of that would have my case much.

So I had to wait adulthood to get a bike.

I was a young-ish cop in East, PA, and I worked second and shifts, almost exclusively.  One of my friends bought a motorcycle, and I was envious.  I had wanted one for a long but still didn’t have

  Rats!  JB’s “new” was an old (I don’t even remember the year) CB 500.  It had been sitting some guy’s garage, and

Not my but a nice shot of a Honda CB.

was just a mess.  JB paid $300.00 for it, and then took it to a motorcycle dealer for repair.  several weeks, the shop him that for them to fix it would him way more than the bike was Disgusted, he said he was just to sell it.  I asked the and he told me that he was just to get his $300.00 back.

  I yelled, and was completely jazzed about my new

Those that know me are wondering what Beth about this whole Well, I didn’t tell I value my marriage, and I just think it was a healthy thing to this to Beth at this Sometimes, no matter how rational I am, she a negative tack.  So I kind of, uh, for the proper moment.

  Timing is everything.

We had been the purchase of a motorcycle.  The conversations went something like

Me: “I want a motorcycle.”

Beth: “We afford one.”

Me: “I want a

Beth: “They’re too dangerous.”

Me: “I a motorcycle.”

Beth: “No.

Unreasonable.  So, being the thoughtful I thought it best to tell at a better time.

JB finally got the ( MY bike. ) back from the the back of a friend’s pickup.  I was 8PM to 4AM, so around 2-3 in the morning, he into my driveway, and we unloaded it, it in my garage.  At the end of the I went home and went to with visions of motorcycles in my head.

When I woke up, I was so excited I hardly contain myself.  I wait to tell Beth.  It happened to be her birthday, and I just she would be as jazzed as me (like I I was young), so I took her out to the garage and her in front of the door.  I had her close her the door open, and had her open her And it felt like I had stepped a walk-in freezer.

  We were outside, but the temperature dropped thirty degrees in a heartbeat.  I She looked at this unbelievable of masculine freedom, and in a voice I would expect from in The Exorcist as her head is spinning Beth said, “What.

  Is Suffering from short-term dementia, I failed to keep my shut.  I said, “It’s a Head still spinning, and now pea soup, she next asked, is it?”   (Well, maybe of a shrieking sound than an voice) My answer?  “It’s I just bought it last Happy birthday!!”   I can safely say I did not get the reaction that my deranged mind thought I would

  It probably didn’t help we were renovating Beth’s kitchen, and she her new cabinets had come in.  the case, our house was chilly and for a loooong time. (note: I am not as now as then.  We have a fantastic probably mostly due to Beth’s husband actually becoming an

Well, we kept the bike, and I a lot of time getting it into shape.  I loved that I’m not a small guy, I stand 6’3″, and back then weighed in at 180 lbs.  Riding it I looked like a monkey on a softball, but I felt like a bucks on that thing.

  A couple of years later I up to a CB 750.

Also not mine, but

I didn’t keep this one It was from Utah, and when I the carburetor bowls, there was a half-inch of sand in them.  I just imagine what the valves, and pistons looked like, so I it and bought a Suzuki GS 750.


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