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Technical Information on Suzuki GS bikes

I’ve had quite a few of GS bikes. They are very and fun. GS400

This is one little two cylinder four bike. When I got mine, it had sitting beside a house for years. The handlebars were the throttle cable was just frozen, the front caliper was and it was just covered with rust.

I brought it home and it on fresh gas. The battery had a charge all that time.

heard that the valve are important on this bike. so the exhaust than intake. never adjusted mine, but I I will before I sell it.

Good power and a smooth This one’s a four.

System Gremlins

The Suzuki gremlin has hit the only one of these worked on. There was a lot of extra on this one, but it may have sold to my friend in the chunked-out The alternator on these doesn’t do a good charging job if the revs are low for a long period of time. My who owned this bike had problems with it charging its When I borrowed it, I never

She was very gentle with it, I let it rev a bit. Shift later and the revs higher will a lot. If you poke around short shifting this it’s just not going to its battery

Petcock (fuel Problems

The petcock on this one is not one of best designs. There’s about the vacuum not starting away that doesn’t the fuel valve right so that if the bike doesn’t right away, it won’t The workaround for this is to start the with the petcock in the Prime Replacing the vacuum hose and boot are options that are more expensive, and it could be the diaphragm in the petcock body is too.

This is not replaceable, but the gasket the dial is. The whole unit is spendy from Suzuki, but not too bad boneyards. If you get one from the junkyard, be to bring your old one with as used several different and bolt patterns for their

Beware! GS750

I’ve had the of working on several of these

Choke Cable

Not much you can do but replace it. I had to do mine two times a The factory part is pretty but they’re available elsewhere for dough.

A good switch is to get slide-pull carbs that the choke on the side of the carb

Carb Diaphragms

Be careful these carbs because if you the slider/diaphragm piece is about a throw.

Inlet Rubbers

do get old and crack. This can lead to running and holed pistons, so them at your peril. The way to test them is to squirt a liquid on them while the is running.

If the revs change, got leaks.

Handlebar mods for L

I would say that about of the GS750s sold in the US were the L This was the cruiser style of the GS line. They usually had mag stepped seats, chrome fenders and a thinner waist.

Their frames were thinner across the top and back and ran different side covers. I the thinner frames were so could easily accomodate the and Queen cruiser style They have dubious as a cruiser, and they are not that looking. They also something I consider a cardinal sin for Buckhorn style handlebars.

folks also call pullback bars. I find very difficult to use as they me back in the seat giving me of a sense of control of the bike. is not so good.

Due to my experience swapping buckhorn bars with TT bars, I’ve found the GS750L models work well with these TT on them.

TT bars are kind of dirtbike handlebars except for they don’t have a The problem one runs into is the brake master cylinder is too long and the clutch cable to be re-routed. This is no real big and the tradeoff is a much more bike. The buckhorn bars the L came with push you in your seat.

This my back and arms ache I was fighting the wind and trying to myself up against it. That for comfort and control.


The front brake hoses are by now much shot. Drain the and install braided steel lines. You’ll get better performance while avoiding the inconvenience of blown brake

To swap to the 4 valve head or not

were two different kinds of for the late ‘70s and early GS750s. The two valve and the four per cylinder heads. Believe it or folks, but for performance and reliability, the four valver. The performance are negligible and the hassle factor way up.

Sure, there are performance to be made, but there just any reason to do a head swap for the performance this swap Sure, if you’ve just your head gasket and you a four valve head around, go for it. Don’t bother

Also on the four valver, your tolerances and be sure to your oil ever 3,000 If you don’t, you’ll see grooves on your cams.


Run the tires you can afford on these The handling isn’t magical with the best tires, but it better with good These bikes handled OK for time and were a whole lot than most anything at the they were built.


Fork seals This is a fact. This job is a pain in the … that gladly dished it off to my local Trust me, if you’re worried bushing wear, they’re to tell you about it.

It means money to them to have you them replace/recondition them. Get seals done soon the telltale grime starts to around the bottom of the sliding of the forks, or you risk fouling out brake pads and hosing up braking performance. Don’t with aftermarket seals, go the factory ones.

Head Race Bearings

For reason the headstock on the ’81 Suzuki was so weird that they even bother publishing a how to fix it in the manuals I got for my bike. Take one to the shop as well. All the others to have pretty traditional bearings and races.

Do those or hit the GS Resources page to see what you to convert it to tapered rollers.

Seats deteriorate from use and in the sun. Get the best one you can afford. enjoy your ride so more.


The Barnett pack for this motor be overkill, but you’ll probably have to replace it again. A of caution: Tighten and loosen the cover bolts in a criss-cross and just a bit at a time or you will the clutch cover. Not an expensive from the junkyard, but a pain to none the less.

When the clutch, pay attention to the pivot arm extends the clutch rod. A of mine went with new and springs and ended getting a couple of times due to the arm starting too far up its and then getting jammed at the This locks the clutch out and it hard to get home.


the battery on these bikes. them out of the bike at least a of times a year and watch the level. If it needs some add DISTILLED water and don’t fill. Be sure you route the tube to a place where it laying against or over a or chromed surface.

Plumb a new line if you have to. You screw up your paint if the cooks. And it will.


Check the GS Resources page if you a new stator or rotor. They produced a new one for this bike is superior to the factory replacement.


Older bikes in series have breaker ignitions. Dump it and get an electronic Set it up carefully or get a shop to do it for you. You regret it.

You will be rewarded quicker starts, and less of migrating timing putting in the crowns of your pistons. for thought.


Re-oil filter frequently. Change element filters frequently. If you the airbox and install pods or REJET! This holds for putting aftermarket pipes on it as

Chain and Sprockets

Needless to replace these as a unit you really like working on part of the bike. When you do the chain, get an O-ring chain. quieter and will last longer if cared for.

And you care for it. Save the installation that came with the and follow it religiously. If you do, you chain last for 25,000 miles

If you don’t, you’ve just $150.00 of parts down the Also, be aware that the marks printed on the swingarm of the are probably not that accurate. some other way of aligning chain.

There are several out I like the string method.

Swinging Arm Bearings

If your is chain driven, test the and play in the swingarm bearings at the of each season. The test is Put the bike on the center stand and the bike off, grab the of the wheel right under the Pull it back and forth the exhaust pipes. If you notice side to side play, replacing the bearings.

There may be side to side play on a with good bearings, but than a millimeter or so and you’re at fried bearings. Replacing bearings will make much easier on your and make the handling of your much more predictable.

These bikes are more of the as their smaller bretheren. are big and heavy. Shafties are clean and heavier, chainers are more oriented.

All these bikes are reliable, comfortable, big in every of the word and a pretty nice for both town and touring

Final Notes

Just everything I’ve said for any of the GS bikes applies to all of them. you just dig those digital readouts?

Suzuki GS 50
Suzuki GS 50
Suzuki GS 50
Suzuki GS 50

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