Suzuki GS125 ES — review and opinion — Suzuki GS125 — Learner legal fun !

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Suzuki GS 125 ES

Suzuki GS125 — legal fun !

This will be an review as I have just my CBT and bought one of these little The longer I own it the more I will


For those who don’t know, wishing to ride a moped or has to sit a CBT to ride on the road. It stands for Basic Training, if you don’t it will be because they you are not fit/safe to ride on road.

are two types of bikes you can ride, a or a motorcycle, Majority of people on a bike up to the engine size of but if you are over 21 you could do it on a larger

After completing my training on a SR 125 I picked up my little Suzuki and drove it 180 miles back to my (so this is where most of my will come from).


At first glance it’s special but personally I think it better than the Yamaha SR and of the Honda CG125 models, at around 1998.

It’s a light bike (around suitable for the shorter person, with different colours and has a 4 … engine, alloys electric start, 5 gears, cut of switch and a gear selector Has no fuel gauge but does a reserve so you know when to up again.


Don’t expect special but it can beat a few cars off the to get you ahead of traffic with its engine or 10.2kw as they to state these days. to have a top speed of 65.2 mph but I for a fact it can go faster, on a dual I managed to get 70mph on a flat section. Personally I wouldn’t this to a race track but if you did you just get 75mph out of it.

The bike on gradients and you can actually see the needle backwards, you really need to be in a gear to keep your up.

Economical ?

One of the main reasons for a motorbike is that they are economical on fuel, exempt a lot of parking charges and congestion tax is cheap and insurance is cheap.

bike has an 11 litre tank and is economical on fuel, not sure what the MPG is on this as on the way my brother and I top up his Honda CBR600 and do mine at the time. I can say that before up we did 70miles and you could see petrol in my near the top, probably not 1/4 of tank was used.

We stopped off again at around the mark and topped up again and time has used less. we got back I topped up my tank, done 70 miles on it so far and nowhere another top up, will run the bike I need to refill and work out

The Ride

Ride height is good but depends on the type of you like, the Yamaha SR125 I on my CBT was too much of a cruiser position for me, bars too high compared to Not fancying a bike you have to over tank, I didn’t something like the Honda CBR NSR 125, Aprilla 125 etc.

The position and handle bar position it a comfortable ride, has a nice seat but your … ache a bit after a 180 mile For small trips this is enough perfect for me.

Suspension is soft so it soaks up quite a few but for gods sake don’t use the brake only. On your CBT or any course you will be told not to use brake only as all weight is to front forks. With the suspension being soft you are to drop bike or even go the bars.

After the 180 mile I had no aches or pains as you may get on harder or racing position bikes. I really like the ride on bike.


Not too sure what the arc on the bike is but can easily do a u turn on a 2 lane road. With it light you can flick it easily lane to lane or around lanes. With it being you can get it in small places and back out This bike is the same as in regards to steering is hardly taking corners requires a amount of steering and the rest Don’t bank too far with bike as it has square type

If you feel yourself taking a wider than you planned back off throttle and the bike come around.


looking around for a few weeks I can say I was unable to get one for under Ј750 in the I was looking for, most had mileage and probably needed an rebuild. The 4 … is more than the 2 … which is factor to put into it. Costs do vary in the 2nd hand market but in you could expect to be paying — Ј1200 or above, on year and condition.

A new one is likely to you Ј1600.

Luckily I found mine for with only 8k on clock in used condition.


Insurance cost me Ј163 but I for all the other insurances and break cover bringing it to a total of Tax is only Ј15 a year at the time of it this year.

Petrol varies but you will be using a of lot less than even the economical car. With at 94.9 it takes Ј12 to fill up and i’ll be able to get around out of it, Ј12 in my car will get me 90 miles.

Suzuki GS 125 ES

As for parts and I am not sure but told they are as with most 125’s. The seems not to be as common and I can’t why, either that or simply don’t break


A cracking little bike or simple commuter to and places, no good as a cruiser or for journey’s. An ideal step up to a powerful bike or passing test. Given the choice of a CG125, Yamaha SR125 or the at this moment in time I honestly pick the Suzuki.

The CG125 according to reviews is to be better and probably is more than the Suzuki, making it to get parts.

Update :

Having the bike for 5 months now I I would update the review.

Been great so far and the only was the clutch cable snapped and job I had breakdown cover. Not really the bike since I got it and not even it and it’s running fine.

The of a clutch cable repair was Ј8, a new would have been so nice and cheap there.

The has ahd to be tightened a few times now so it looks it will require a chain and soon but they are only with it being a 125.

The head bearings are also a clicking noise when sharp so I’d say they have to be replaced soon.

For a 125 I think it great handling when banking, suspension a little soft but I expect for the age of bike it is. Bike can be pushed by if you are not careful, in high winds I literally had to bank the bike to it being blown into traffic, however, this is normal for 125’s.

Cost. Ј10 of petrol will get me around 190 200 miles and a full tank is Ј12 at current pices of 94.9p. The is 2.9 gallons so you are getting around city riding. On long that will reduce due to the that you have throttle open, but even then you probably get 50mpg.

With cold weather us, the bike has been starting time even if left over the weekend, as all bikers know, that is not normal having to use choke. It appears the bikes carb mixture had adjusted so that it started 1st Playing with the mixture the starts and rides how it should.

will also mean now the MPG should be better.

Accelleration. Has good accelleration and I can honestly say not smaller engined cars can it off the line and upto 30mph, 40mph it starts to lose it and slows. The top speed is 70mph due to gradients you will probably 60mph over a distance.

of Suzuki GS125 ES

Suzuki GS 125 ES
Suzuki GS 125 ES


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