Suzuki GS150 R Ownership Review by Krish Kamath

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Suzuki M 1800 R Limited Edition

Suzuki GS150 R Ownership by Krish Kamath

Hello My name is Krish and I’m from Karnataka. First of all I would to thank for the amazing they do bringing news and our way. Kudos to you the team!

So on the review.


It was in the June of when for the first time I seeing bikes in a different Until then, my perception of was purely as a means of transportation. was when I came across the oft quote.

 Four Wheels the body, two wheels move the

The reason for my awakening was my friend’s about Motorcycle touring on his profile. It shared in detail all his on a day long ride, the places he the roads he rode on, the … he endured, everything. And then the bug bit me.

I crawl the online forums and learning about people’s and the specialty of their Bikes – how planned the ride, what endured on the ride, what experienced and finally what were blessed with as Almost a year of such joyrides, it was July of 2011 and I that it was time to go from to Real. I was hooked and I could cure myself by getting a and going out there and experiencing it for

Bee in my bonnet at all times: I need to get my own

Requirements: Touring Friendly, Power, Pocket Friendly, riding position, Solid and of course style and reasonable !

And thus the search to get my first began! I would spend at end researching about bikes and am to where majority of the regarding reviews would from. (I think Review 8 or 9 was what I was reading at that I also googled Tourer’s blogs and narrowed down on bike would best my requirements.

The undisputed hero in my books was the GS150R. At the same time, of the 2012 model began to online. I still remember my at having seen the first spy

One visit to the Service center, one ride later, I was on my way to getting a or the baby Gixxer.

Name of the Suzuki GS150R

Variant/Model Pearl White, 2012

Price: Rs. 75,400/- On road.

1 Complete

The bike of my dreams into my life on the 24th of 2011. It was heavy rains in on that day and I got drenched during my ride only. How awesome is

Every day of the past year and with my bike, who I named Chill Pill’ has been

I Commuted to work, I toured of about 350 kilometers in a day, on solo night rides for about 50 kms away, offroaded on level surfaces, and much Its been about 18 months and now I cannot leave the parking lot turning back and admiring my for the absolute beauty she is! My experiences and please find it below.

for Purchasing

Newer and refreshed of the touring and executive commuter two wheeler which has solid written all over it. Primarily, I the bike for office commuting and distance touring without any I am delighted to say that it has fit both the beautifully with whatever touring I have had the opportunity of

Looks and styling

Things make this bike in my books are

Massive and Royal tank reminiscent of the Super

Digital Speedometer with assists that enable you to set the in different modes like power and god modes for complete over Power and Fuel

18″ rims that make a breeze.

Upright riding again a plus for Touring.

End/Tail Design

The Tail end of the bike keeps you looking at it in all day long. As it is the tail end design is from the Elder Gixxer (600, 1000, 1300

LED Stop light and Rear incorporated with the bikini which gives a super Fit and Finish.

Stock tires are MRF Series. The 100/18 section tires suit the bike and inspire confidence for Reasonable

The Number plate holder and the Tire hugger serve function well and do not vibrate or causing uncomfortable moments riding.

The swing arm does not out but looks like a well unit and blends in with the of the bike perfectly.

Saree too camouflages well with the of the bike and does not look out of

The Silencer with a chrome guard again look modern and flashy compared to the dullness from the previous

Front End Design

The Bike has a Fairing which has been proportioned.

The newer Headlight makes the bike look and more interesting than the versions.

Headlight design is in a V form with 35/35W bulbs. At the two tips of the V, the pilot serve their functions by aesthetically improving the Front end

Providing braking at the front end is a Regular Brembo/Bybre Disc provides ample braking and feedback.

The Mudguard is incorporated that it is a combination of the body and jet black color matching the accents.

Engine and Performance

The engine displacement is 149.4 CC to be It packs a power of 14.1 BHP and Nm of Torque.

The bike has been for tireless cruising at normal speeds and it does the job without any whatsoever.

The acceleration is enough to a thrill to the rider and the top speed of bike is about 120-125 depending on the rider weight.

the bike on hilly roads is no as it has ample power to accelerate any major effort. The rider can relaxedly and pull up reasonably no what the angle of up rise is.

are the typical Suzuki Butter types. Having 6 gears with Highway cruising and happens beautifully. All said, a commuter/tourer and the shifting needs to be with respect to its segment.

The does not feel underpowered in any gear. If possible, the the 2012 has been improved in ride

Other Design Elements

As previously, the majestic and massive tank is the highlight of the overall giving it a super-bike like and it merges with the rest of the of the bike as magically as art. The Fit and of the bike when comparing paint job or the exposed frame is taken care of.

The detailing has managed well. Overall usage is quite good use of higher quality plastics on the gear. The seat has been with care and riding distances can prove to be very when compared with bikes.

The seat is plush being too stuffy.

Ride and handling

The suspension at the rear is up to 5 steps so the rider can get a custom setup to suit to every of riding terrain. Again in mind that the bike is at commuter/touring and it does the job it was designed to do poise and majesty.

Cornering is very much if you know what you are doing and the takes it all neatly and without any The bumps on bad roads are absorbed nicely thus giving a relaxed and balanced riding

Since the bike weighs 150 kgs it proves to be very confidence at higher cruising speeds. The does not easily get affected by generated by heavy vehicles Lorries on the open roads. though the bike is heavy, around the city is not a problem

Once the rider gets to the weight, he/she can quite counter-steer the bike to make it maneuverable.

Riding with a proves very comfortable as the have been spaced amply. Top speed with an pillion for this rider has 105 kmph.

Seat comfort is an between Hard and Soft. It is enough to give you a sturdy position and soft enough to the rider on long riding on the saddle. The upright riding and the seat quality are prime for success when touring on bike.

Suzuki M 1800 R Limited Edition

The riding position be suitable to a rider with a height of about 5 feet and 7 at least. However, taller some about 6 feet inches also can ride bike very comfortably.

The again has been set very and quite within the reach of the supporting the upright riding

The brakes perform well good amounts of bite in The rear brakes are still brakes with occasional sounds under wet conditions, it performs its purpose flawlessly.

efficiency and Maintenance

Until the service(1000 kms) the bike a efficiency figure of 44 kmpl However, over successive and improved riding style uniform acceleration and reasonable speeds of about 80-90 on the highways, the bike has been delivering fuel efficiency of about 52 kmpl! The fuel figures at the sales center was kmph so a drop of about 10 from claimed figure like a very reasonable

Servicing/maintenance charges have very much in control the past year with the charges being only for Oil. Approximately about has been spent for the entire and half bringing the maintenance to about Rs.100/- per month. I am a very normal rider who has 9000 kms in a year and a half.

Problems, Service Experience – I had read online that a Suzuki serviced is a major but I have not faced any such with them. They are a lot.


The only faced was toughened Gear during rainy season was fixed expertly at the service at minimum charges. Overall experience has been hassle with the service persons on concerns quite neatly and

Final Verdict and Advice for New

If the rider is looking for no-nonsense commuting and long distance without any trouble and minimum of pains, then this has been designed for you. To you frankly, I have not regretted my to go for this awesome bike, and I do not I will! The bike is suitable for commuting in an executive fashion and for distance cruising/touring as a breeze.

that are awesome

Clean-set Speedometer with dual and fuel meter along option to set Riding modes Economy/Power/God.

Majestic Proportions of the inducing a superbike riding

Gorgeous and Sharp looks.

Suzuki Jet Cooling System, oil on strategic positions to keep the functioning as cool-ly as possible. a plus for Touring. Strangely feature is not marketed by the company.

Engine balancer Technology: The has been mounted onto the such that the contact have dampeners on them as little vibration to be passed the structure as possible, thus the rider a vibe-free ride

The Upright Riding position.

that could be better

Displacement – Preferably 200cc competitive Power/ Torque which would enable better cruising speeds. that with amazing the vehicle would be a grand option.


Ride and handling: 9/10 (Ride a major plus)

Performance: (Reasonable amount of power.

Fuel Efficiency: 9/10 the weight and the returns.)


Maintenance: 8/10 (2 points off for the that u need to take bike at 8:30 to the service even after a appointment. not such a minus actually.)

Average: 8.4/10.

Personal of the Vehicle: 9/10.


Thank you for reading my thoughts on my bike. If you are a prospective buyer, I I have helped you make a in terms of understanding the true of this bike. Suggestions, and Criticisms welcome!

All the best to my contestants as well.

Suzuki M 1800 R Limited Edition
Suzuki M 1800 R Limited Edition
Suzuki M 1800 R Limited Edition


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