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A few months ago we had the pleasure of a couple of with a new Suzuki GSX-R Now while that was great for us, and you, an idea of what the was like to ride, it didn’t do much when it came to what it was like to live In fact, all we were able to do time was say that it handles it’s comfortable enough and fast.

Fast. A great and one used rather regularly talking about bikes this. Frequently, it’s by another word to emphasise how fast it is, but we’ll not be using here.

In fact, this is a time to blow some of the that is being peddled by alleged experts about bike. The GSX-R 1000 is not it. It isn’t over the hill, overweight or gutless. It is about as far those things as you can imagine remaining a usable road

It isn’t new for 2004, it’s And it’s no longer the lightest and powerful in the class. But it’s powerful than some and than some.

And at the end of the day, any class sports bike is far and more capable than you or I ever be. If you’re a professional or GP racer then please that last comment – aimed at the mere mortals

We’ve had this bike on for the best part of three now, and it’s opened my to the reality of litre bike I’m going to do something a little here. I’m going to lead the conclusions of the test and then them.

Why? Because it feels the thing to do. And because that’s the impression that remains an enthusiastic ride on a GSX-R1000.

The of arriving at the end of your journey a little before you actually

The GSX-R 1000 is an incredibly road bike. It is comfortable and with decent mirrors, lights and plenty of points to your luggage on. It handles managing to be stable while not too much hard work to get And it goes quite well

Acceleration is positively brutal. take no more than a thought and a slight twist and are clear and done. When we had the to test top speed it turned out to be ridiculous. And yet the whole thing is as bimbling along at the national limit as it is at warp factor 21.

In a I really liked this and didn’t want to give it

Of course, every silver has a cloud. And though it is difficult to any real criticism to level at the 1000, the test period entirely without trauma. of all, there’s something having a bike that is of the production racing scene will be familiar to anyone who owned a Yamaha LC.

Racers on the whole, pretty decent But some of the folk around aren’t. If you have a GSX-R then get a decent alarm, a lock and a decent garage to it in.

Because even parking in front of a CCTV camera and by spotlights didn’t stop it going walkies. We only got it because the opportunist toe-rags who it didn’t have the brains to out how to get it rolling and didn’t have a van them to take it away. left it hidden in some a few hundred yards from the

I found it, took it back in and it in the corridor outside my room for the of the night. But you might not be so lucky, so lots of precautions.

The other you will need to be careful of is This bike is very I think I may have mentioned before. And overtakes are very I probably mentioned that as

Add the two together and you soon find doing devastatingly effective on cars that are already the national speed limit by way. And that makes you vulnerable when it comes to your licence and, your liberty as well.

But waffle. During the time we had bike it was used in town, in the and on motorways, A roads and back It was used in the rain, in the dry, at and… well, you get the picture I’m We did everything with this that we possibly could. And did we find?

We found that it was far better we are at everything we asked it to do, of course.

start with practicality. Not the strong suit of a supersports and perhaps a pointer that the has gone a bit soft. Except, of that it was always practical.

hooks on the rear pegs and in either side of the number mean that you can actually a bag on the back and be reasonably sure it will stay put. if you use the pillion seat instead of the – not an option we had but it would have a good thing even Add to that a seat that offers some real a screen and fairing that are protective and an engine that sensible cruising speeds so that fuel consumption laughable and suddenly you consider a whole lot further that you would on a sports bike and why the hell anyone would buy one of the sports tourers when does such a good

Then you need to do a decisive Maybe you need to get past some white lines or a maybe you’ve misjudged the speed of that truck the other way or maybe the subject of overtake just needs to be what you and your bike can do. of these are good reasons but all happen. Or maybe you’re being cautious and spending the possible time on the wrong of the road, officer.

Either way, you close on target and take a decent of throttle. And Jeez – you know why go for lardy tourers. If someone had on the back the wheelie you just would have been a more exciting than you

And if you’d had luggage on elastics it would be catching you up and smacking you in the just about…now.

Suzuki GSX 1300 R

OK, so forget the touring image. But remember this is a sports bike you can actually ride somewhere than trailering it.

Motorways, dispatched easily enough, are boring places to be on a bike. And off the motorways and onto the less trafficked A roads running the GSX-R 1000 really We already know that plenty fast enough, and some, and that it accelerates a very quick thing. A look on the fairing shows the GSX-R writ large, so the shouldn’t be a surprise.

But it is, nonetheless, impressive. This is quite a big which no doubt contributes to the but the ease with which it can be around shows that have done a very job with the geometry. Likewise the which is most evident on sweeping bends, though it is welcome accelerating off roundabouts the combination of quick direction and aggressive cambers that can the front rather light at the of times can sometimes offer challenges than you might

Taking a large and very motorcycle on back roads and is often considered slightly And although there are plenty of B on which bikes like can shine, there are plenty show up all the weaknesses inherent I and any other, supersports machine. The problem is power delivery.

simply, the GSX-R 1000 is too fast for most back and even gentle riding to degenerate into a ragged of hard braking followed by cornering while trying to the gravel and potholes so often on less well used Then a brief burst of acceleration which is still to push your speed what is ideal for the road and the whole process again. Not and not much fun either.

One of the criticisms at the original GSX-R 1000 was the or rather the lack of braking. I never really found it to be the everyone made out. the brakes lacked a bit when to others but they were pretty good.

Anyway, any about braking efficiency been well and truly to rest with this incarnation of the bike. Massive are radially mounted to give braking effect and they work, bringing speeds from silly numbers reassuring ease. Lots of too.

We have yet to spend any quality time with the litre class supersports When we do, I am sure that we be impressed by their power and just the same as we were the GSX-R 1000. And that’s the

I fully admit that I Suzukis. I like the noise and the and the attitude that goes them. So to me, having only the others on the track or briefly the block, the GSX-R 1000 is the in the class.

But I know that has a soft spot for Yamahas in and R1s in particular, so he may well feel

The truth is this. Any and all of the litre supersports bikes currently on the are massively capable, fast, and blessed with levels of only dreamed of just a few years ago. And the best one for you is you like best.

They are all and long live those

Thanks to Botley Hill in Tandridge, Surrey, for the use of their pretty carpark. Oh, and for excellent and friendly staff as well.

Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R


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