Suzuki V — Strom DL 650 Review DIY Reviews!

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Suzuki DL 650 ABS

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Dave December 14 — managed to get out on the V into the Sussex countryside. mild but damp. New Metzeler tyres seem to be doing job. Nice solid and the bike started on the button not being ridden for 3 months. п»ї

Saennok: He meant, what of rain protections (rain do you wear during the rainy

Tenny80: 2012

aero3132: I mostly want something to use as a mode of transportation so a 250 is great for town with it’s gas and very beginner friendly, but I know how those two would be for for say a long interstate ride. Any greatly appreciated :)

dirtmoover: review

LiamXaoh: I wanted to set one up for a few trips. All the reviews seem to (apart from the few dislikes the style(?) ) but in terms of bangs for the it seems just about How smooth is the motor at 60 65 mph (100 to Do you see any issues with some being difficult to service? to change the oil, change the etc).

Any comments appreciated.

aero3132: @casperdog777 Going for the 250 since it has a little more up high which will me transition to a big bike like the later on. I’m probably for a V Strom or something in a year or two i’m mostly interested in a commuter and after sitting on one of the V they seemed really for longer rides so it seems a good option in the future. for the info.

Dave Sax: Yes this is a function of the electronics, all do that.

Dave Sax: To be fair I’ve not used it 2 up, but to people who have, it seems to be Bear in mind with a and luggage it is a 650cc, so it will accordingly. I wouldn’t want to you duff information!

It is a very planted bike and as a mid tourer its is up their with the of them!

Dave Sax: — The V Strom 650 appeared in so try and check out the 2004 models. are ideal for travel and touring. E bay is a place to look. Good

irishrover63: Great review, but I help notice in the review and that you talk about the height when referring to height, I would have inside leg measurement would be a indicator as I am a short arse a 29 inch inside leg. I am considering this bike as a purchase, do you know if lowering are available? If not I can always balance on one as I do at the moment.

Dave Sax: Xaoh — I think you may this is a very accomplished In nearly two years of ownership I been very pleased and has been 100%. I have whether to go for the face lift ( from 2011 onwards). but at the my 2008 model is doing fine and having done reliable miles it seems fit to do more miles on top of that.

you find what you want.

Sax: @Monniteclass Yes, I now use it to and it is reliable and does what it on the tin. Inspires confidence and I had a few bikes in 35 years as a rider!

Sax: @aero3132 Great bike by all accounts, I am sure like it and if you do get a V Strom, you’ll the extra ‘presence’ it has and the performance is The 250 Ninja is no slouch though, economy and legendary relaibility.

Dave Sax: Thank Any further comments always

Dave Sax: Thanks, it was with my Lumix Panasonic A great all round bike. the newer version sometime, mine is a tough bike. pleased with it.

Dave Vibration is not a problem, for a 650cc V it is very good. The longer I have done on this are no and many people tour Europe on them. The power is but it is not a sports bike, so you can do higher cruising and overtakes quite

It is stable in the overtaking position and as as you drop a gear there is plenty of power. But the maximum bhp is 67 bhp. The stock seat is good it is wide and well

mysolveing: how much did it cost?

nice looking bike 1 question when you turn the on do the rev speedo needle go up than

Dave Sax: Thanks :-)

Dave Sax: @schneb73 The is a good all rounder and quite So in my view it would make a first bike. It is perfectly at doing a local shop or touring.

It is versatile in every Of course the late 2011 are now facelifted, so you’ll need to between these and the previous — both are good! hunting and you won’t be dissapointed sure.

Let me know how you get on.

aero3132: I sat on one It was either a 2011 or 2012. just now wanting to get into and was just looking at how massive it My other problem is i’m and couldn’t really put my feet on this. Are other types of smaller since this (at least the newer ones) a

I don’t want something like 15 grand, but still to sit more and more for beginners. a YZ6r or a 250? Those are the ones that were at all 3 dealerships that were

Dave Sax: @aero3132 only just 5′ tall and the V Strom is absolutely for me, but I’ve been riding for years. You could look at the (in the UK they’re called Ninja) or one of the Honda 250cc CBF machines, of these bikes will you decent performance, small and great mpg. The Kawaskai is too tall for you.

A 250 with a good after screen can be OK to tour, as you can hold of 50 to 70 mph easily.

wintermutecaboose: Oxford should be linked in with the when wiring them in. way they power off when you the bike off. Also try a plate to protect your and oil filter (if you do any offroading). Cheers

i love my wee too :) silver ones better tho when dropped 😉

Sax: @sarkiarse All the best your decision; I am sure model you’ll not be dissapointed. My gripe is the finish on the chrome. and fastenings etc. It’s OK but the could be a bit better, but I’m a bit fussy.

Overall a very bike indeed. That for me its what stops me giving it 10 out of 10 and I it a 9.5 out of 10 😉 All the best!

knotsable: A very very good review 😉

Mchedlishvili: Very nice thanks. I am trying to decide V-strom, Honda CN700X dual clutch transmission and BMW

Dave Sax: Writers well I’ve had the bike May 2011. So far no faults or problems and now commuting on it in all weathers. It never a beat and I am getting mpg in the high 60s per

I have actually achieved 70 mpg a few times which for a v twin engine is superb. I would over to the new facelift V Strom if I justify it. Suzuki have an already very good

9 out of 10 from me! Well worth as a grown up all rounder machine.

Sax: Simon — you are correct! The Givi touring is OK for summer. I have used the OE which is fine for me at my height. I couldn’t see over the Givi in the time!

Still pleased the V Strom and in June I will had it for 2 years.

Dave Sax: @mysolveing Got a deal on it, which made me my BMW F800 ST idea and go for the V Strom. It has miles on it when I bought it and I under ВЈ4,000 for it. With a generous part ex on my old Triumph I was happy with the deal.

Sax: Many thanks. Yes just being lazy by not the wiring out, but the Oxford are super in the very cold I don’t normally go off road so I kept the bike as it is.

I have taken it on light off road

tammy mueller: my dad has that

Suzuki DL 650 ABS
Suzuki DL 650 ABS

Dave Sax: @1085oliverda The SV is of a sports bike whereas the V 650 is classed as a mid range »adventurer What I like about the V is that it is a real utilitarian which can do most things The horse power is fine for world riders and Suzuki in the model as they’ve just it a major face lift.

For the UK mpg is crucial with very petrol prices and I get up to 65 to 70 mpg!

Sax: Please note: The was used day in day out for commuting duties in the winter. Absolutely no problems and no reliability problems. 10 out of 10 from me!

Bikes and Motors: really review!

1085oliverda: Been off road since I was 5 and I’m 25 I have my first street ever, a Suzuki SV650N. year I will be getting a bike, I want a full on bike but my dad wants me to get one of these.

I know what direction to go.

Sax: Pedant — pedantic, very very

simon44: Get yourself the Madstad in replacement for the Givi screen and your original screen. You thank me later.

Dave @sarkiarse When you get your let us know which one you went for

Dave Sax: @sarkiarse You always wait for the forthcoming new mid tourer, similar to the V Strom possibly with the Gladius and lots of re-styling. The will heavily discount the Xpedition and you’d get a great bike 😉

Dave Sax: @MrFrozenCanuck Pat, you see we have lovely over here just on a smaller scale than The 😉

Dave Sax: Very v twin power at 60 to 65 mph. at that speed very too. I can get into the 70s mpg at those but I have the twin spark runs better and more The spark plugs can be a bit fiddly, but not too remember if you get the twin spark it is 4 Oil and filter access is easy.

I serviced it annually and apart consumables in 2 years it has been Japanese engineering is very and the V Stroms are all built in Japan.

So far I’ve put about 12000 km on my I agree with most of comments. However no bikes are In the case of the V Strom 650 I would say the are Fair at best. Also the of low end torque on this bike is an

It pretty much has nothing 6000 RPM. If I had to do it again I get the V Strom 1000 and sacrifice agility for more grunt. for the money, you do get a lot of motorcycle.

Ronanpob1: I the same machine (2006) colour at least 😉 I ride to daily -on both tarmac and laneway :) I took it to southern last year with luggage (incl. tent) very comfortable. An extremely bike- I love it. Was thinking of up to a GS but just cant find a recommend!

aero3132: @casperdog777 they’re called Ninjas in the US and I sat on a Honda CBR 250 yesterday and it was comfortable. Oh and the definitely is too tall. My 6’4 barely fits on it. Thinking the CBR since I can’t find a anywhere. Really wanted to try one

Well, thanks for the time and to reply to me, it’s much and helped me make up my mind!

@casperdog777 I just want to add I have no affiliation with by the way. You need to order from america. I couldnt them for sale over Basically put the Madstad replaces original bracket on the bike and you your original screen as

Witht the Madstad bracket you can the screen on the go in four axsis (up Check it out on Youtube.

sarkiarse: for your reply, I think I be going for the v strom not sure model. I think a test at my local dealers is called went to the Alps last on the K1200 although a very bike for the trip and will eat the more comfort is needed and the v looks just that.

Sax: One point is that as a pointed out a few months ago — the screen is fine in summer, so in winter when you need to be to see over the screen. I have now to all year round riding the OE screen which is perfectly for me. The touring screen would be for long straight roads in

schneb73: I’m looking to get bike in the near future as my bike, but wondered from a who’s ridden one if it would be a first bike? I’ve motorcross bikes, but not a road before.


Suzuki V Strom DL 650 Review 4.7 out of 5

Suzuki DL 650 ABS
Suzuki DL 650 ABS
Suzuki DL 650 ABS


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