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Suzuki TS 100 B

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Since was tagged for notability, I think it make sense to combine into an all-inclusive TM/TS/TC page. They are essentially the bikes with minor in running gear. While the TS might not be terribly notable, the was Suzuki’s first motocross

I think that this alone lends at least a significance to the series as something of a in the company’s history. Anyone B. Wallace (talk ) 06:58, 9 2008 (UTC)

I can’t see how someone could say the TS series was not You’re talking about of motorcycles sold worldwide several decades. If the Suzuki TS isn’t notable enough, and you the same standard to car articles, the car articles on wikipedia would

I think whoever tagged it as not doesn’t know what doing. Obviously the current is poor and should be tagged something. The problem is it’s not to be even easy to even the many model variations and they were made and countries they were in.

Just because such isn’t easy to find mean the series isn’t though. Incidentally I’m a 35 old from Britain and I am not familiar the TM and TC series, but bikes from the TS were a common sight on here in the 80s. ) 01:34, 30 November 2008

We do need a ts/tc/tm page, is already a ts/tc/tm fourm. on a note, great bikes, needs to be lots and lots and more info about on wikipedia. If I had more time I quadruple the current data. unsigned comment added by (talk ) 21:21, 30 April (UTC)

A factory race kit was for the TS90 [ edit ]

This is it says now: A factory kit was available for the TS90 which of an expansion chamber,light piston and and harder(colder range) plug and which increased the size to

I wonder if there is a better way to a cylinder head to accurately that it includes the cylinder, That is, if a car guy reads the above, he wonder how changing a head and a can alter the displacement. Maybe like, cylinder head would give a hint it was more than just a like you would clamp a Chevy. Fotoguzzi (talk ) 17 February 2012 (UTC)

Possibly the pick of the models was the which had the weight of the 125 and nearly the of the 250 but with a much more reving motor. [ edit ]

The dry weight was about 10 kg more that TS125 and about 10 kg than the TS250. The TS185 IS free-revving than the TS250, but the and torque are pretty much to the displacement. (And no, I do not recall that note in February Fotoguzzi (talk ) 17:25, 25 2013 (UTC)

Porting a TS 185. [ edit ]

The early TS185 -up until 1974(75 in markets)_ie the pre reed valve made a good dry dirt and even better road where it had plenty of power to sit on and still accelerate hard. stock gearing the bike was into its power band at speed so acceleration was first for 17HP. The stock porting is and it can easily be boosted a little.

The first step is to make everything is in good condition bike should go to about without struggling -that’s on the in still air with the stock Set the points, clean the air cleaner and the head and exhaust.Put in a new plug and Check the chain tension.

The way to gain about 2-hp is to a 2mm ramp on the piston crown. it nearly the full width of the port. NB it is only 2mm at the edge of the taper back to normal over 10-12mm. The piston is plenty thick to take Do not alter the port or anything

While you’ve got the piston out the rings are free and not gummmed up. the piston has not got a lot of blow by. If it has, the bore to see if it is time for a rebore. If it is not too bad a new piston and rings may do. NEVER the circlips for the gudgeon pin-they are a few $$ get new ones each time.

Suzuki TS 100 B

The std pipe is quite free (read noisy) so dont it. Dont attempt to alter the length by removing the air cleaner on the road)-it destroys the harmonics and the will run poorly. A new gudgeon and end bearing is good insurance.

this way means the bore std, the rings are not stressed and you gain a nice boost in mid and top with no noticeable effect 4000rpm (who rides anyway!) You still retain If you dont like it just put a piston back in. If you improve the more than this you quickly run out of front brakes as its small-so dont!

This is tested for sea level and air temp no than 85 degrees. So if you are in the desert or at altitude keep an eye on the plug-if it white or the engine start stop and cool it off. You experiment by raising the needle 1 or going to a slightly bigger jet if you ride full out in 100 degrees.

I have to admit I tried set with an expansion chamber virtually no silencing. HP was probably 22- 24. Top speed about 92mph.

It was loud and the brakes could do one stop before fading to Alarming! Acceleration was eye watering about 6000-8500rpm. The pipe was not made for the TS185 but it was close. The light weight of the bike acceleration a lot.

The pipe off very quickly.

If you have check the fuel is not full of check the float bowl is correct, check there is not too slack in the GO cable. Check in the of your garage or basement the plug cap and or lead is not cracked and sparks. Yes -that sparky that just gave you a

Don’t skim or shave the Compression ratio is not so important for power as it is in a 4 …. Try to find road tires if you use it as a commuter or fun

Good luck if you have the 21 front wheel model-plenty of 18 road rubber around

Dont try this on a later ER it was built and geared for mainly low running and had quite a different band. — Preceding unsigned added by (talk ) 6 November 2013 (UTC)

Suzuki TS 100 B
Suzuki TS 100 B
Suzuki TS 100 B


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