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Test Suzuki Burgman 650 maximum service!

Launched in Suzuki Burgman 650 crossed the decade while becoming the of the maxi-scooters. In answer on arrival of competitors, Suzuki pertinently its forces and gummed some of its Successful bet?


A maximum maximum-scooter!

“Ho-hoists”! report by cleansing new Suzuki 650 2013 of its power station of then by operating it with the the first recasting granted by on the spearhead of its range scooter benefits its plumpness.

With 277 kg all facts for Suzuki Burgman 650 (with heating saddle and and momentary splash plate of and 275 kg for the standard version (Genuine), the GT of the blazon of Hamamatsu remains a of the category. A judgment confirmed by its aspect: 2265 mm length, it only 430 mm less on one parking that a Smart For two Cut, it conveys” Daimler group!

that excel it system of rear view mirrors (of a prolonged with the left unit) is renewed: with the width (810 mm) and the volume of its effective retro, that the increase of files or the parking’s in the places. Good news: device from now on is installed of on Suzuki Burgman 650 Genuine, like ABS and the adjustable windshield

Even if its excellent balance and its of gravity placed very low to make forget its roundness’s the fact that it did not lose a proves a little astonishing: to Suzuki, the face lift to the part postpones (less 25 mm) would however have it possible to reduce the loop via the of reinforcements of the steel frame. In the new power station ABS developed by would weigh “55% ensure the Japanese engineers.

but the weight gained on these is unfortunately compensated on the level of the We completely redrew it – outside as – so that he meets the anti-pollution most severe, and that in additional weight”, answers us Kato, the “Advisor Senior” of engine in Suzuki Moto. In the catalyst of this silencer with an elegant chrome 20 mm is longer.

While speaking about the face lift of which Suzuki Burgman 650 2013 him a blow of young welcome: and the back gain in fluidity to more tended lines. The headlights bring also a modernity, that Suzuki perhaps have pushed to mark the scission with the precedent.

On the technical plan, Burgman 650 2013 renewed such as they are its main the twin-cylinder online of 638 DC develops the same values of power and (55 ch and 62 Nm), but would appear sober from “15% in mode Drive” thanks to the use of effective injectors and a lower springs of valves to more tarring and new segments on its two pistons.

In the way, the reduction of frictions on the as of clutch disks (- 35% of frictions to a new material of surface) and final by pinions would take to reduce consumption. Alas, announced progress could not be fault of being able to the tank during the test. As an the average condos indicated to the panel after 225 km traversed at rhythm varied from 5.6 L 6.5 l/km according to the testers.

the transmission with continuous “CVT” also was the object of a on level primarily aiming at its operation in automatic mode.

to a fall of the driving mode at low and a new parameter setting of the injection, sought to reduce – even to – the jolts felt on the model in particular during strong or decelerations. And the efforts made by the mechanics are immediately perceptible: is more easily measurable and the of acceleration/deceleration are perfectly transparent.

the cut of gases below 20 km/h, the phenomenon of wheel felt the aviator “takes down” also much less With the approach of an intersection, new Burgman 650 2013 fact of more than flexibility, its management of the engine brake is more finely controlled: more on the level of the approval of

A large complete and practical

Stopped all carefully with a red in front of Coliseum in Rome the “mega -maxi-scooter” Suzuki another aspect of its general the notches dug in its floor were with the profit of accessibility.

Thus, in spite of a saddle broad (but low: 755 mm on and 5 mm more on Executive because of system), the boots of a pilot of come naturally and completely in with the bitumen.

And this, while remaining well at the bottom of this very sited, the lumbar ones well by the pilot splash Whose equipment can vary position 50 mm in the longitudinal axis, in to benefit from vast separating the saddle from the to extend its legs comfortably?

The top of the also enjoys a princely even with the bubble in low the bust is sheltered perfectly and not undergo any constraint, while the drawn branches of the handlebar are effortlessly. Only flat the handlebar: its width and its distance respect to the pilot require to “the long arm” to the external branch into at the time of a half-turn.

On the other Suzuki Burgman 650 2013 an excellent turning radius and the of its handlebar improves the arm of lever, the operations at low and average speeds. The of adjustable brakes in spacing and two boxes of 1.3 liter easily complete a well thought

In spite of their many (ten buttons on the left of the Executive one!), the control remain functional but miss The recourse to multiple colors orange yelling, yellow black, clear and red gray!) visually. That does not in Favor of perceived quality, not than the side “plastic of certain plastics (glove box and handlebar, in particular) or cables it by outgoing adhesive tape of the ordering of the heating handles.

A on the new console of edge informs practically all! The dials of the meter and rev counter frame a screen where appear the the level and the petrol consumption, the of the engine and the air, total two daily trips and committed in manual mode. An indicator of ignites even when the temperature goes down 3°C!

For 2013, two new features make appearance: a message of maintenance is in bottom digital window on the every 6000 km to announce the for draining oil, while a symbol “Eco” ignites adopted control makes it to spare consumption.

Readable but an bit, this instrumentation of the car suffers only from one rather aggravating on this of scooter “Premium”: impossibility of ravel all this information the handlebar. Nothing to arrange, the reserved for this function on the panel is small and not very while rolling, because of distance compared to the pilot.

In the of the annoying practical details, let us also the absence of hinge on the filler cap of petrol of 15 liters or bent on the wheel before 15 Damage, because the floating of brake (fixed before) of 260 mm do not much place to check or the pressure… In the back, the wheel of 14 profits as for it from this

From now on installed on the left the saddle (on the right on the apron in the small ordering of parking is not either a model of accessibility. positioning apart from the of vision of the pilot combined the low visibility of the indicator of interlocking to the panel make that it is to forget to loosen it before out again. An automatic parking as on BMW C650 would bring the more practical, while these kinds of small

Perhaps lastly, if volume liters) and the plasticity of the glove bootable and equipped with a 12V are renewed, the reduction in the throw of the trunk under the saddle grain some of them. of the refining of the back, the volume of the of Suzuki Burgman 650 2013 indeed from 56 to 50 liters. Or the form takes the step on the

No concern however, MNC checked: it is possible to slip two crash or flexible into this lit whose opening is ordered the contactor. And it still remains of the to place gloves or a rainwear, is enough amply with the newspaper.

With use, the owners of new will appreciate also the of a small inspection door checking the levels of oil and cooling on the before left. A creditable knowing that these passed before by a disassembling of of the floor!

Travel in class

Remarkably nimble taking consideration its gauge, Suzuki 650 profits from an excellent precision which authorizes and precise placements to him. in spite of its weight, the Suzuki moves almost end of the fingers a disconcerting ease.

Its powerful makes it possible to form of circulation and to start with without fearing “to miss while its suspensions effectively the small ones and large sometimes met in urban area. table shining is however by an ABS well too significant which the braking distances copiously.

On the stones of large the axes of the back brake proved unusable during supported so much the anti-locking one loses the quickly. With front, the is shown fortunately more in the absence of being completely During strong decelerations, one the absence of a coupled braking would make it possible to from a power in addition satisfactory with before in the back.

Downtown, useless to with the various functions of the the mode “Drive” (engaged by is most suitable. The manual with its 5 “speeds” does not significant profit and generates some jolts on the way reports.

more reactive than the “Drive”, the automatic function is shown on its side too sporting in cycle. The instantaneous answer – brutal – accelerator makes less comfortable, while the engine brake requires attention.

On the other hand, left urban area in the of a small sinuous road, mode takes all its value: one the revivals guns and the consequent of the twin-cylinder (red zone 8000 rpm). Very with the idle, the sonority of the becomes at the same time raucous and present in the turns: but it is it breathes extremely, this

Motorized extremely well, Burgman 650 authorizes very cruising speeds (to 180 km/h, the of the meter still goes that the cycle part without muter. Stable in of the reduction of its footing of 10 mm (1585 the Suzuki maximum-scooter remains to its trajectory whatever the pace.

At it is the protection offered by the bubble acknowledges the first its limits: it only a few small centimeters to the entirety of the head, while a depression is made in the back helmet starting from 140 The development out of blower of a new support of thus does not eradicate this phenomenon which nevertheless bearable.

Admittedly sharp than Tmax 530 in the shifts, Suzuki Burgman 650 is placed easily in curve new ratings of suspensions make rare are the scooters to be able to itself to offer a compromise of also successful between and performances. Excellent motility makes regret the absence of and even encourages giving a of it on the angle.

Although reduced by 5 mm (by 130 to 125 the ground clearance is worthy of and amusing dynamic capacities of Burgman 650 2013.

And if the central ends well up rubbing side, that does not an immediate sanction, standard of the aft wheel as that arrives on scooters!

The excellent one with very good!

Suzuki AN 650

To be played of the or to take the key of the fields: Suzuki 650 year 2013 can do everything. And in bonus! Its large reserve of and its multiple practical aspects all the prospects to him, including a voyage in duet.

Even if year 2013 is more to as an evolution that like a new model, Suzuki perfectly this delicate challenge in improving a succeeded and appreciated (more than 83,000 in the world since 2002).

will undoubtedly regret the restyling or the absence of equipment “up to like orders with the automatic handbrake, even a running to facilitate the operations of (heavy) beast.

But if criticism is not completely unfounded, the of Hamamatsu is however far from to made from the “nine old man”: at the end of this test, it that Suzuki managed to the excellent one with already well, which is not a small The whole while maintaining inflation on a measured level: the version increases by 400 € (10 899 € against € in 2012), while Suzuki 650 Genuine is displayed right the bar of the 10,000 € (9 999 €).

Technical and commercial Burgman 650 2013


Twin-cylinder online, 4 times, cooling

Distribution: Double 4 valves per cylinder

Back 160/60/14

Part cycles

Tubular steel

Fork: nonadjustable

Back suspension: Two Shock, adjustable in preload

before: Double discs of 260 mm (ABS of series)

Back Simple disc of 250 mm (ABS of


Final transmission: of pinions

Clutch/gear box: variation CVT. Automatic (2 normal or Power) or Handbook (5


Comfort edge: rev counter and meter + digital with clock, gauges petrol and of temperature engine, temperature, odometer, 2 trips day consumption average petrol, speed in manual mode, freezing (below 3°c), “Eco led” and message of to each draining (every km)

Commercial information

Price: € in standard version (Genuine) and € for the Executive one (with heating and handles + momentary splash

Warranty: Two years parts and MO of 2 years warranty to 392 €)

Suzuki AN 650
Suzuki AN 650
Suzuki AN 650


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