Test Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa: 197 ch. of happiness

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Suzuki GSX 1300 R

Test Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa: 197 ch. of happiness

September 29, 2012 | Filed under: Suzuki | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

First feelings! Without demolishing its very personal line, the news Suzuki GSX 1300 R intends to sit an acquired overall superiority of long time of sport category – tourism. Its catch in hand in Salzburg, in Austria, held some surprises for us.

Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa: 1st test

“September 12th, 2012 9:07 – Let us evolve at sight – difficult Conditions weather – the sky will fall us on the head – Impossible to transmit information correctly – Crash landing in sight – Let us ask return to the base before it is too late…”

No one in the world could have preserved the control of this severe Hayabusa! Of 975 horses, the power of its engine “second generation” passed to 1,150 horses. Do you believe that I lost the head that the demonic push, causes above suspicion after-effects, woke up in my fingers which strike the keyboard the syndrome of Parkinson that not.

These figures are those of Ki-43 Hayabusa, hunter Japanese of the second war.

At its exit, in 1999, the first Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa developed 174 terrestrial horses and cubed 1,299 Cm3. Nine years later (and always also waited…), that which prepares to replace it skims the fateful bar with 197 horses and takes 42 Cm3 for 1,341 Cm3 on the whole. The couple passes from 13.8 daN.m to 15.5 daN.m.

The occasion will be to judge, in the absence of the performances, of the adjustments of distribution of the couple and the power, Suzuki exclusiveness.

Calm before the storm

A cup of coffee with the hand, with the shelter in boxing of Salzburg ring, the journalists of whole Europe detail with leisure ten Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa K8 streaming aligned on the way of the stands. The least which one can say, it is that Suzuki did not break the mould.

Adulated by some or hated by others (see forum ms…), plastic legendary, always dictated it by the forces of Eole, its futuristic aspect preserves. This year, the two exhaust boxes, far from hiding, adopt the triangular form. Reinforcing osmosis between before and the back (at the point almost to confuse both), the hull of saddle of Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa  joined in its plunging pace the nose of the careenage receiving new an optics.

Splash plate and pilot in place, the motor bike of profile has the pace of a tortoise, ideal for the Cx. Even the indicators are integrated in bent growths evoking of the stabilizing ailerons. Air, Hayabusa (Japanese falcon) could the being in this day, until flying above water. But… is not hovercraft which wants.

And Bridgestone BT 015 in the back cuts 190 gone up fears, with full load, the aquaplaning.

Three motor bikes in one!

The domestication of the birds which are offered to us in free version with the test requires, according to the engineers, certain tact. Refusing to try the devil, we prefer to leave the track flooded for a road test. Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa profits from the S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) seen on the GSX-R 1000 and, more recently, on B-King.

In mode A, the large four-cylinder engine reveals its incredible flexibility (and all its potential). As of 1000 tr/min, it climbs with strength and without the shade of a sudden start. From 4000 tr/min, on wet, the power which unloads becomes more delicate to manage.

A pressure of the right inch to the control unit and the mode B passed.

Exploiting the cartography, it quietness down the rise to power of Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa and limit the value of couple. In mode C, the response curve proves much more punt. Without being close to the coma, the encephalogram of Hayabusa takes one of them crowned blow.

Ideal however for those which would fear the any power of it! Let us note that in France, only the curve of couple will be affected, the 106 maximum horses being with go whatever the selected mode (unlike the GSX-R 1000).

An eye on the road, the other on the instrument panel (the advantage of a strong strabismus – loll), I rent the S curve of the new bubble equipping this Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa. With a position of unchanged control this one, higher, protects more effectively. The eye which looks with more closes likes to detail the elegant instrumentation.

Subtly, on a so technical motor bike, it makes the good share with the needle. The meter, modestly graduated to 300 km/h (the number is not even posted) and the rev counter (11 000 tr/min.), are framed by the gauge and temperature of water.

In the center, a dial, digital that one, posts the engaged report, the trips, the hour and the mode selected. In addition to the traditional indicators, a shift-light (programmable) reminds unconscious that, when the needle of the meter made the turn of the dial, it is time to return gases (and the license)!

Riveted on its trajectory

The balance of the frame, as much as the power, built the reputation of Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa. The K8 news preserves a perfect distribution of the masses. Announced for 220 kg dry, a reasonable weight, it is never delicate to register on the trajectory. Perfectly neutral, imposing (compared to hyper sportive the) sporting one is ordered of a pressure to the handlebar and a support on the rest-foot. Its tank, cut well, is held naturally between the legs.

Suzuki GSX 1300 R

Never has it tended to under steer.

Of course, Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa is not as incisor as a GSX-R 1000, but oh how much more comfortable. The manufacturer, who worked on the thickness of the beams, removed the framework from some reinforcements. He also re-examined the diagram and the back suspension. Arm-oscillating, the thicker, is lengthened to perfect stability (55 mm in more). In front of, the rigid fork upside-down, like the shock absorber, is entirely adjustable.

Modified in-house, it is identified by a coating of the tubes (43 mm) black named Diamond-Like Coating.

Upper works very last thing

More innovating, the clamps six pistons of the old version are replaced by Tokyo grips four pistons with radial fixing on Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa. The discs, while passing 320 mm to 310 mm, reduce their gyroscopic effect. On the wet roadways of the Salzburg countryside, Hayabusa confirmed its aptitudes for comfort: saddles and ergonomic orders, protection, particularly low base.

The braking, which seems to offer better a grip to the attack, is not shown therefore brutal.

A good point! The engine, if it were difficult to quantify the effects of its evolutions, strongly progressed on paper. Whereas its cubic capacity is increased by an increase in the travel of the pistons, the cylinder head receives titanium valves (- 2.4 grams X 16), the exhaust a valve and the injection two injectors per cylinder.

As many improvements which should allow the GSX 1300 R Hayabusa (since such residence its name commercial) to pulverize the bar of the 300 and perhaps, one speaks about it, to reach 320 km/h!

A monster with two heads

Formerly timeless, from now on unreal, Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa new generation remains in total opposition with the rare motor bikes logically generated by the ambient. It is so much better, since it generates dreamed like some the profit, pokes covetousness, cants even those which are believed returned in (them) the order (S).

Its personality is engraved in the rock! And the feeling of pleasure that this Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa is on the point of delivering with the users of the free version, does not make therefore the dead end on safety and the habitability.

Let us hope that the attached version will offer to the cursed French (Canadian expression) who we are feelings for 13,699 € (available mid-October) that we would go if not to spend out of turns of horse-gear. B-King, which divides the same engine, lost its charms once muzzled little; let us guarantee how Hayabusa will not do it more!

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Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R
Suzuki GSX 1300 R

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