Yamaha WR450F vs Suzuki RMX450Z

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Suzuki GS 450 T

Yamaha WR450F vs Suzuki RMX450Z

There is little we presented his new Yamaha WR450F in Sicily. We then said it would be good to contrast the beautiful Blue at its most direct competitor: the Suzuki RMX450Z-2012 vintage. The long-awaited overhaul of the Yamaha Endure 450 has it paid off against a Suzuki deemed accessible.

Yamaha WR450F vs Suzuki RMX450Z: The comparative

Although revolutions are not appropriate for the road this year, we did have some surprises including a 450 WR-F new generation. As a reminder, Yamaha has decided this year to offer a makeover to its large displacement Enduro, unchanged for several years. To gauge this new 2012, we have chosen to oppose a motorcycle boxing in the same category: the Enduro pleasure.

This is the Suzuki RMX-Z gets stuck, but note that the Honda 450 CRF-X would legitimize able to join the fray.

This is in Creuse, Longechaud, we made an appointment with our guide Didier, for a day hike with, the menu of the dust, the small path, rocks, roots, mud, crossing … and a few drops! Our testers: a group of friends from many different levels, rolling in Enduro soon as conditions allow, without ever taking the lead. Emphasize that none of them from rolling on a Yam or Suz: a guarantee of objectivity.

Two similar approaches to the 450 Enduro

We lose in the pampas Creuse, first things around the house. From the outset it plays tight between our two Japanese, two have to pretty much the same equipment: floating front wave disc, skid plate, electric starter, and quick access to the filter, wide footrest…

At most, the Suzuki puts it in his front aluminum tank – a limited capacity – while the Yamaha exhibits black rims, as pretty as fragile off-road. In addition, some finishes under the WR-F will not be to the liking of everyone.

So these are the tastes that will tip the scales. However, our enduro the day has all made ​​a point instant: where are the hand guards? Absent on both machines, these simple pieces of plastic that may seem harmless have a role to play in the sunken lanes. And we will see later that was quick to regret…

But what is this handlebar?

Here we are on their way to adventure … with an hour late. But for a hike like this, you should know as wide, very wide. The weather is with us, it’s not too hot, blue skies and bright sunshine: hard to beat. To legs and motorcycle drivers, what better than the broad road running?

Finally attention is called off and rolling Ceruse: it remains the enduro track and not all smooth.

From the first meters, the WR450F seems to be necessary in terms of ease of handling: orders like the riding position – sitting or standing – seen as natural in the eyes of our testers a day, the smallest highlighting still a seat height a bit high. However, if the Suzuki RMX450Z suits everyone in terms of ergonomics in the legs, no one will appreciate the pilot position, the fault to low and much curved handlebars.

Next start, our two protagonists have the “magic button”, a positive point. But if none of them show themselves recalcitrant to neutral, we must admit that Yam is a bit temperamental when seeking the starter engages. Instead, it starts to kick very well – still stalled – and that requires a little more application with Suzuki.

Here for the first remarks, with the passage a little aside for noise: our two machines seem a little too noisy for our liking for Enduro bikes despite silent indeed equipped with baffles.

Yellow handy against Blue Stable

That’s it, pilots are hot, they No laughing and you push the bikes to their limits. The first reviews the Suzuki windshield, with its footrest vibrating excessively. The gossips might say that it vibrates as a Gas, story of a little spoof Sylvain, now for the test with its 250 EC.

Despite this, the RMX is taking over the WR-F, particularly in technical passages. Although it is not a reference in terms of handling among the Enduro bikes, Suzuki showed he even more playful and easier than the Yamaha. She is doing pretty well for small problems, while Yam requires more control.

It should be more applicable with the Blue, a little taller and heavier than the yellow. In the fast, the trend reversed: copy of stability, the WR450F does not move an ounce when the pace picks up, then being more secure than the RMX450Z. And if, overall, the suspensions are effective for a day hike like this, they seem better tuned to the Yamaha, Suzuki fork of asking a few settings to convince.

A break is needed!

A little more comfort but would not a luxury: it is a little stiff in the long run in both camps. Another expensive for enduro, the hand guards are conspicuous by their absence, which will be felt as soon as when the brambles on the act or in the first passages in the broom, these tough plants that have the tendency to slow down your up … Side brake, however, the effectiveness of Nissin caliper sets / floating wave disc unanimous.

We’re already in mid-day, and it is time to recharge the batteries of the pilots. Why nothing like the terrace of the Inn Fisherman, along the Ceruse, at La Celle-Dunois. Connection between the meal and the sun, we would end up in the afternoon at the hostel and the hardest part is to get back in the saddle.

Yes, it is not so easy a compare Enduro! Fortunately our dedication finally resumes the above – as always – and here we are left to conquer the narrow paths of the Ceruse.

Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T

Easier, more efficient

After a few climbs not so obvious, one thing is clear: the Suzuki RMX450Z and the Yamaha WR450F have power to spare and trunk. But the character of the linear motor Yellow will favor our drivers. Its roundness and strength make it a real tractor mounted anywhere. The side of the Blue, the performance is there, but the injection mapping has been slightly retouched for more strength down, the mechanics are less easy to tame in the technical sections slow.

A softer setup would have been preferable.

However, if you can now get a motor behavior to the card with electronic fuel injection, some defects will not be able to erase easily. And therein lies the Yam loses points: inertia and a piston stroke are present in far too tiring to ride a motorcycle. The RM-X appears to be more fun and easy to tame.

But be careful anyway: it’s still a 450, and sooner or later gets tired to his handlebars.

This refers to the technical parts, because in the stock, the Yamaha is doing much better and is on a par with the Suzuki. The Yellow loses the same advantage over the Yam, always because of the vibrations in their feet everywhere. And then, feeling level, we must say that when you turn the handle to the right, is served with the Blue.

She pushes the hussy!

After this day of running, 120 km of roads full of dust, dead leaves, mud, grass, ruts vicious, water and pebbles, notices fuse. Level chassis, the two bikes stand without blemish or vicious reactions, with a slight advantage for the Yamaha WR450F, very homogeneous. It is therefore on the mechanical as the match will be played.

The 4-stroke character – the engine brake, inertia and a piston stroke sensitive – the Yamaha is a motorcycle rather clumsy, which must be required to take him where we want. Which ultimately requires a little more physical effort and / or technique? At his side, the Suzuki was soon to appear as a fun bike.

Its linear motor and effectively split the uprights. However, its overall comfort does not convince more than that: it’s still a little firm for a day of hiking, and handlebars, even once raised, and does not offer a comfortable position when riding long standing.

In conclusion, the Suzuki RMX450Z is more accessible to ordinary mortals a Yamaha WR450F challenging and demanding a minimum of experience. Please be aware that our test of the day is all of one mind: a 450 is a 450! Whether the Suzuki or Yamaha, for hiking alone, these cubes are not always easy.

Suzuki RMX450Z

Yamaha WR450F

Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T
Suzuki GS 450 T

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