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MV Agusta Brutale 920

An MV for the Masses

They say: “The MV for everyone”

We say: “Everyone with $12k kicking around, anyway.

Shortly after journalists set out for their first ride on the new Brutale 675 in Italy, a rainstorm swept in and soaked us. In a way, the weather was appropriate: Unlike most MV Agustas, this is not some exotic superbike meant only for sunny Sundays. The Brutale 675, in the Italian firm’s own words, is “the MV Agusta for everyone.”

The all-digital dash is jammed with information, but it’s difficult to read in direct sunl

The three-cylinder, 12-valve engine is based on the unit from the F3, but as you’d expect the naked roadster gets some changes to soften power delivery and improve rideability. New pistons have flatter tops, reducing compression from 13.0:1 kwa 12.3:1. New cams give less lift and duration. The valves are the same size as the F3’s, but made from steel instead of titanium.

Claimed horsepower is 20 bhp less than the F3 at 108.5 bhp, and arrives 2000 rpm earlier at 12,500 rpm. Torque is more evenly spread through the range, with a claimed maximum of 48.0 lb.-ft. katika 12,000 rpm.

The motor fired up with a satisfyingly raspy three-cylinder sound, and the tachometer bar flicked across the digital instrument panel before settling into a smooth idle as I fiddled with the ride mode button on the right handlebar.

Like the F3, the Brutale has a ride-by-wire throttle that incorporates four engine modes and adjustable traction control. I began in Normal, which gives neutral throttle response and a medium TC setting. Sport mode sharpens throttle response and backs off the TC; Rain does the opposite; Custom can be set however you like.

The first few minutes’ ride was going to be an important test, given that the F3 has been criticized for its low-rpm fuelling, which is arguably even more important on a naked roadster. MV says it has already sorted that problem with an ECU update is incorporated into the Brutale. We’re halfway there: The new bike still hesitates slightly off idle, but throttle response above 2000 rpm is certainly better than the F3.

MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920

It was immediately clear that this motor is in a very different state of tune compared to the F3 unit, which really prefers to be spun above 10,000 rpm. By contrast, the Brutale pulls from down low and feels powerful from 5000 rpm onward. Out on the open road, the Brutale was brilliant: strong through the midrange and revvy enough to make it truly thrilling to cane.

And the howling exhaust sound can’t be ignored—it’s intoxicating!

Handling was super sharp, too—as agile and responsive as you might expect of a wide-barred bike that’s said to weigh less than 400 pounds with gas. On tight roads the Brutale’s light weight, quick handling, torquey engine and near-infinite ground clearance make it a real thrill to ride, although in hairpin turns the chassis felt rather nervous. Kwa sehemu kubwa, ingawa, the chassis is well balanced and a good compromise between compliance and support.

There was no shortage of braking ability thanks to big Brembo calipers and 320mm discs. U.S.-market bikes will come equipped with a quickshifter but not ABS, which isn’t even available as an option. I was keen to have ABS when the rain started falling, but at least the wet weather gave me an excuse to try Rain mode, which softened throttle response considerably to help the excellent Pirelli Angel ST tires maintain grip.

Like other bikes in this class, the Brutale doesn’t have any wind protection or luggage capacity, and the seat is fairly thin. lakini, equally consistent with its class, this doesn’t matter—naked middleweights are ridiculously fun to ride, and typically a pretty good value. hakika, $11,498 for the Brutale isn’t cheap, but it’s thousands less than the F3, making it the most affordable path to MV Agusta ownership.

But that doesn’t mean cheap feeling or dull: The Brutale is a subtly sharper, more aggressive naked than you’ll find elsewhere in the middleweight category, one that brings a touch of Italian style, performance and attitude to the division.

MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920
MV Agusta Brutale 920

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