Zndapp KS-750 2010 Tavasz DIY Reviews!

12 มิถุนายน 2015 | ผู้เขียน: | Comments Off บน Zndapp KS-750 2010 Tavasz DIY Reviews!

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Peter Belmans: @popos68 It makes no sense if you buy something to let it stand in your garage, you must use it at it’s full capabilty’s so you get all the fun out of it!!

fw190pilota: @bumboclat Thank you

fw190pilota: @katasztrofidel. Volt az 4 éve is :))) Nem felejtettem, keress privátban és betartom 😉

keutmarcoramiusz: Már csak egy MG42 hiányzik a csónak állványáról, meg egy normális Wermacht-os motorosruha. )

fw190pilota: only BF1

marioseinwahl64: Suche Zündapp KS750. ZuendappKS750@gmx.de

TheSonofmydad: You made that look easier than some make it look. My compliments. Can you select locked/unlocked differential on that one? Best regards.

Briggs1700: Any for sale in Hungary?

SalchichaPolaca: thank you, I want to get a motorcycle like the KS-750 🙂

lynnsbomb: wish they had them here in the united socialist states of america. i’d love one

fw190pilota: @keutmarcoramiusz Már megvannak 🙂

katasztrofidel: Hoppá! Kész a gép. Ígértél egy kört. vagy 2 éve 🙂 (én vittem egy nyeregvázat a méh telepes roncsból)

VrilSociety2012: A Bike not running isn´t a bike anymore. Go and find some others than a german Bike still 70 ปี, seen on every front within every weather-conditions, still running today. Greetz from Germany ;o)

Hellagoodedie: battlefield 3?

Corneillecendree: Moto culte pour sa conception mais le casque allemand est complètement déplacé. Je fais partie d’une association qui restaure des avions militaires anciens et mes coreligionnaires ne sont pas en uniforme!

lynnsbomb: thats the whole point of that bike is its all terrain capabilitys. the side car wheel is a drive wheel so its made for snow dirt or anything you can throw at it. nice stuff guys. im jealous

witzle97: s getriebe an dr 750 ist lauter als dr auspuf ,tzz,da lob ich mir doch d 500 ter

popos68: MAN. what a waste of a beautifull very expensive bike. if you like to ride offroad that much why dont you buy a moto cross?

fw190pilota: @TheSonofmydad: ใช่, I can there is an arm on the right side down.

Jojo Gun Fang: เย็น

fw190pilota: street

5-6 Liter / 100 กม.. Offroad

Zündapp KS 100

starkumpel klein: very nice .bike.

Steffi Reitsch: Only a small number of these classic old war bikes survive! The motorrad is about 70 years old fellows,you are working it too hard.Save it for future generations.It is an irreplaceable historical museum piece and shouldn’t be run through mud puddles. If you want to do that, get a modern-built Russian Ural,the only military type sidecar motorrad made today.The Urals don’t look nearly as good as the WWII heavy duty 750 Zundapps or BMW R-75s.It’s a pity BMW doesn’t make a retro bike like this.

fw190pilota: @popos68 When you try it, you will understand :))))

bumboclat: it was build for war, so it will not break apart if you ride it offroad 😀 by the way, perfect soundtrack choice, I noticed after 1 sec^^

grbquattro: You know, if my father didn’t sell our Sahara, I’d be tempted to do the same, I couldn’t just look at it, this bike was built to do these things. What I wonder is, do the blueprints still exist? Why donthey build them again these days adding modern technology of course, I’m sure they would sell.

I am not into motorcycles, but for this one I’d go for.

MrZundappks750: Mennék egy kört vele:-p(barbyjamaica@freemail.hu írj)

TheSonofmydad: Thank you. If you look at other Zundapp KS-750 videos there is one posted by mirektrial, titled zvole 2008 motorbikes BMW R75KS 750 about 10 minutes long. In that video they go sideways on a mud road a lot. These were the drivers I meant, that you made it look easier. Maybe with the differential unlocked, and not such a heavy hand on the throttle, the bike goes straighter in the mud?

They still looked like they were enjoying the struggle, but they were struggling. Best regards.

VintageZundapp: Great Videos, nice demo of how awesome these KS750’s are. Nice work!

Jojo Gun Fang: That sounds like my old wheelhorse tractor.

Ilya Tikhomirov: German always made awesome bikes, though today only japanese italian and american rated.

SalchichaPolaca: how many miles per gallon you get with that bike?

Zündapp KS 100
Zündapp KS 100
Zündapp KS 100
Zündapp KS 100
Zündapp KS 100


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