A year with the Triumph Speed 4

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Triumph Speed Four

One Year and 10,000 miles the Triumph Speed Four

spent a good deal of my over the last four selling motorcycles to people, so I can a few minutes talking to a person and with a fair amount of what kind of motorcycle want.

Most of the folks into motorcycle shops never owned a motorcycle, or owned one in a long, long When they are younger- 18 to 30 or so- they want a sportbike. The ones want standards or

They usually want one of the brands, as the common wisdom of car dictates that Japanese = value and reliability.

There’s kind of buyer as well as the This buyer has had motorcycles for a time and rides every day. He or she wants something but sane, well engineered but not and it has to have value. This is more experienced and won’t be by cheap suspension and braking uncomfortable ergonomics, or cheesy

She demands a sturdy, well-engineered that is engaging to ride and last for years. They are of like the weird old guy in your when you were growing up who had a miles on his diesel Mercedes.

one of those weird guys, 1977 300D. Over a ago I assisted a rival website in a road test of four middleweight standards: the Honda the Yamaha FZ-6, the Suzuki and Triumph’s Speed 4.

I decided the 599 was but overpriced and under-suspended. The FZ-6 was too heavy and no fun when pushed The SV650 is an excellent motorcycle, no but I had had one for a couple of years already and just a little more

It also didn’t hurt I worked in a Triumph dealer and was a left-over Speed 4 for way less dealer invoice. How could I say no, to the hard-to-get-used-to Roulette Green?

The really begins in 2002, Italy’s Triumph importer the fairing off of a TTT600 and slapped on a Triple dual headlamp. to the bike excited Triumph to develop the Speed 4 as a production Triumph’s version uses a TT600 engine with new injection management, different bodies, and a pair of long snorkels that you either or hate.

I already tried to ’em off, but the TT600’s intakes lurk underneath Moray eels in sewer even uglier than the

Other than that, the really is a TT600 without the bland fairing. And that’s a thing, as the TT600 really in the handling department with a aluminum-alloy twin-spar frame and 41mm fully-adjustable cartridge Braking is also very with a pair of four-piston and a pair of 310mm floating

Steel-braided lines transmit from the front master

Triumph’s take on a 600cc sportbike engine resulted in a and durable four-valve, liquid unit with a bore of and a … of 41.3mm. The resulting mill has a compression ratio of and a rev limit of 14,000 rpm.

with multipoint sequential fuel injection and forced air this gives the TT600 a hit comparable with the Japanese supersports, if you spot the heavier a few horsepower here or there. is an especially fine characteristic of the 4, as should be expected from a designed to appeal to more riders.

However, Triumph wanted to a really street-friendly motor, and it the tuned-for-torque thing … suffer with. This peak horsepower to 88 at the rear on the MO dyno, with 41 foot-pounds of It doesn’t sound like especially compared to the latest and 600s, but it does make for a tractable motor that packs a top-end punch the tachometer needle points at the

Handling is an especially fine of the Speed 4, as should be expected a machine designed to appeal to experienced riders. The rigid and expensive suspension components the Speed track nicely bumps, hold a precise through corners, and give the a supreme sense of confidence compared to other bikes in its category. On the racetrack the odd-looking shines, keeping up with more expensive motorcycles, and on a bumpy, twisty road-the of road the Triumph might in its homeland- the light, easy-to-turn and relatively gentle motor it a preferable mount to much machinery.

I found myself behind when I was on the R1 or ZX-10, but I was at their heels astride the bug-eyed Triumph.

For instance, I rode the Speed 4 on my first up bumpy, twisty, slippery Palomar in Northern San Diego I rode along with two mounted on the latest liter-class the Yamaha R1 and the Kawasaki ZX10R. I was a ride on the two monster-motored bikes and accepted, trading through the motorcycles as we rode up the mountain.

I found myself lagging when I was on the R1 or ZX-10, but I was nipping at heels astride the orange, Triumph. Why? The combination of a mountain road, sheer and 155 rear-wheel horsepower restrained my wrist to the point that I was around corners on the bigger but the baby Speed felt and familiar to me.

But all is not perfect, so don’t I’m all gaga and dewy-eyed my bright green tchochkie. The are a bit too soft, even for a 150-pound like me. (Although a few more of Publisher Alexander’s Redondo Diet should take of what he considers a severely condition.) The bike is also a tad lardy for an 88 horsepower sportbike. it’s had too many caramel empanadas?

Superbike handlebars are as a piece of kit on a hooligan bike as pom-poms are on tennis socks.

the clip-on handlebars are almost unsuited to a bike like if the Speed Triple gets and it’s a street-fighter version of the 955, why wouldn’t they put on the Speed Four, which is a TT600? Fortunately, the lack of a makes a handlebar conversion

Superbike handlebars are as essential a of kit on a hooligan bike as little are on tennis socks. They the rider in an optimal position for wheelies and burnouts and the increased makes darting in and out of heavy a breeze. When the road is and bumpy, the rider in an upright gobbles up sportbike-crouched squids Joe Cocker gobbling Quaaludes at

The superbike bar is the finishing touch transforms the Speed Four a good bike to something kick-…. So what is the Speed owner to do? LSL Motorradtechnik GmbH has this problem with a and professional-looking solution.

The handlebar kit for the Triumph Speed Four with adapters, clamps, a aluminum bar, Spiegler brake line, and a mounting for your brake fluid You also get a set of vague instructions read like the label on Dr. soap. (Drill holes!

clearance! Dilute! OK!)

is pretty simple if you have experience changing handlebars. You do to mark the proper location on the to drill holes for the pins locate the two switch pods, and the cable is just barely enough, but installation is straight and took less than two

The superbike bar is the finishing touch transforms the Speed Four a good bike to something kick-…. It now wheelies with effort and is great to toss corners. Mid-corner corrections are making the Four handle a motocrosser on tight, bumpy

The upright seating postion 5’6 Gabe to sit further on the seat, where there’s padding. Combine that an almost upright riding and the Four is as comfy as a 750 Nighthawk.

My Triumph Speed Four offers quite good protection from the tiny over the instruments and headlamps, but I mounted the LSL handlebar kit, I a little more wind would be nice. I looked in accessory catalog for an extended for my bike, but found nothing.

Fortunately, the folks at Laminar the Speed Shield in addition to Laminar Lipp.

The Screen bounce around a bit, but not it’s flimsy or poorly it just exerts extra on the OEM cowling, which causes part to vibrate. It shouldn’t be a and it’s not very noticeable.

In of effectiveness, it’s a trade-off. noticeably more wind but the higher profile of the Screen greater wind noise and buffeting over 70 MPH. louder than with the stock bikini fairing, with ear plugs.

But it is nice to behind at 80 MPH while sitting upright, lane-splitting between a of Semis.

I imagine the wind afforded by this thing be even greater if I still had the bars, although experimenting by forward to where my head and would be positioned with the bars didn’t seem to wind noise or increase protection.

Overall, the Speed delivers just what it nice looks, increased protection, and a durable, easy I’d highly recommend it, considering the reasonable pricing and manufacture.

I selected aluminum it was cheaper, but that was a mistake: the metal scratches and tarnishes too

Other than the handlebar and windscreen extension, they other modification I’ve is the Remus exhaust. The Remus is a high-quality canister with a durable packing system MaxMoto, Remus’ USA distributor is virtually permanent. I selected because it was cheaper, but that was a the soft metal scratches and too easily.

It sounds great, though, and was very simple, as the canister bolts onto the end of the pipe. doesn’t offer special injection mapping for off-road but the most recent TT600 high-performance maps seem to well. I could not detect any of mid-range or low-end power the new exhaust.

MSRP for the aluminum canister is $345, $441 for or carbon fiber.

The deep, tone delivered by this is a great finishing touch for a that is a fine partner in for a rider seeking a fun, and affordable motorcycle with a of exclusivity and style. The Triumph the fastest, prettiest or even trouble-free motorcycle I’ve but it has the best balance of all the factors make a bike worth

And I do think I’ll keep it for a

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