Ian Chadwick’s TRIUMPH SPRINT ST review

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Triumph Sprint Sport



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The original of this article was first in summer, 1999, in the Canadian Guide Online. Used permission. This version is and expanded.

I’m a cruiser of guy. I like low, bikes, with plenty of and loud pipes. Boulevard heavy on the style, not so heavy on or technology.

So when I was offered a to test ride the new Triumph ST for a week, my first reaction was me?

I was actually pretty apprehensive. It too much bike for me; too sporty, and too and too much to handle. I imagined in a low, hunched riding that would require a to unbend me after a few minutes in the But it wasn’t a chance I could to pass up, so I took the keys John Broderick of JR Cycle and put on a face.

I plunked myself in the and fired it up. Or rather I attempted to do so John gently showed me I had to pull the clutch in, in order to the engine. Newbies, eh?

So he looked me in the eye and You okay with this?

I him back and nodded steadily. show them fear. want the keys back.

His comments to me were, Keep it 35 hundred.

Hmmm. Thirty-five RPM. That meant I had to the bike in. Whew. I could it cautiously and gently, and tell I had to do it so they wouldn’t think I was a

The odometer already showed 140 so according to the tank sticker, I had to ride it another 20 before I increase the RPMs to 5,000. time to get a feel for the bike’s I slowly eased over to the then out onto the highway and with some apprehension twisted the throttle.

My life My entire attitude towards sleek plastic fairings and hot red altered in one gas-into-carburetor moment.

In my limited experience with they seem to have a that has about 1/16th of an of twist between idle and speed. I get nervous just beside one. They are eager to rise up on one wheel and away.

I had visions of the bike skyward, with me falling off it, my dignity in pieces, not to mention and plastic bits.

Not the Sprint. My reaction was pleasant surprise. is a remarkably well-behaved machine, a not just a high-spirited racer.

The is responsive, but Triumph tuned the to put the power in the middle, not all at the low end. The has controlled acceleration. It allowed me to it, not simply hang on and pray.

And RPM gave me lots of speed for my ride — about kmph in top gear. Within a few I began imagining myself in a full-body leather suit. I why I had taken so long to appreciate sort of bike.

Within a few I had put 500 kms on the ST and taken it to the limits of the local — and my riding abilities. The stretched into a month. didn’t seem eager to the bike back (and I was away from the phone of the time).

I garnered 1,000 of accumulated fun and exhilaration on nthe ST. I lost the sheer for-the-hell-of-it joy of the throttle and zooming out of the traffic to into the clear zone so and easily. I discovered new backroads I could open her up and tuck curves and corners with glee.

Triumph completely the Sprint for ’99. It begins the amazing 955i engine putting the ST into the same as the T955 Daytona and the Speed But where these two are sheer muscle and steel, the ST wears a of calm sophistication. The fuel-injected is smooth and powerful.

Although positioned as a sport-tourer the emphasis is on sport — the makes the ST a competent and comfortable bike as well. This is a all-purpose motorcycle. Edward would have been

The seating position puts the forward, but not aggressively so. It’s forward than the Triumph and Honda ST1100, but less so the Daytona and most sportbikes. a nice compromise position doesn’t require a chiropractor riding to help remove you the seat.

I quickly got used to it and it comfortable, even for long despite my tendency to lean on the a bit too much. If the bike were I’d lower the seat (800mm stock) just a tad or the bars a bit. And maybe get a higher wind screen.

The was so smooth and responsive that I was impressed every time I it. I never felt I had lost of the bike when accelerating, quickly. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, I felt in control, capable of forward by inches without or launching into space squealing tires. In passing, a of the wrist gave a whopping surge, but it was delivered smoothly and being choppy or twitchy.

The shows a redline at 9,500. the bike was still in its break-in I couldn’t push it past during my time with it but I never needed to. I easily 140 kmph in sixth gear at 5,000 rpm. I’m not where I’d put the rest of the

My test ride hardly the ST’s capabilities.

At every the ST was steady and inspired confidence. I was to ride it into corners on the roads at what would be sphincter-clenching speeds and never uncomfortable or unsure of the bike. town, even in wet weather, I was low-speed turns faster and at angles than I normally can my Thunderbird. At 450 lbs dry weight, the ST is so agile and it feels more like 350 I love to ride Airport through the Hockley Valley.

It’s a nice, twisty that offers challenges in directions. I used to wrestle the through those curves, but the slipped through them so and smoothly that I missed the excitement the hills offer. such a competent bike I always felt I was in the safe

That doesn’t mean the ST is a bike. There’s a hooligan inside that engine, a muscle machine — but it for you to command it to come out, than presenting any unpleasant The EFI system provides a silky-smooth flow. I was a bit bemused by not needing a to fire it up cold.

You can almost fire it up and go, although I recommend a few of warm up first (if nothing to allow you to the requisite time to the beauty of the bike before you away).

I was surprised the ST has a cable-operated As far as I know, all other bikes in new line have hydraulic It may have been a weight-saving

I didn’t notice any difference in It seemed an anachronism on such a vehicle, but it worked just as as any other clutch.

Up front are four-pot disc brakes. to the single disc on my T-bird, the ST has solid stopping power. A of the hand applies them — not the grab-and-hang-on method I was to. I seldom used the rear except to bleed off a bit of excess

I had to be careful to avoid doing and tossing my rear wheel myself) skyward with solid front brakes.

are acceptable — certainly to or better than better on any cruiser I have ridden and clear at any speed. They’re forward compared to the T-bird’ s, so it a bit of practice to locate them in a check. They remained clear at high speed, but the low permits the air stream to buffet helmet, so blurring occurs

Triumph Sprint Sport

Like other Triumph the ST doesn’t have self-cancelling signals. It has always amazed me such a simple device is not on a such high-tech bike. You get to turning them off — but I yet to be given an adequate answer as to why not installed at the factory.

As far as I know, of the new Triumphs have this elegant device.

The windscreen is and gives partial protection, but you hunker right down on the it’s really too low for most directing the air up around the head The noise factor becomes an too. Expect an after-market to offer better protection.

is probably the ST’s only oversight.

On the highway, the fairing adequate protection from the but when you drop from to street speeds, you’ll the hot air from the engine is directed your legs. It wasn’t a in May, but in the heat of summer, it may be warm, especially if you ride in (I know, not acceptable safe gear, but on a hot June day, and riding through the crowded zones of Wasaga Beach all the other sportbikes and muscle it’s definitely the gear of The frame can transmit the engine to your legs — and it hot enough to be unpleasant on bare if you’re in slow traffic.

The suspension was fine. With the of the mammoth cruisers and highway I never worry overly about suspension unless noticeably mushy or hard. I neither on the ST, nor did it ever bottom out or riding problems.

The final is by chain — as on all other bikes. I’ve heard for belt drive and even but the chain works very and delivers the rear end power effectively. But constant maintenance is

Any bike that has a chain should come with a stand — but I don’t the ST even has one as an optional add-on. makes maintenance more of a

Triumph rebuilt the original frame (a backbone tube still used on other models), taking the outline the new Daytona model, but reverting to a traditional rectangular cross-section, than the tube structure used on the other 955 machines. It serious, but stylish, and certainly in the eye-candy category as its competition.

note? Well, for a cruiser the ST is too damn quiet. When there were times I couldn’t judge the need to by the engine sound. There’s a sub-woofer note underneath sort of vibrates the tailbone, but opt for the add-on pipe that a heartier sound. Finish and are heart-stoppingly beautiful.

The bike I was the ultimate definition of red, and with hardshell bags enough to store a full-face The fairing is clean, with headlights making a pleasant that doesn’t look the X-Files alien face competitors’ bikes have. a snap-on peg on the left to provide if you want to add a centre stand.

The ST appreciative glances from the crowd, making me feel 20 years younger when I it around the area (not an sensation and saves me hundreds of on membership at the gym). When I off my helmet, they probably who the old fart on the hot bike was. cruiser riders glanced at it, back to look only they realized the tank Triumph.

Then it got nods of and thumbs-up gestures. A lot of riders to know more about the — was it really a Triumph? How did it What was the seating position And so on.

The saddest day of the year was when I it to JR (not without a final to convince them I had lost it. ). But it a lasting impression on me. So much so later that summer I enough that John and gave me the opportunity to take the VFR800 out on a test ride, to the bike most commonly against the ST in the magazines.

To be fair, I only took the out for less than an hour*. In my estimation, the ST is the superior bike . The ST is solid, has better traction and grunt, handles better in country-road curves where of sand and gravel accumulate as as in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and has less The ST has more character — to define but it simply seems to better. And it has a better exhaust (but this can be changed).

being said, the VFR800FI is fast, handles well, has brakes and costs several dollars less than the ST.

In Triumph launched a new addition to its lineup: the RS. This is essentially the bike, with a smaller and apparently some tuning and minor adjustments to suspension and More emphasis on sport, on touring.

I haven’t ridden it but expect equal enjoyment from it. Personally I feel the ST looks better and more but the RS looks more street-savvy.

always said the Triumph was the best bike I’d ridden. Now I have to amend The Sprint ST takes that I never had so many smiles per on a modern motorcycle. This is an astounding bike with performance and handling.

I don’t what took me so long to this style of riding*.

Triumph Sprint Sport
Triumph Sprint Sport
Triumph Sprint Sport
Triumph Sprint Sport
Triumph Sprint Sport


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