Norton Commando V Triumph Bonneville How To Make & Do Everything!

1 Apr 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Norton Commando V Triumph Bonneville How To Make & Do Everything!
Norton Triumph Prototype

Norton Commando V Triumph Bonneville

What do you think about this video?

david jay: Just can’t believe how lame this effort from MCN is. What are they playing at. Is there some agenda were not Aware of.

If their frightened of no one buying the paper if the videos are to good just give up On the channel for gods sake. Its embarising

DKF22: those nortons look nothing like the classics..and a $23,000 price tag what a waste. triumph FTW!

sooupdragon: @1i4mc yeah, a bad joke at that. Can’t see them selling that many in recession-hit UK, no wonder they call it Rip-Off Britain. Shame.

stratomaster5: id go for the norton because thats my second name

assman10x: wow glad I wasted my time on this review

Yong Fah Mian: still no HD?

toilit: Norton!

ellaguru: What a complete waste of time, do these tossers get paid?

greggusan: that norton is sex on wheels

Stewart Gartland: These two potato head give crap reviews, they are so freaking lazy! Go and have another pint boys! And get a real job!

Keith Schiffner: Saw the original Norton prototype at the Seattle cycle show. Nice it’s come to market finally, FSVO market anyways. I’d almost trade in my unchanged 79′ GL1000 for one. or not.

ftpaddict: @kevinb1115 Couldn’t you have used the electric starter and the starter pedal (if that’s the correct term) at the same time? For a bit of a boost.

BrokenMachine85: There’s nothing sanitized about a Triumph Bonneville. Couple a wankers.

MCN – @alexskylarking yeah – literally. If you read the full test in the paper this week you’ll see we have a disclaimer – it’s not a normal test. They’re very different bikes, but we wanted to look at the experience each delivers.

doktorlindblood: norton stays norton

dirtyjew1974: both nice bikes, i have a 73 triumph trident t150v and it has plenty of get up and go! i would like to have a vintage norton though, i was looking at a 67 norton cammando 750 and it was a pretty sweet bike and if i got a second bike then thats probably the one i would get.

Boabiegringo: TASTE!

rentatrip1: is this a Monty Python skit. which blok is Michael Palin ?

atreewithnolife: reckon see my comment above.

Robb721: comparing apples to oranges, would of been a better review if they’d put a norton against a triumph thruxton, much more similar bikes

umeandim: I’m wondering if you got paid for doing that expert and well planned assessment.

hiodr: let’s see a thruxton vs. norton review. should be a fairer, closer match.

J Laski: Norton all the way

Triumph Kerosene: I want my 2.41 back. (

Marlon: This review goes for 2:40 and these are the only comments that get shared? Two different bikes for my mind – the rough and ready Norton and the sanitized triumph. The beauty about the triumph is the price is cheap and anybody can jump on it and ride it. With the Norton you get a one off machine.

And that’s the beauty of it. So, to sum up, maybe the Bonneville is a bit plain, a bit of dubious origin. Whereas the Norton is meaty, crusty and more british. That’s not a freakin’ review.

TheLaneyzf: needs clipons

DuranXL: zomg new intro? O_o

truthhunter46: i cant believe how awesome the norton is ,rode one today and out handles bonneville easy. BUT gonna get an 05 bonny or earlier,looked at later ones from 08 and cannot believe how much they are cheapening it ,plastic badges. wtf fuel injection wtf. front brake disc off a cheap chineese chopper [thats what it looks like] no embosed seat just crappy painted triumph logo on cheapo copy,crap shapped handle bars but pulled back to try and make it look better omg i could go on all day, crazy.

paul g: I agree with Nobby Barnes,

P4iZ: I love my Triumph Bonneville 650 from the 70’s, must admit i havent driven it cuz i dont have a licens and i know if i get a MC between my legs no matter the engine size i will some how kill my self. when i time is right i’ll get the licens and enjoy it and when the time comes it will probely be even more rare.

brutalbrital: Yet another pointless review from the clueless idiots that are MCN

macwac100: @DuranXL ftl

Mike Pearson: Try comparing the Norton with the LSL Bonneville – more relevant and the results would be closer and interesting..

ItsRud1: Who gives these guys these motorcycles to review. If i were a manufacturer i wouldn’t trust these guys with a picture of my motorcycles.let alone a real bike.

Norton Triumph Prototype

crispiegee1: The Norton is a beautiful bit of kit, but the Triumph is an awful lot of fun for not a lot of money. I rode one a few weeks ago and was amazed at how much fun you can have on a low-horsepower bike.

kevinb1115: @ftpaddict Kickstarter – Never occurred to me! I don’t think it would have helped though, there’s an awful lot of compression to overcome. It could have been down to the fact that it was race tuned but ,hey it was just my experience started it was a great ride_:)

CaracasVtwin: i dont care to pay more for a Norton. I love to pay more for something better

magna59: Non descript camera / film quality. MCN would have been better off by showing us more of the machines, a good walk round, showing us the machines detail, the quality of finish, paint / castings / wiring, the way you could not get it in the paper then direct us to get a coupon for 10% off the paper, were they could give us the full SP, without a quick quip with two pork products. When will Triumph, with their economic power drag in the youth with a 125, a hook to get into the blood..

powersliding: some pretty cool directing

Levi Sweaney: Cammando wins by far but id have to seel my left arm for one. probably still wouldnt have anuf!

16vastraturbo: @1i4mc they start at £12,500 my friend, the SE was £16k

Magnus A: This is two diffrent bikes it would be much better if they would have the thruxton against the commander

kevinb1115: I had a 850 Commando a while back – loved it. stuck to the road like it was on rails,but it was a pain in the Ass starting, lost count of the number of times I nearly broke me leg! Electric starter on mine but it wouldn’t turn over a sewing machine, let alone a 850 twin!!

Magnus A: Sorry. Commando

thematadore1: you reckon its dear of there. HAAA its 32 k plus gov charge ,gst and rego here in oz but anyway, What are you clowns on about? The Thruxton is a fantastic cafe racer I own one and I tell you.

I’ve had all sorts of bikes, thruxton is a fun bike to ride, it handles ,it has that fat sound when your roaring up the road and at the end of the day, I personally didn’t by it because i thought it was the fastest bike. I bought it because it fit my needs. and wants..( Nice commando)

Sc0ttzi: The biggest problem with the Norton though, not even considering the serious issues they’re having with the bikes, is the price. Who is really gonna pay 16k for what is basically a glorified Thruxton? Sure it’s got Ohlins, but what about dealerships? There are actually Triumph dealers around, who knows where or how long it’s gonna take for Norton dealerships to show up.

I certainly don’t want to be dragging my bike to California every time something goes wrong, which I’m pretty sure it would.

junkduma: dummd dahn mate dummed dahn so far it sank

plonker00765: yeah right,thanks for the info ya clowns,—-very informative.

PanamaJack69: These guys ride like old scooter commuters, and dress like them too.

Sc0ttzi: Too bad Norton is in such serious crap with their transmissions. Anyway, the problem with this comparison is they’re comparing Triumph’s bottom line Bonneville Black (just the model name, I know it’s white) with Norton’s very limited TOP TOP TOP of the line SE. Obviously there’s no comparison, the Norton has carbon fiber wheels. What would be better is the standard Commando against the T100, or even better, Norton’s Cafe Racer against the Thruxton.

This comparison just doesn’t work.

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Norton Triumph Prototype
Norton Triumph Prototype
Norton Triumph Prototype

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