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Triumph Bonneville SE

Triumph Bonneville SE

If you were to at my family history, you’d quite a few famous movie within the past few generations. For my grandfather starred in the movie Wild One”, while my younger brother starred Steve McQueen in “The Escape”.

My dad was in the movie “An Officer and A and my older sister was in “Barbed (no my sister isn’t Pam Anderson). cousins have been in as well; Mission Impossible to just one of them.

But in my family I’m of the black sheep. While of my family went off to find fortune in Hollywood I decided to be a bike.

Press bike? Confused? Did you expect someone to be writing this article?

you’re getting this straight from the horse’s as it were; although if you call me a I’ll run over your

See, I’ll let you in on a little Moto-journalists get all their best from us bikes. Yes sir, nothing but a bunch of paper-pushers who that they pull all the and come-up with the great not so great) articles that you Hogwash.

All of it.

If it wasn’t for us press giving them telepathic (ever hear the line bike seems to speak to your soul”? Guess literally do!) they have anything to write

So I decided to write my own story. I who better to talk about you yourself right? Hopefully you read my story you’ll be inclined to treat your own with more respect and to listen to her (or him) a little closely in the future.

Now as many of you (and as you can tell by looking at the pictures), I am a classically styled I would say that I have a type of body; I have curves and things are rounder on sportier motorcycles. Think of me a Rubens or Botticelli more a Playboy centerfold.

A lady reveals her weight but I’m sure the of this fine magazine tell you anyway…probably in some little parenthesis at the end of this ( she weighs 440 pounds dry – Ed ); see, I you. However don’t let my fool you; I am pretty for my size. As a matter of fact my new 17” cast-aluminum wheels I handle at slow speeds than any other bike you’ll ride.

The Editor that you thought was this actually told (while I was standing right that I was the “Golden Retriever of the world; always eager to and never tries to do anything might in any way endanger you, you, or that might you to get hurt.

While that describe my personality perfectly, no one to be compared to a dog, right? one of you let the Editor know that it really hurt my feelings. since I’m “always eager to I put the hurt behind me and pretended I hear a thing.

Looking on the outside while being a … on the inside just cool so I make sure my classic good looks around an equally classy My heart is 865cc of pure twin gold that out, oh, about 67hp at rpm, and 51lb ft at 5,800. No I’m not drag racing or spinning my tire (even if it is only wide) exiting a corner or any of wheelie shenanigans.

I’m more nice sight-seeing rides on country roads than I am riding around with my on fire (well, your on fire) while bungee out of a 747 at 35k feet.

You want to ride a hooligan? Let me introduce you to my cousins: the Speed and Street. I do love in the city too and would make a commuter bike; you can even me with a windshield and saddlebags! Now how am I, hmm?

One of the things that me so easy to ride and live even for a newbie, is my smooth response and spot-on fuel

HEY! Could you please rubbing your hands on me way! Yeah, you. Go away — I’m trying to here!

Sorry about that some guy just walked-up to me and his hand on my gas tank. Didn’t ask or just started rubbing like this was a petting zoo and not a night. Geez.

Some just don’t know to stop.

Luckily I do and I’m equipped to do it well too. Oh I’m not going to you off over the handlebars or anything (or on my head as that is SO not dignified) but my single 310mm rotor up being shown some by a 2 piston caliper and a 255mm out back being hugged by 2 piston caliper, I am ready and to bring you to a stop in a nice, dignified manner.

My brakes are enough, with decent and feedback, to get the job done and so nicely that even a newbie would have to work to get in trouble while making a stop.

I remember growing up and to my mom and dad say things like “why you have different suspension like your cousin?” Why almost everyone think a bike with a gadzillion adjustments makes for a better Do you have different adjustments? No?

right, people should you for who you are and not try to compare you to everyone else.

I’m not a never was, never be. Why do I need adjustable suspension my 41mm front forks yes they are standard forks and not perverted, err. I mean type) and my twin, chrome rear shocks (which ARE for pre-load, thank you very do the job they are intended to do just

Oh sure — if you are sadistic you can my little peg feelers into the if you try hard enough; but then you should be on a sportier bike, And yes, if you insist on riding a ham-fisted, wanna-be racer you and probably will, overwhelm my and suspension. Of course, once maybe you should on a different like, say, the Daytona

Let me tell you a quick story. One day the and I were riding back home after a nice day of taking at this really old mansion. He was flicking me through a set of smooth corners, not too fast but not too either, when all of a sudden I a pretty solid hit on my left

The Editor actually picked his off the peg completely (while still over) and shifted himself on the while cursing loud that I heard him over the of myself and the wind.

What did I do this whole event was Yep you guessed it; nothing. I just my line, absorbed the impact and saw my and I safely to the exit of the corner.

I learned that we had hit one of those in the middle of the road hard to take a big chunk of it off (I thought I something stuck on the bottom of my and to cause the Editor’s left to go numb from the impact.

Try that kind of hit and doing kinds of movements on one of the twitchy and all the suspension adjustments in the world going to keep you or the bike flopping around like a out of water. Chalk one point up for old-fashioned stability.

Another of me that I am very proud of is my My gears just mesh so well that, unless you are something wrong, you’ll be pressed to ever miss a Not only that but you’ll that you are in gear because my engages positively every

As an added bonus, it is a piece of to find neutral. Sure, it has 5 gears in it, but do you really need 6? OK, so if you to do some highway riding I do get a “buzzy” but I’m not really built for I mean, I’ll cruise at all day long, I’ll just let you that I’m not real happy doing so.

Around town? On back roads? Those are the places my gearing is perfectly suited for and the where I, and you, will be


With This to RevZilla!

Have you guys met a bike that just to drink? Well I’m not one of them. Oh I to drink now and then but I’m not one of those types that need the highest octane.

No sir, you can put good ol’ 87 octane in me and I’ll be super satisfied. I do think I return pretty decent gas for a bike with an 865cc as well. I managed to squeak out even though the guy you thought was this insisted on riding me I was a cheap floozy instead of the highly refined lady I am.

Some of you might have that another magazine did a comparing me to a Ducati GT1000 and I take exception to that. As a of fact, Ducky (her and I had a lot of laughs at the whole idea.

get me wrong — the Ducati is a bike, but if you are looking for a true machine” then only I do, as Ducky is more of a modern on a classic bike while I’m a faithful reproduction….minus the horrid and temperamental carbs mind

Triumph Bonneville SE

Nope, there really is no for me in the market right now; and just how I like it. I will say if you are over about 5’10” in though you may want to look at my T (as in T100), since my cut down that gives me my low 29.1” height also reduces the leg a bit.

Well I think I covered everything about that you’d want to I’m guessing that the Editor want to say a few words so I’ll let him wrap everything up and say my goodbyes Remember; listen to your just might be trying to you something important.

With Link and Help Support web !

Note From the Editor

by Stamp,

Well I you enjoyed our little foray something different. The idea of a bike test as written by the itself was an idea that I would be fun to write — and to read.

I can’t think of it being done before may be good reasons for this!) so I had to at give it a shot.

I’ve got to say the Bonneville SE is the easiest bike to that I have ever on. Being an MSF Rider Coach, I am asked which bike I recommend as a first bike. is a loaded question and one that I skirt around depending on the person is looking for.

riding the Bonneville SE I think I found an answer to that for those people either for a good all around motorcycle or as long as they fit the size of about 5’3 to 5’10 is a huge spread if you think it).

I described the bike as friendly to our guest Carlos and he asked how a bike be friendly. After riding the for the photo shoot we rode to and after he got off the bike he looked at me and ahhh, friendly. Now I see what you (he also started asking about how much, etc.

I he wants one).

At the heart of the SE being easy to ride are the 17 wheels. These wheels the place of the taller spoke found on the Thruxton, T100, and and having ridden the Thruxton and SE back to back they is huge.

Where the Thruxton, its spoke wheels, feels a hesitant to turn, the Bonneville SE is to flick right in. I also myself being able to the pegs on the Bonneville SE with to no drama unlike the Thruxton made you really work ridden at those lean

I guess the best way to describe how the bike is to ride is to say that I love to teach new riders how to using the Bonneville SE over ANY of the crop of training bikes the MSF Yes, there is just a too much power on tap for a completely raw to handle in a confined space but you limit the throttle travel to that. The handling and braking would more than up for the trouble of installing a limiter.

This is not to say that the Bonneville SE is for beginners; I had a blast riding on the bike and would, with a few to fit my 6′ tall frame, consider owning one.


Motorcycle Books, GPS,

Training Videos, Clothing and at the

As you can see in the picture to the right, the Bonneville we tested was equipped with a release windshield. It wasn’t on very long as it created right at the level of my helmet.

To be I am taller than the target for the Bonneville SE so I can’t blame for the issue. The optical quality of the was top notch and had very little even around the edges. sure that if you fit into the range that the Bonneville SE is towards, the shield would just fine.

While the Bonneville SE isn’t a perfect for everyone, those riders, or to be riders, looking for a bike is user friendly, comfortable, and has enough power to entertain you no what your experience is, should take a good look at the Bonneville SE.

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