Triumph Daytona 675 Vs Suzuki GSX-R 1000 At Brno How To Make & Do Everything!

13 Jan 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Triumph Daytona 675 Vs Suzuki GSX-R 1000 At Brno How To Make & Do Everything!
Triumph Daytona 1000
Triumph Daytona 1000

What do you think about this video?

Gavin Burrows: that’s rider skill he is better at corners than the GSX ridersп»ї

flexxxxx28: You will be disappointed

MrToxicJew: km/h no? i have a feeling that this wouldnt do 210mph

Tolgathegooner: That’s funny, I have a k9 thou and want a 675r..

MrMartinLee1: i m not sure it is the handle bar too low or my personal problem. riding after around 30mins, my hands feeling sour. may be i put too much weight to the front OR my perosnal blood flowing not healthy. lol. other than that, it is GOOD. the exhaust isnt that low ( arrow one). i didnt try on the zx6r or R6, i just do research on what people said. ( youtube and google) ,but second handed price the Zx6R are much cheaper than 675. i heard 2013 there got the 675 new model coming out soon.

riden228: you passed red daytona at 5:08 ^^

Narve Hoel: Awsome stuff. cool to see how you get those bigger bikes under braking

griff500grr: Good vid. Nice to get a look at Brno. Only ever did Brands Hatch GP on a rented R6 (always the fastest!) Passed a few ‘Blades too 🙂 Sure u want a GSX-R after the Daytona?

Tried one and it was no contest – would rather pimp a 675 or go for a Ducati (or wait for the MV F3 and pimp that..) Whatever, ride safe.

RichardPeterNuss: You just PROVED why you DON’T need a literbike at the track and ESPECIALLY on the road to go fast. Yeah they leave you in a straight line, and come corner/brake time, you pyll it back and THEN SOME. A well ridden middle weight has monster advantages over a literbike everywhere except straight.

Sportbiking is about corners. I wouldn’t trade this 675 for 3 1000’s unless they have the name RSV4 on the side. Skill crushes horsepower, and you can’t put a price on unique. The triumph has going away

lopes772: @griff500grr I already bought the GSX-R. To pimp the Daytona itВґs not that easy and not cheap. The GSX-R is easier to pimp and it is not that emotional as the Tona but also a very good Bike.

We will see if it was a right decision.

sublime14j: UGH Liter bikes should be banned from tracks unless you can stay ahead of the 600s the whole time. Liter bike riders tend to be slugs in the turns and just slow the skilled riders down. Id like to be grouped with similar skilled 600 class riders so we can all zoom through turns let the chimps have an airport runway to wheelie down.

lopes772: Yes, sure! What you see are km/h! Would be scary to brake from 230 mph at the end of the main straight! 😉

krooliq: great job on braking. which is beautiful example how 1000’s can be eaten by 600’s with rider who knows what he’s doin’. w8 for u’r vid’s with in action K9 anyway 😀

shemraschke: stay on the daytona. nothing feels better than outriding the litrebikes. If you can use 100% of a 600-class bike, then you are a superstar.

Jason McAllister: great video. That exhaust sounds awesome and you are a great rider.

Josh Devers: Your brake fluid is of great concern to me.

Josh Devers: Blue bike rider is crossed up like a mofo 😡

MrMartinLee1: i bought myself a 675. was thinking ZX6R. but picked 675 finally, dont like gixxer, but friend does track saying 750 very fast, faster than his R6. but i done my research ,675 is GOOOD. not GOING to 1000c bikes watever.

valko981: My friend you ride very well. The only thing you need to improve your performance is some more HP. Safe and fast riding my friend!

lopes772: @LightningMAS Very good analyse. And I also canВґt accelarate and my curve speed is much too slow. ThatВґs why I am loosing about 10 seconds to the professional riders.

As you seem to be one of them please share your wisdom with me.

Triumph Daytona 1000

erdeif: Very good driving.

TheBayus: nice ride and nice bike!

lejont: very nice video. good look @ that track. always good to see the smaller displacement bikes taking the big 4’s on the turns 😀

phatrides222000: i was looking at that to. lol

FIGHTTHECABLE: Fantastic riding there !

Wheelie Man: haha 600 vs 1000 🙂 Good ride

Royal Ham: How do you like the seating position on the 675? Would you say the handlebars are too low for any real world comfort outside of the track? Thanks for any feedback; I’ve been looking into this bike for some time now.

djc2609: Look at the rider at 2:10. I’m no expert but it makes me uncomfortable just watching him. His body is all twisted and crossed up. Looks exactly like the example of what not to do in Twist of the Wrist 2

diamonddog257: Final Solution. have both Gixxer Kat and tricking out 675 Triumph. [2000$ titanium exhaust, rearset pegs. etc.]. Like my V-Twin Cruiser.

LightningMAS: u dont know how to enter into a turn right.

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Triumph Daytona 675 vs Suzuki GSX-R 1000 at Brno 4.8 out of 5

Triumph Daytona 1000
Triumph Daytona 1000

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