Диде: Мото Гуцци Норге Мисс Мотоцикл

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Moto Guzzi Norge Sport Touring

Диде: Moto Guzzi Norge

The Moto Guzzi Norge has been on the periphery of my awareness of touring bikes for some time. Берсе якты модельләрен базарында, бу шулай ук башкарыла берсе белән иң яхшы бәясе һәм иң практичная – әгәр иң авыр. Яңа моделе выпущена узган елда, кысаларында неустанных тырышлык куярга Мото Гуцци бу мейнстриме, бу Норге ярамый дәшми, хәтта бүгенге переполненном базарында туринг .

Ничек һәм күп кенә италия фирмасы мотоциклетные, Мото Гуцци-бу гаять белән горурлана үз мирасы, һәм Норге бигрәк тә үзенчәлекле. Ул назван соң GT Норге, инновацион компаниясе 1928 модель – үзе исемендәге өчен дирижабле, ул беренче булсын оча өстендә Северным полюсом. Бу 500мл ГТ Норге төгәлләнде 4000 миль йөрергә тест берсе италия штаб-фатирында компаниянең Норвегия һәм Лапландии, бу эчке чиге буйлап әйләнеш Полярного.

Ул шундый сәфәр, без телибез классифицировать ничек эпический кроссы-континенталь юл хәтта бүген, һәм 1928 бу хәтта күбрәк исәпкә алып, юллар торышы. Компания булган иде мәгънәсе-үзләрен күрсәтү: аларның задний маятник җайга салу подвески – беренче үз үзенчә – эшләгән, һәм мөмкин позволить сәфәр артык дальние ара караганда остальном начар түгел бит. Инженер Джузеппе Гуцци йөреп сәяхәт дүрт атна.

Кайчан norge яңадан кертелгән" 2005, ул чыкты аэродинамической трубе-эшләнгән обтекатель һәм заманча V-образный двигателе һәм амуниции, һәм тәмамланган, шул ук прокатит. Гариза турында ниятләр билгеле иде, though it was not without its issues. Reports of an uncomfortable seat, vibration-happy handlebars and an overheating engine clouded an otherwise solid release.

" 2011-2012 release cycle has seen a heavily redesigned model released, sporting a new fairing, урын, exhaust, panniers, electronically adjustable screen and eight-valve engine. According to press reports, up to 80% of the bike is new. Torque is up by 20% on the old model, alongside a 7% horsepower increase.

With great power also comes great comfort; the suspension is fully adjustable (and a tad firmer) and by all accounts of good quality, and the new seat has redressed the issues of the old.

The upgrades are much needed for a bike in a market dominated by old lineages of sport-tourers. It’s clear that Moto Guzzi are angling for the Norge to go toe-to-toe with Honda’s VFR1200, Triumph’s Sprint GT and other practical all-rounders that double as competent touring bikes. The Norge certainly sports the weight of a tourer – at 257kg without fuel, it is heavier than most competitorsbut it also boasts an impressive array of accessories.

Moto Guzzi Norge Sport Touring

With a standard set of luggage, heated grips, ABS and a bluetooth-enabled Tom Tom GPS, the rather painful-looking £11,549 price tag doesn’t seem so bad. This makes for an especially interesting comparison with BMW’s higher-tech and higher-price R1200RT. Though a full 24kg lighter than the Norge, the BMW is also a thousand pounds moreand that’s without heated grips or a GPS.

With this said, I can’t help feeling serious doubts about the Norge as a genuine all-rounder. The incredible weight and new seating position – an uneasy compromise between high, sporty pegs and upright handlebars – mean that if weaving through traffic is your everyday life there are a thousand other bikes that will make your life easier. Having said that, if you have the upper arm strength to handle it and favour touring, the new Norge’s minimal nods to fun and performance may give your long ride the extra enjoyment a purebred tourer might fail to provide.

The final trick to making the most of the Norge’s considerable attributes is, of course, money – and perhaps more of it than you have concerns about depreciation. " 2012 edition has undergone changes large and small, and all are significant and go a long way towards justifying the “new bike” premium. To buy an older Norge would be to resign yourself to the constant knowledge that you aren’t experiencing the bike at its best.

This may not be a problem, of course, and indeed you can find models over five years old for between five and seven thousand pounds. Even better, they don’t tend to venture above 20,000 миль, with 10,000-strong odometers a common sight. But they won’t be quite as spectacular and polished, and you’ll need to budget in 6,250-mile service intervals in any case.

The new Norge is a compelling motorcycle, and indeed a surprisingly practical one. On the basis of research alone, how highly I recommend it comes down in large part to how much you fancy your chances hauling it around a u-turn in the middle of nowhere halfway across Europe. If it passes that test, it might just be one of the best deals on the grand touring market today.

Moto Guzzi Norge Sport Touring

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