2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Troubleshooting, Repair, Maintenance & Tune Ups – Fixya

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Suzuki GSX-R 750
Suzuki GSX-R 750

2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Problems Solutions

I have a problem when i go for a ride the bike will start,b ut when i stop the battery is flat. I get about 13.5 volts at the battery when i test and sometimes i get 14.1 volts at the battery terminals i don’t ride with any lights on because i know it will just be flat in no time any ideas i don’t know where the voltage regulator is on the bike either any ideas on this i know what it looks like but can’t find it, does anyone know where i can download a manual for free or at little cost. Thanks malcolm

01 suzuki gsxr750 wont crank. was working before I changed plugs and filter put it back together and now nothing

can i assume that you mean the bike cranks over but wont start? Well you can rule out immediately changing the oil. (unless you used way too thick an oil brand, eg: a 20w50 or heavier and live in a cold climate), but ill assume you dont and you live near the beach where it nice and warm.

Now you changed all four plugs, when you pulled up on the plug wires, ill assume that you didnt pull them up by the small diameter wire and pulled them up by the boots instead while twisting them out correct. because this is the correct way to pull plug wires. The other way damages them, also you made sure that you heard a clicking noise letting you know that the plugs were firmly seated to the boot..o.k.

And im almost positive that you went out and purchased the same exact plugs that where in there. Now take the #1 plug out and let it touch the frame of the bike, start the bike and look to see if you get a big blusish spark, not a reddish-purple. if its reddish purple you got either a bad coil or the pulse generators are going bad.

Now ill assume that you didnt replace the plug wires and hopefully didnt get them out of firing order and replaced them one at a time to insure that they would be in the correct position? the bikes left side coil = #1 e te #4 cylinders, and the right coil= #2 and#3, so now. this just leaves one more thing, did you check the gap on the new pulgs before installing because even though they say they’re pregapped they could be wrong, just the other day i changed the plugs in my car and the where all off by .003. Anyway if you did everything properly did you possibly trip the kill switch, or dump the bike tripping the titlt sensor? because this will kill voltage to the fuel pump and it wont start.

Check fuse to fuel pump, if good, then disconnnect battery for 5 minutes, and hook back up. now measure voltage on the battery since you have the seat off. the battery should read at least 12.5v or or it probably wont start. Next take the connector off the fuel pump and check it for 12 volts as well. The bike should start now.

Now if you mean the bike wont crank now thats a totally didnt story. and either your solenoid went bad. but you can find out real quick by taking a srew driver and following the two battery cables, itll lead you to a small black looking thing with to big terminals on it. just turn key on and short together these to post with the screw driver, if the bike starts, then its a bad solenoid, or if it doesnt the starter is probably at faulf or the wiring going to the starter.

hopfully this will help you get it going good luck

Now if all this fails theres one more thing to try (after you have insured yourself that everything was done properly), and that is to try and see if it will push start. if it does, then its a fuel issue, this means that you have an fuel injection problem and maybe something is clogged up so go to Autozone and purchase a can of Sea Foam and pour 1/3 can into 2 gallons of fuel and ride the bike after the push start and ride it for 10-15 miles to see if this will clear it up. it worked for me after 11 maile.

Can i get a veryhelpful out of this one. thanks!

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