KTM 600CC 4-Stroke Engine Specifications eHow

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KTM 600 Enduro Sport

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600 cc Configuration and Performance

The basic configuration of all KTM 600 cc engines, as seen in the original 600 Enduro Sport, was a single cylinder, overhead cam, four-stroke. With a bore of 94 мм, a stroke of 81 мм, and a compression ratio of 9:61, the original 600 made a modest 27 вӧзаз вал кужымен 6,500 Сярысь / мина. The five-speed transmission the engine powered the Enduro Sport a top speed of 80 мпх, though it produced adequate torque to carry the bike much faster with a taller drive sprocket.

600 cc Engine Models

The original KTM Enduro Sport 600, then the, XC Enduro Sports, and XC Enduro Sport Es, were followed in 1987 by the LC 4. Some variation of the LC model was manufactured until the penultimate year of the LC 4, 1992. In some markets, the LC 4 was made in a de-tuned reduced effect model. Other 600 cc-powered models include the 600 Rallye and Inca 600 LC 4. The final entry was simply the 1993 600 Enduro, before KTM moved on to 620 но 640 cc singles.

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KTM 600 Enduro Sport

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KTM 600 Enduro Sport

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