Aprilia دھن مانا 850 GT Motorcycles

6 Jan 2015 | مصنف: | بند کے تبصرے پر Aprilia دھن مانا 850 GT Motorcycles
Aprilia Mana 850


Versatile and multifaceted Aprilia دھن مانا 850 GT is the most eclectic of the motorcycle market. Intelligent, innovative, comfortable, with a unique driving experience thanks to Sportgear transmission, offering all the advantages of mana, multiplying the possibilities of use.

A completely new concept motorcycle, a way to ride the bike brand new. All this is MANA 850, the bike was able to surprise the world showing all Aprilia’s technological capability and the courage to innovate.

Sequential gearbox / automatic, radial brake calipers, helmet compartment, upside down forks. Aprilia Mana combines the most out of a motorcycle, even sport, with unparalleled functionality. A unique bike in the motorcycling world, but this could not be alone.

That is why today was born Aprilia دھن مانا 850 GT, a bike that further enhances the already impressive versatility Aprilia Mana.

MANA 850 GT is a product that follows the evolution of an increasingly attentive to the needs of mobility and seeking resources that meet and satisfy both the daily and long journey.

Mana GT was born to this: a stylish half-fairing perfectly integrated in the motorcycle protects both rider and passenger on long trips thereby increasing tourism. The adjustable windshield makes it possible to adapt the protection to the needs of each pilot.

Engine: Longitudinal V-twin of 4 کرنے 90 اوقات

Refrigeration: Liquid

بور ایکس سٹروک: 88 ایکس 69 ملی میٹر

نقل مکانی: 839.3 CC

Compression Ratio: 10: 1

Distribution : Head camshaft sent by chains, 4 valves per cylinder

Maximum Power : 76.1 hp / 8,000 RPM

Maximum Torque: 73 ینیم / 5,000 RPM

Feeding: Integrated electronic engine management, Weber Marelli. Ø 38 mm collectors

On: Digital electronic with two spark plugs per cylinder, integrated with injection

Start : Electric

Aprilia Mana 850

Lubrication : Dry sump with separate oil tank. Sequence mode with manual and automatic operation based on user requirements.

Change: 3 electronic maps of power delivery (Touring – Sport – Rain) in automatic option “Autodrive”. Ability to shift gears in sequence in both the handlebar or foot. The change between automatic and manual mode can be done almost anytime.

Clutch: Automatic

Primary Transmission: Belt

Secondary Transmission: For chain

Escape: 2 میں 1 system made entirely of stainless steel with three-way catalyst and Lambda probe


Chassis: Tubular high strength steel

Tipper: Alloy adjustable mono-shock side of Ø 125 ملی میٹر

Advance: 103 ملی میٹر

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