Sold: Ural Red Star 650, Sussex

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Ural Red Star

Thread: Ural Red Star Sussex

Ural Red Star Sussex

1999 Ural Red 650cc (Solo — so no and solo gearing.)

Not run for a while. MOT has expired. Needs some before it will pass below) so it will need to up with trailer or van.

I own a trailer or a van, or actually a car license, so you will have to and get it from Sussex.

23,538 KM aka miles (barely run in!)

Thoughts, in no particular order, as come into my head. just going to type all out for now and edit it and clean it up as I go along, so I in advance if I ramble and go on a bit.

ask if there is anything you want to

Firstly, this bike needs some care and but it’s not a total wreck. was fine when I stopped it. Mainly needs a clean and a up and the electrics looking at — you odds and sods — details at the end.

It probably mean a lot if you don’t know about Russian bikes, but is one produced towards the end of the 650’s.

got a lot of things about it that are than the older Russian imported in the 70’s and 80’s, but it as posh (relatively speaking) as the new with their disc and Italian electrics (yes, on a bike Italian electrics are an upgrade. If that bothers you away now)


Very 650cc push-rod flat Yes, like an old BMW, but not Dry clutch, heavy flywheel, 4 heel-and-toe change, TLS drum front and back, steel frame, twin shocks. shaft drive — you can see the UJ’s. (Yes really)

This is not a retro in the modern This is old technology, and needs to be ridden, and looked after as

On the plus side, you don’t a laptop to look after Or even much of a toolkit.


Kick start only! No start. The lever swings out the bike at 90 degrees, so it is easiest to on the left, start it with right foot, and then a leg over.

You can start it astride the but you need a strong right leg to the weight of the bike against inner thigh as you push out on left, so only try this if you are a) b) have strong legs and c) no sense.

As you would expect, low compression so you don’t need to it hard at all. Little on each carb, so no cables to with or look after.

I was using it every day it used to first kick. And also the hell out of younger bikers

Has an cold start lever but I needed to use it, even in winter. I swear this bike the cold, but I suspect I’m anthropomorphising it a bit there.

Very to service and look after at I used to check the valve in my lunch break in the car park

On gearing and doesn’t have the gear fitted, just in you were thinking of putting a on it. Still has the little hand lever on the right which you can use to put it in at lights — very

Solo gearing is higher the outfits but not much. Comfy riding at around 55 to 65 ( takes a to get there ).

You can go faster but there a lot of point, to be honest. Also, do you want to with drum

Handling is slow but steady. a line and stay with it. got slightly knobbly tyres on it, quite fun on dry tracks etc. but I try any serious off-roading on it.

Copes with crappy roads and potholes, etc.) if you don’t try and go too

Luckily it’s a Ural, so you go too fast.

Crashed a little but never major — slid (slowly) down the at least three times ice, rider error the usual)

Managed to drop it on sides, so at least it matches. bars and exhausts scarred, scarred again. Crashes — you can usually just it up and start it again and carry on.

Not I’m suggesting you try it, of course.

are the later TLS and, yes, you a handful but better than you expect. Also, use the rear as well. And plan ahead.

front brake and clutch — very heavy

The flat twin configuration it wide, but very low centre of and wide gear ratios so good in towns — was my London bike for years. as it looks like an old bike you to be able to get away with it all sorts of places — an R1 would get frowned at you can pop this on a outside a shop and Grandmothers smile at you.

Oh yeah, be for old blokes to talk to you. At As in I rode one of those in the war. stories.

(You should try to resist the to say really? which side you on, Franz? or anything like

Also has original leg guards and guards.

Gaiters on forks and too.

Has crash bars but are a bit bent and scarred and were in tape — worn off on one from last drop. enough to tart up, and they been useful, but it does better with the crash and leg and hand guards removed, to be

Clocks — main is MPH but odometer is in KM — I assume the Russians just change the on the clocks, not the internals. You get used to it. Or you if it hadn’t stopped working.

indicators replaced with ones on a bracket behind the plate as one of the original brackets for the indicators broke off in one of the slides.

died a couple of years had it totally re-built and re-wound by a UK has been reliable ever — I think it came better than they came out of the factory.

Various of the frame and mudguards and, everything, have been by the hammerite fairy at some I think.

Some surface on some chrome parts but it cleans up surprisingly well. a lot of grease and oil on a lot of the exposed moving which may look a bit grubby but is why still move.

I managed to the thread on the oil drain plug on the bevel drive a few years ago local garage put a helicoil in and been fine ever Only thing was, he have the correct sized to put in the newly threaded hole, so he the end off of a spark plug and used and I’ve used it ever

Gets a few odd looks — been tempted to put an old HT lead on it and it’s a special power-boosting

Comes with full tool kits (including the pump!) and a tiny tin of the original And some Russian manuals (in but from the factory), and whatever I can find.

Also I think a oil filter and some oils and so you’ve got what is in it right You may find this odd, but running on fully synth as David Angel at F2 did a lot of testing and that to be the best. It’s a bit money, but you don’t have to it nearly as often.

If you want to go to cheap oil you’ll just some oil flush stuff Halfords — flush out the and then use whatever you like.

it’s a dry clutch the gearbox in it’s own oil, not the main oil. I’ve got some of the oil for the gearbox and the rear bevel you can have, too.

Problems I about :

Battery: Dead. completely gone by now.

Works fine for ages sometimes just won’t on. Every time I think fixed it, it comes back. kind of loose connection all the wiring is behind the headlight, so it off to look at usually means you it around and it starts working

Rear brake switch: ages ago, I bodged a (see photo) which for a few years, needs doing

Speedo: Not working — cable inside? I was tempted to replace it with a cheap speedo, to be honest — it was than reliable anyway.

cover is ok, but the foam is getting a bit too and the seat base is looking a bit — could do with a bit of

Exhaust: downpipes are fine, but silencers are badly scarred and (is that a word?). These are not an MOT but it would be nice to replace with some generic ones from a custom or similar.

Crash bars covered in gaffer tape, now badly scared and rusty on one from last drop.

I haven’t checked in a while:

probably need a good — may well be gummed up a Usually some carb and a toothbrush and they are fine.

no idea, to be honest, apart fine when I last it, again. Sorry.

Tank: ok I took this off and cleaned it all up and the underneath a year or so ago.

ok, again as far as I know.

Horn: — replaced with a loud aftermarket one.

good — pretty

So — owning a Ural?

people may ask you if you have any plans to Poland. Also, you may get the urge to a beard.

Upside: It’s fun to ride. I’m only rid of it because I just have too bikes and not enough time and no garage, so I to do most of my bike in the summer, unless I can borrow garage space from

I’ve been meaning to fix it up for now, and it’s obvious I don’t have the time or the so I’d rather it went to than sat and slowly rusted in my

I used it in on all roads in all weathers, but best suited to lazy on country lanes. Probably to a pub for

Ideal bike for someone who has a and some spanners and likes to use Anyone with a vague of bikes will probably no trouble getting it up and running in no

Also a good bike for who like to customise things and their own parts and generally It’s cheap enough and enough that you don’t you can’t possibly alter it or it.

And Dave Angel at F2 — — is always happy to advice and help over the and email, and supply spares and so on. some money with he’s great.

As to what of money I want for it — I have absolutely no idea. More than nothing, I can you that much, but I really know.

Why not have a look on bike/the I Ching and see what are going for and make me an offer?

a Ural — Turn journey into an Adventure!

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Ural Red Star
Ural Red Star

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