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Vespa S College 150
Vespa S College 150


It’s and time for the How Do You Vespa? contributor Each Friday, we’ll passionate Vespa owners who their stories and photos of favorite experiences aboard a

This week’s contributor is Ted a contributing writer at SCENE He grew up watching his dad ride and became a fan himself since an age. His decision to ride a while in college made him an Vespa rider and fan, his story.

Ted’s red Vespa ET4 he rode while in college.

I to college in a sleepy suburban in Rhode Island by the name of The tiny hamlet of a few thousand was primarily to the rest of the world as the of the Fourth of July Parade, a which takes place year down Main a street which unsurprisingly is down the middle by Red, and Blue – not yellow.

By all accounts it was a place to spend four right on the water, perfect weather, delightful springs, summers, admittedly miserable But for me, the season that sticks out in was autumn, not for any reasons meteorological you, but for one evening in particular. By accounts it was a wholly unremarkable which I’d chosen to whittle at a friend’s house a few blocks

Around 2:00 AM I received a phone call from my “Hey man, your car is on

“Do you think you could put it out?” I replied, assuming this was a poor attempt at a late joke.

“Well, I guess all the trucks outside are taking of it.” My eerily calm continued.

At the very least I this some attention, turned out to be the understatement of the century I returned to my house to find a 40 inferno raging in the place my Jeep Grand Cherokee to stand. The Fire Department was out in attendance to hose off my four char, leaving little than a river of black running down the cramped The investigation would later that I was the victim of a random act of carried out by a group of faceless who remain at large to this

Fast forward through the legal process of having car burnt to the ground I found demobilized. The freedom I’d enjoyed from house party to party in my Cherry Red Jeep had stolen from me. I was in purgatory.

But then my father called.

know, you could always the Vespa…” He said it almost as a at this point winter was on its way and to him the of whipping around on a Ferrari Red ET4 in sub-tropical climates seemed to him. But not to me.

“Done.” I replied.

a matter of days I had her in my garage, my restored. La Vespa Epoch was me, and it was glorious.

For the remainder of my time at I bounced around town, beaming, blissfully aware I was having a much better than anyone within I no longer had to adhere to the hell is collegiate parking. I could zip class to class without of time. Beach party? in an instant.

Sporting event Need not apply.

I can’t too many ramen huffing have the budget for a Vespa in loan packages these but if room can be found, I highly it.

What is your favorite memory? Have any great that you can share with us? your photos and your by using the hash tag #VESPAVITA on and/or Instagram.

Be a part of the and help us celebrate the 50th of the Vespa 50cc scooter!

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Today, scooters are seen from New to Indonesia and everywhere in between, that the Vespa lifestyle is one can be found in any part of the world. represents the ultimate style and It is an icon of Italian design satisfies the needs of a sophisticated worldwide. It represents the past and the

It is a blend of modernity vintage. It people of scenes from the film Roman Holiday but it reminds people of innovation, minimalist design, and an iconic “The Vespa— the ‘airplane wheels’, the curvaceous metal the accommodating … (all the that years of Vespa have correctly identified and – is as universal and immediate an image as the bottle and the Volkswagen ‘Bug’”, in the Vespa: Italian Style to the book.

Photo courtesy of “Vespa: Italian Style to the book

All of these characteristics define a Vespa are what the world fall in love it. The globalization of the Vespa took off in the of the millennium as technology made for faster communication, production, and What are interesting to analyze are the and needs of each country and how culture utilizes Vespas.

For instance, the Japanese market likes vintage Vespas as the Vespa 50 and Primavera models. For a Pontedera was making exclusive vintage” models and shipping to selling about three units per year. The Vespa in Japan is the one that appreciates the of the vintage design and likes to in those models rather buying a brand new design.

The 50 Special scooter

On the other the market in India is completely There, Vespas are a convenient vehicle that can easily through the country’s narrow and chaotic traffic. There are 4 million motor scooters in and they represent 70% of the over 2 vehicles registered in Delhi.

Vespa was the leading scooter in market during the boom up the 90s but after a going through a battle due to license deals, finally reached a settlement in and are now back in the Indian market.

The Primavera scooter

In other of the world such as China and America, Vespas became popular. About 10 million are sold per year in China The profile of the Vespa buyer in the market can be described as, “an upwardly member of the well-to-do middle an admirer of foreign things, by the desire to display his own status,” as in the Vespa: Italian Style To The book.

Photo courtesy of Vespa 50 Rivista

Various clubs have been all over the world, for instance the New Scooter Club is one of the biggest in the U.S and it meet ups and scooter parties attracts hundreds of people year. The Vespa World headquarters is in Pontedera (where are produced to this day), and in they celebrated Vespa’s anniversary by hosting the biggest rally with over riders who rode through the of Turin, Italy.

And in America, you can in Amerivespa. hosted by Vespa San Diego, June 27 – 30. The Vespa is one that shares one thing in their love for riding a Vespa has become a world two-wheeler with its own brand that will continue to set scooter apart from for decades to come.

What is your favorite memory? Submit your and your stories by using the tag #VESPAVITA on Twitter and Instagram.

Be a of the conversation and help us celebrate the Anniversary of the Vespa 50cc

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The beginning of the new millennium brought the boom with the internet. sharing and accessibility to multiple of communication shaped society and cultural habits of this How did the Millennial Generation receive about the war and watched the inauguration of the biracial U.S. President?

The The birth of high speed and broadband internet made it for people to share information, content on mobile devices, and news via social channels. The popular websites of this were Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.

A Vespa

Popular Vespa scooters came out during this include the Vespa Granturismo and the LX; both have sleek high technology, and were to replace the ET model from the The Granturismo was the largest Vespa when it came out in 2003. It had a engine, with design reminiscent of the original Vespa the addition of a rear luggage which made it the perfect for longer rides.

The Vespa LX out a few years later with design aesthetic as the Granturismo but it had versions: the 50cc two-… the Hi-Per4, the 125cc, and the 150.

The of file sharing enabled artists to launch their careers online without a label. Social media such as MySpace and Facebook served as a place for artists to their music, tour and photos with fans the world.

Rap and hip-hop became in the 90s but it wasn’t until the 2000s rappers such as Eminem through to mainstream, with leading the way by selling 32 million and making his acting debut in the film 8 Mile . Britney who had first emerged in 1999, the best-selling female solo of this decade with out tours across the world as as a film debut in Crossroads . One of her memorable performances was at the 2001 MTV Music Awards when she had a wrapped around her neck she sang and danced. The King of Michael Jackson, released his album in 2001 titled

Notable music artists of decade include Beyonce, West, TLC, Dr. Dre, Williams, The White Stripes, The among others. In 2005, 8 launched its benefit concerts, to create global awareness poverty.

There were concerts held in Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United and South Africa.

Rapper sold 32 million albums in decade

This decade is for recycling trends from decades. For example, the 80s neon had a huge comeback in 2001 Louis Vuitton’s designer Jacobs debuted a collection of with neon graffiti in collaboration with artist Sprouse. It was a major moment in because a luxury brand neon cool again big, bold prints on its bags and accessories.

Ugg boots boots made in Australia) originally introduced to the U.S in the 70s to the surf as a utilitarian boot that feet warm and provided but became trendy shoes in the when celebrities such as Simpson and Paris Hilton to wear them. Most would wear Ugg boots skinny jeans and a North jacket. Another shoe that became popular Crocs, plastic shoes look like clogs.

The chic” look also extremely popular and was acquired by nonprescription glasses with bow and/or suspenders.

Louis bag in collaboration with artist Sprouse

The next level of in films was introduced with 3D, allowed the viewer to watch a with the illusion of depth Movies such as Spiderman and Potter . which had a lot of special could be viewed in 3D by wearing a of plastic glasses provided at the However, the film that 3D big was Avatar (highest-grossing film of the when it came out in 2009.

The was directed by Academy Award Director James Cameron, who directed Titanic . and it was released in format as well as RealID 3D, 3D, XpanD 3D, and IMAX 3D formats. that featured a Vespa Lizzie McGuire, Alfie, Bigalow, The Interpreter, Under the Sun, Penelope, Get Smart, Bourne Identity, Angels Demons . among others.

Carell and Anne Hathaway in the “Get Smart”

Reese and Christina Ricci in the film

Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox in the “Transformers”

The technological innovations were released in this changed how people communicate to day. The internet was carried wireless and broadband, which it possible to surf the net on a mobile The USB flash drive replaced disks and paperless services a norm.

Software that was highly at offices across the country on PC included: Windows 2000, XP, Office, Windows Vista, Office 2008, and Windows 7. The form of communication became and text messaging. Top social used were Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Top search and commerce sites were Yahoo, Amazon, and Ebay.

The social network of this Facebook

What is your Vespa memory or other of the 2000s or a 2000s technology, actor, director, fashion or design that inspires you Submit your photos and stories by using the hash tag on Twitter and Instagram.

Be a part of the and help us celebrate the 50th of the Vespa 50cc scooter! All will be automatically added to La Vita’s mosaic gallery of .


It’s and time for the How Do You Vespa? contributor Each Friday, we’ll passionate Vespa owners who their stories and photos of favorite experiences aboard a

This week’s contributor is Gallagher. an artist who specifies in graffiti and street art in New York and has featured on the cover of Time Out New magazine. He started drawing on the in 2005 and, eventually out to work with companies and such as City Arts TMP Worldwide, Newcastle Beer, Museum of Art, The Children’s of Art in NYC, among others. out how he became a street artist and made him draw a shadow of a scooter.

1. When did you decide to a graffiti artist and why?

I attracted to graffiti as a very child growing up in the east in New York in the late 1970′s, different names painted/inked on the As I tried to mimic this I began as a practitioner of the craft at an age.

2. What was the first of an object’s shadow?

The first I ever did on the street back in was a chalk enhanced piece, a of a fire hydrant on Kane in the Cobble Hill section of

3. What has been your shadow to draw and why?

My favorite shadow to draw has to be the shadow because it has become my Bicycling is a form of mobility and to me equals freedom. Freedom to wherever the wheels take Street art is freedom to me in that as well – it is outside and free for the to enjoy; free to enjoy the of the outdoors while creating. art is not constrained.

It is there, in your like advertising, but the difference is times it is not trying to sell you or someone.

4. When you saw the Vespa what made you want to its shadow?

I thought that the looked like a giraffe!

5. materials do you use to draw the shadows?

On the I use chalk. For paintings and works on and site-specific works I utilize a of materials incorporating screen spray paint, paint paint stick, ink, and sculpture.

6. What item you like to draw a shadow of

Utilizing the Vespa’s shadow for an advertising campaign, site-specific in multiple cities! Vespa, can you me knocking?

What is your Vespa memory? Have any stories that you can share us? Submit your photos and stories by using the hash tag on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Be a of the conversation and help us celebrate the Anniversary of the Vespa 50cc

All submissions will be automatically to La Vespa Vita’s mosaic of photos .


Amerivespa is place in San Diego from 27th-30th and to honor the 50th of the Vespa 50cc scooter, Technical Representative Sean created a series of three to showcase at the event that the timeline of the legendary Vespa scooter. Check out the boards

Be a part of the conversation and help us the 50th Anniversary of the Vespa scooter!

All submissions will be added to La Vespa Vita’s gallery of photos.


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