7 May 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on MY VESPA SCOOTER CRASH, PLASTIC SURGERY + RECOVERY How To Save Money…
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone

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SouthernFried Tom: This kind of puts me off having an open face helmet, even if my beard is awesome and would protect me.

Alessio S: man, glad you made it. those open helmets fly off your head when they should protect you I have to throw away that shatty vespa open helmet or Jet helmet by vespa and buy me a more serious integral helmet. I had almost a flying bird in my face while i was going 80 km/h with it. God bless

mohamed eldawi: Damn man i couldnt finish reading the details

Evil Scooter Kitty: I’m so sorry. Hugs sent.

Vespa Treff München: oh my god

Steven Horvat: your lucky, sue the bitch and buy a new vespa. this time wear a full face no exceptions.

TheAuzzieSniper: thats what you get when you wear open faced helmet mate

fuzzlwuzzl: lucky guy

Ananda Priyadharshan: Hi Guys, This is to make you aware that Sri lanka has a law prohibiting the use of full face helmets. please make the world aware of it. Happy you survived and got your face as it was!!

julie emily: Clockwork Orange dude

Matt Eiswerth: Amazing recovery! Full face forever after this. Thank you.

64Gerico: Sarà anche stato fortunato, ma non credo che sia stata una cosa semplice, sono contento per te che sei tornato ok, ma solo tu sai quanto hai sofferto.

Squeak Boulter: I have an open face for very slow speed marshaling at events, otherwise, anywhere its all the gear. Hope your getting better.

Danny Hunter: I got a full face you can have,you big dummy

tomsseries: That’s why its an accident, you never see it coming no matter how you dress. Hope you feel better, I’ve been there myself-good luck!

waynereardon: The helmet was a Shoei open face, and didn’t come off

OthellRogue: I’m sorry this happened to you :*(

Nickiford39: lol you are dumb apparently this isnt about how many words i typed its about how many he used in between the lines which was 2 so learn to count child and dont comment back again svae yourself the trouble.

TheTukunehito: 治って良かったですね~

ShadyNJ: You did recover well. now invest in a full face helmet. lol

mattathm: Open Face Helmet = Closed Lid Casket

tzeparu77: chicks dig scares man 🙂 but now that u got them, wear full protective gear whenever u ride. goes for all of us

xxsekoxx: Glad you lived through this and came out looking completely normal. Gotta be careful on two wheels man, as you know. You have to treat every single car as if they are going to pull out in front of you, that is the only way to prepare yourself for something like this.

I learned when i started riding that on a motorcycle/scooter. there is no such thing as an accident.

paulo cromio: ahahahah my mistake BUT YOU GET THE POINT YOU ALMOST DIED

soniqLCD: how long did it take you to heal??

TPB420: you made a great recovery

Nick vd Pas: he was wearing a helmed, look in the bloody description.

Morkecho: man, glad you’r ok, ride safe!

stevecameron85: two words- full face—- and dress to crash not to ride

goodburer123: Glad to c your face went back to normal

venom400: grats on a full recovery..

Alex Missi: Not trying to be disrespectful but goddamn u looked scary. I shat ma pants.

bill hicks: its o.k. you wernt that handsome to start with

34ab138: better stop reading all this or you´ll be putting me off going out on my vespa primavera all done up like quadrophenia with my open face helmet and modparker and plimsoles!

Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone

iFinlander: 80 km/h with a Vespa? lol.

DCmoney1205: Glad ur better. FULL FACE ONLY

Adolo Guadarrama: @0:11 😉 nice try with smiley

Doggieman1111: nice recovery, but damn I’ll never get on a motorcycle. 2 out of the 3 people I’ve known who rode have had horrifying injuries.

bluelipbeaver: Thank you for posting this. I know what you mean about hot day riding. Here in Florida if I wear a helmet, it’s only on the cool days or rainy days. Otherwise, I overheat and then I get angry, then I drive like an asshole.

So the trade off can work both ways. Better control or gambling. I’ll take the better control thank you. Same rules apply in NH when I’m home.

Kabir Sewrajsing: ja das kut

William Hannah: Any fractures?

fatmikecj: I wear glasses and have never had a problem. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but if I were you I’d go to a shop and try a few on to see which feel best, could be that I’ve always just been lucky and got helmets that are accommodating to glasses, or glasses that fit helmets. Also remember to take your glasses off, put the helmet on, then put your glasses on through the visor, otherwise I just end up with bent glasses on my chin.

mappy456: You are lucky you still actually have a face, open face helmets should be illegal.

RockaBabe713: @extremist he DID have his helmet read descriptions

venom400: what do you think. you will never end up like that ON A VESPA if you are wearing a decent helmet..

nick logan: He said *YES, I HAD A HELMET ON Some ppl wear helms but don’t buckle and end up looking like him when it comes flying off. Some ppl define helm as Open face Their are ppl who have had failures with Modular FULL FACE. Was looking to get HIS definition.

cgcgundersen: Holy crap!

italoarubiano: might have had a helmet, but not a proper full face expensive one. those are the only ones one should use when riding anything. always saved my life/face.

duanekimball: Just riding around the yard on my kid’s dirtbike, I wore my autox helmet (open face) and went down at..15mph. faceplant. I immediately got a full face helmet the next day. I retired the open-face helmet.

emylism: Dear Winchester ranger I used to ride motorbikes then I grew up pffft now I just wear a skirt instead you forgot to add. good to see you’re ok looked like it would of been hell for a while



Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone
Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone

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