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Victory Kingpin

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Hang on for the entire line up of Victory Motorcycles. If you haven’t a Victory find one and throw a leg it. You just might be surprised. 1997 Victory by Polaris was launched, by 1998 they in full-scale production on the newest of American Motorcycles.

The first produced by Victory was the V92C, was named Best Cruiser by World magazine before it was available to consumers.

In 2003 and Victory re-vamped the line-up and the Victory Vegas and Victory . The Vegas was named 2003’s cruiser motorcycle by four motorcycle enthusiast magazines, the 2004 Kingpin received top from V-Twin Magazine.

models for 2005 include the 8-Ball, the Ness Signature Vegas, and Ness Signature Kingpin and the dramatic Hammer a 100 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin and a 6-speed overdrive transmission. ’em out.


Vegas 8-Ball

New Victory 8-Ball is the Best Value American-Made Cruisers—

New 2005 Combines the Stunning Looks and of a Vegas With a Tough Look at a Great Price!

no need to qualify the statement. and simple, the new Victory Vegas is the absolute best value on the among American-made cruiser The new for 2005 Vegas 8-Ball is a black version of the award-winning Vegas its suggested retail in the U.S. is just $12,999. about two grand less a Vegas and the same as the suggested for an original Victory V920 in

The 8-Ball is priced lower competitive models and beats all in terms of styling, comfort and

No cheap knock-off, the Vegas touts the same FreedomTM V-Twin engine, plush stout frame, superior nimble handling and stellar of a Vegas. Vegas 8-Ball the distilled essence of the Vegas; away chrome components and paint and leaving behind a canvas, perfect for customizing or a high-value dream bike.

Vegas Styling is Still

The color is black and the chrome is but the Vegas 8-Ball still many of the award-wining styling of the Vegas. For one, there’s the spine that runs the of the front fender, the fuel and the rear fender. The stylish features scalloped sides Victory tank badges and a tail that integrates the front of the solo seat, features an improved shape in for a more comfortable ride.

Vegas 8-Ball Motor

FreedomTM Power

Vegas is powered by the Victory 92/5 V-Twin, an air- and oil-cooled inch engine with fuel injection (EFI), cams with self-adjusting cam hydraulic lifters and 4 valves per Exhaust flows through two pipes 1 slash-cut tips and is fed through a 5-speed transmission to a drive.

An 8-Ball rider enjoy comfortable ergonomics, to a 26.5-inch-high seat and yard-mounted that make the bike to ride and enjoy. The front features 43mm telescopic and the rear suspension has a gas shock and linkage for the cast aluminum arm.

The wheels are the stylish, combination of big in front, smaller in the — a 21-inch wheel up front and a in back – and the rear wheel a 180mm tire that a great feel for the road. The also features new for 2005 turn signals for convenience.

Now Get Accessorizing

For riders who want to amp up the content on their Vegas the place to start is the Pure accessories collection. Pure is the line of genuine Victory available only through Victory dealers and online at

Pure Victory offers of chrome, performance and touring and parts for the Vegas 8-Ball and all models.

Victory Touring Cruiser

Cruiser is the Ideal Bike for Riders and Those Who Long for a Ride

Victory Touring Represents the Most Powerful Touring Bike on the Market.

The Touring Cruiser has probably more state lines any other Victory model the brand’s inception in 1998, and it keep carrying happy cross-country in 2005. It’s a designed, built and equipped for and confident long-distance riding, and Cruising riders put it to good use border to border.

It has everything a rider needs, including power, highly efficient consumption, touring equipment a high windshield and hard and a comfortable ride that a rider enjoy long in the saddle.

The Way to Ride

The ergonomics of the Cruiser are ideal for long-distance The seat height is 28.3 and the handlebars and floorboards are ergonomically The handlebars and floorboards are rubber-mounted, minimizes the vibration reaching the hands and feet and helps to the mirrors stationary. The Victory Cruiser also provides a with a good feel for the with its well-tuned suspension and tires.

The bike has 16-inch front and rear and the 160mm tire gives a rider a confident sense of the road Suspension duties are handled by a swing arm teamed with a gas while 45mm telescopic take up residence at the front. the TC suspension soaks up bumps in while still delivering handling traits.

Equipped for

The Touring Cruiser has plenty of a distance rider needs, a protective windshield, spacious comfortable seat, passenger and a spirit of adventure.

The high does a great job of blocking debris and the elements and keeps a fresh on a long day’s The saddlebags are Victory’s lockable bags with an easy-open that can be operated with one even by the rider seated on the Need to peel off a jacket?

take it off and pop it into one of the roomy then get riding.

Another why the Touring Cruiser is so well-suited for to coast jaunts is its engine, the FreedomTM V-Twin. This incher is oil- and air-cooled and has edge technology in the form of fuel injection (EFI), cams, 4 vales per cylinder, cam chains and hydraulic lifters. With the FreedomTM engine, the Cruiser enjoys outstanding and throttle response as well as reliable cruising power.

For stopping, the Touring Cruiser dual 300mm floating with 4-piston calipers in and a single 300mm floating with a 2-piston caliper in the

For 2005 the Kingpin is available in Solar Red, Sonic Pearl White over Silver, and Black with Hot Rod There is also a limited in a special two-tone paint commemorating the 50th anniversary of Victory’s parent company.

Touring Cruiser Anniversay

Get Outfitted for the Long Run

Touring riders who plan to take trips (and who doesn’t?) want to check out all the great available from Pure the source for genuine Victory and accessories. Touring equipment from Pure Victory super-cushioned touring seats, lower wind deflectors and Pure Victory accessories and are available from authorized dealers and from

Styling Partner Arlen Delivers knockout Customization for the Ness Signature Series

It’s one thing for a Victory owner to add some chrome to his cherished ride. It’s another when Victory a standard Kingpin in the hands of styling partner Arlen with the invitation, “do your

The result is a stunning custom called the Ness Signature Kingpin, which Victory release as a limited-edition model for

Endless Chrome and ‘Purple

Arlen along with his son and partner Cory, started by his signature Kingpin with a paint scheme called Haze,” then they the bike a set of Ness billet and a custom-stitched seat with an surface.

The Ness duo then a reproduction of Arlen’s signature on the covers, and then got busy chrome pieces from the Ness Signature Series of accessories. These include:

• Ness radius drag billet style mirrors hand grips

• Arlen billet primary cover billet timing cover

• Arlen Ness logo EFI

The bike also has numerous Victory chrome accessories,

• Chrome triple clamps, a swing arm, chrome brackets chrome switch

• Chrome foot controls and passenger peg supports

The bike has braided stainless steel and clutch cables.


The talk will be about the look, but beyond the stunning billet and paint, it’s a Kingpin, one of the best-riding motorcycles on the road.

The bike gets its power from the 92/5 V-Twin engine, which is an and oil-cooled 92-cubic incher electronic fuel injection overhead cams with cam chains, hydraulic lifters and 4 per cylinder. Exhaust flows two beautiful chrome pipes slash-cut tips and power is fed a 5-speed transmission to a belt

The ergonomics of the Ness Signature Kingpin put a rider in charge on the seat. The front suspension inverted-cartridge 43mm forks and the suspension has a gas shock and rising-rate for the cast aluminum swing The bike has 18-inch wheels, and rear, with a 130mm-wide up front and a 180 in the rear.

New for 2005, the Signature Series Kingpin, with all Victory models feature self-canceling turn for convenience.

Ness Signature

Ness Signature Series Vegas Features ‘Evil’ Wheels, Stunning Paint and of Chrome Accessories

Every Vegas owner likes to his bike to give it a unique but nobody does it quite master custom builders and styling partners Arlen and Ness. At Victory’s invitation, and Cory took a standard and made it their own, and it be available in very limited as the 2005 Ness Signature Vegas.

Eye-Popping Chrome and Style

In its standard form, the is a stunningly stylish bike. it the Arlen and Cory Ness and the Ness Signature Series is a work of art on two wheels.

It features a Blue” custom paint and fabulous custom wheels Arlen Ness calls his 7” billets. The custom-stitched seat a lizard-pattern surface that is to the touch and easy on the eyes.

The covers have reproductions of signature and the bike is loaded chrome pieces from the Ness Signature Series of accessories. These include:

• Ness radius drag billet style mirrors hand grips

• Arlen billet primary cover billet timing cover

• Arlen Ness logo EFI

The bike also has numerous Victory chrome accessories,

• Chrome fork legs, triple clamps chrome housings

• Chrome swing arm

• foot controls and chrome peg supports

The bike also has stainless steel brake and cables.

The customization adds to the Vegas styling, which a raised spine that the length of the front fender, the tank and the rear fender. The is a work of art with scalloped framing Victory tank and a split tail that into the leading edge of the seat.

Impressive Power

There’s more to a Ness Signature Vegas than just its style. The bike’s outstanding for all types of riding is provided by the 92/5 V-Twin engine.

The 92/5 is an air- and oil-cooled incher with electronic injection (FF1), overhead with self-adjusting cam chains, lifters and 4 valves per cylinder. flows through two beautiful pipes with slash-cut and power is fed through a 5-speed to a belt drive. —

The Signature Series Vegas has that put a rider in a comfortable, position on the 26.5-inch-high seat. The suspension is based on 43mm forks and the rear suspension has a gas and rising-rate linkage for the cast swing arm. There’s a wheel up front and an 18-inch at the rear with a road-holding tire.

New for 2005, the Ness Series Vegas, along all Victory models will self-canceling turn signals for

Victory Kingpin Deluxe

Deluxe Gives Long-Distance the Touring Gear They to Enjoy the Ride

The Cool of the Kingpin Grows Even Comfortable with the Kingpin

— For riders whose bike combines the style and of a Kingpin with the touring of a full dresser, the ideal is the Kingpin Deluxe. It’s a pin with a Victory Deluxe Package, which consists of a windshield, lower deflectors, and floorboards and a backrest for a passenger. the best of both worlds, all the style, power and smooth of a Kingpin, yet is more than of going the distance.

True Gear

When it comes to distance riding, taming the is a key element to comfort. This is why the and lower deflectors found on the Deluxe offer outstanding from wind, the elements and debris and help a rider fresh on a long day’s In addition, the passenger backrest and invite a guest to get comfortable and a great cruise, while the provide excellent convenience, and style.

The saddlebags have a look exterior and a hard interior so they look hold their shape and mid-capacity storage. They can be and closed easily with one by the rider seated on the bike, and are lockable. Just fill ‘em up and hit the

Victory Kingpin Deluxe

Ride, Great Power

the standard Kingpin, the Kingpin gives a rider (and a confident feeling of being in on the road. The ergonomics let a rider into a comfortable yet commanding position and enjoy the ride. The also enjoys a smooth, ride because of the backrest, and plush rear suspension.

The Deluxe has a 65.6-inch wheelbase, seat height and a 130mm-wide tire that delivers handling and a great feel for the The front suspension features 43mm forks while the suspension features a gas shock and linkage.

Handlebars and running feature rubber-mounted isolation to vibration reaching the rider’s and feet. In addition, this keeps the mirrors from at highway speeds and gives a clear view to the rear. And in 2005 the Kingpin Deluxe has turn signals for convenience and

Whether carrying just a or a passenger as well, the Kingpin has plenty of power for city and freeway cruising. The 92/5 V-Twin is a 92-cubic inch that is oil- and air-cooled and has of the art technology like electronic injection (EFI), overhead 4 valves per cylinder, self-adjusting cam and hydraulic lifters.

Riding in

The Kingpin Deluxe is built for but it’s also styled to heads. It has fully valanced and an eye-catching fuel tank scalloped sides and a split that blends with the tip of the seat.

For 2005 the Kingpin Deluxe is in Black, Solar Red, Blue, Black over Silver, Pearl White Vogue Silver, Pearl with Vogue Silver and Black with Tribal Flames. There is also a edition in a special two-tone scheme commemorating the 50th of Polaris, Victory’s parent

Make it Yours with

The Kingpin Deluxe is an ideal bike and it can be customized and personalized accessories from Pure the source for genuine Victory and accessories. The Pure Victory collection includes items as chrome parts, custom Arlen Ness accessories, carrying items and more.


Kingpin Gives Riders the Power, Confidence and to Take Command of the Road

Comfortable and Confident; the Kingpin the Cornerstone of the Victory Lineup

it’s time for a motorcyclist to some real riding, the way to get real is on a Victory Kingpin, a designed for real riding, not straight-line trolling between holes. The Kingpin offers the combination of what a real needs: great power, handling, smooth ride, a feel on the road even in or rain, and the ability to be accessorized for touring.

What’s more, the Kingpin is equipped with styling and modern engine that ensures unmatched and neighborhood envy.

Putting You In

The Kingpin gives a rider an level of confidence whether on the road or between stoplights. The ergonomics let a rider settle a comfortable yet commanding riding and enjoy the feel of the Kingpin the garage to destination and back The bike has a 65.6-inch wheelbase, seat height and a 130mm-wide tire that delivers handling and superb traction.

To the ride smooth across and cross-country, the Kingpin features cartridge 43mm forks and a single swingarm with a gas and rising-rate linkage. The handlebars and boards feature rubber-mounted to minimize vibration reaching the hands and feet. New for 2005, the also has self-canceling turn for convenience.

There’s ample for city traffic or freeway from the 92/5 Freedom TM This 92-cubic inch is oil- and air-cooled and touts technology like electronic injection (EFI), overhead four valves per cylinder, cam chains and hydraulic lifters. modern elements of technology to deliver outstanding power take-off to highway cruising thanks in part to an FF1 system precision accuracy.

Riding in

The Kingpin is built to ride but also styled to stop even when it’s It has fully valanced fenders and an fuel tank with sides and a split tail integrates with the front tip of the The Kingpin presents a smooth line for a beholder’s eye to follow, to rear, and it has plenty of chrome for a look.

The style and performance of the is what earned it “2004 V-Twin Motorcycle” honors V-Twin magazine.

For 2005 the is available in Black, Solar Sonic Blue, Black Vogue Silver, Pearl over Vogue Silver, White with Vogue Flames and Black with Fade Flames. There is a limited edition in a special paint scheme commemorating the anniversary of Polaris, Victory’s company.

Victory Kingpin

Make it Yours with

The Kingpin is an ideal long-range when fitted with a Touring Package from Victory, the source for genuine apparel and accessories. The Deluxe Package includes a high lower deflectors, saddlebags, floorboards and a passenger backrest.

Victory accessories can also a rider personalize his or her Kingpin accessories such as chrome custom wheels, Arlen accessories, cargo carrying and more.

Victory Vegas

Award-Winning Vegas Offers Custom-Bike Along With Outstanding

2005 Victory Vegas New Wheels, Colors and Key Upgrades.

For the umpteenth time, the answer is the Victory Vegas is not a custom-built costing in excess of $40,000. It looks that way thank you much! With its incredible elegant balance of chrome and premium fit and finish and of course V-Twin power, the Victory continues to define the future of the custom cruiser marketplace. The offers a custom look only found on bikes 3 to 4 times greater.

And yet at the same the Vegas delivers a leading of performance, ride and handling by renowned motorcycle publications the past two years.

Award-Winning Performance

The Vegas started “Cruiser of the Year” awards as soon as it was unveiled in 2003. motorcycle magazine editors it, and they heaped on even honors on the classy cruiser.

The Vegas continues to present award winning, smooth from wheel to wheel. The flows from one body to the next as the raised spine accents the front fender is found atop the fuel and on the rear fender. The tank is a with scalloped sides Victory tank badges and a tail that blends the leading edge of the rider’s

The Vegas has just the right of chrome or polish in places as the fender struts, belt EFI cover and case covers.

For the Vegas is available in Black, Red, Sonic Blue, Yellow, Pearl White Vogue Silver, lndy Red Tribal Fade Flames and with Tribal Fade There is also a limited in a special two-tone paint commemorating the 50th anniversary of Victory’s parent company.


Extra Comfort for

A Vegas rider will additional comfort starting in as the seat has been reshaped to greater support, especially on rides.

Providing smooth for all types of riding is the FreedomTM V-Twin engine, which a unique combination of styling classic, technology that’s and power that holds a appeal for true motorcyclists.

The 92/5 is an air- and oil-cooled incher with electronic injection (EFI), overhead with self-adjusting cam chains, lifters and four valves per Exhaust flows through two chrome pipes with tips and power is fed through a transmission to a belt drive.

The has ergonomics putting a rider in a commanding position on the 26.5-inch-high The front suspension is based on telescopic forks and the rear has a gas shock and rising-rate linkage for the and cast aluminum swing There’s a 21-inch wheel up and an 18-inch wheel at the rear a road-holding 180mm tire.

New for the Vegas will feature turn signals for convenience.


Accessories Make it Vegas

The best way for a Vegas to personalize his or her bike is with Victory accessories from Victory. There is a large of chrome items from to the swingarm and wheels to a luggage The Arlen Ness Signature includes numerous stylish designed by the famous Victory partner and there are also such as backrests and saddlebags equip the Vegas for touring.

See dealer today or check out online at

The All-New Hammer; the Ultimate Balance of Handling and Comfort.

Tough combine with 100 cubic-inch V-Twin power, 6-speed transmission and 250mm rear

— There’s a new tool for the looking to pound out a reputation as the rider in town. It’s the Hammer, Victory’s all-new into the Power Cruiser blending a perfect combination of styling and a massive rear It’s a unique combination of that only Victory deliver — and only the baddest will use to pound the pavement.

All-New Engine, New Overdrive

the Hammer is from Victory a company of real riders who bikes with true qualities — it’s than a straight-line cruiser a big engine and a massive rear It’s a powerful new motorcycle makes an impression in town its memorable styling and is equally on the rural twisties with its and ride.

Start with the new engine the FreedomTM 100/6 a 100-ci/1634cc V-twin that is and air-cooled and touts electronic injection (EFI), overhead 4 valves per cylinder and hydraulic Designed and built by Victory this new engine delivers 10% horsepower than the revered FreedomTM 92/5 V-Twin and a 22% more torque.

The cooling surrounding the jugs are sculpted for a that complements the bike’s styling and the crankcase is 10mm than the FreedomTM 92/5, so can enjoy increased cornering The EFI ensures that a rider consistently precise and powerful response and commendable fuel

When a Hammer rider the bike out on the highway, he can shift sixth gear — a overdrive — to let the engine off the revs while maintaining its The overdrive not only represents reduction in rpm from a standard 1:1 it also reduces vibration and noise so a rider enjoys a and quiet ride at highway

Victory is the first OEM to offer a overdrive transmission in a cruiser

Memorable Rear Meat

Also a first from an OEM is the rear tire found the back of the Hammer. Victory with Dunlop to develop tire specifically for the Hammer. a bike that’s built for — which, to Victory engineers, precise handling— so Victory and teamed up to create a wide that delivers great sure footed traction of course, a great look.

The big tire is capped by a sport bobbed fender that off the big tire and reveals the bike’s capabilities. The Hammer also has an dual exhaust, rear with a single gas shock and 43mm telescopic forks.

The is a bike that can go, corner and The rear wheel has a 300mm rotor with a 2-piston while the impressive front consists of dual 300mm rotors with 4-piston

The Hammer’s styling stretches the length of the bike. The lines of the fender flow into the fuel tank with its sides and split tail integrates with the nose of the seat. The seat height is inches.

Colors: From Black to Truly Toxic

For Hammer riders have an choice of colors, from to nearly unspeakable. Solid include Black, of course, as as lndy Red, Cosmic and Flame Yellow. There’s a stylin’ paint scheme of Red with Tribal Tattoo and the were they thinking?” of Toxic Green with Tattoo for the truly fearless.

Victory Kingpin
Victory Kingpin
Victory Kingpin


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